Something is coming. Does NASA know about this ‘something’? Well, yes they do, but only to a certain extent. Everyone thinks that NASA has all the answers and that they know everything but for some reason or another has decided to keep quiet. I do not think that is the case. I believe there is a lot out there that NASA and the
other space agencies like the ESA and JAXA are clueless about. After all, the universe is immense beyond belief, and possibly infinite. My belief is that these space agencies keep quiet because they do not know everything, and therefore they refuse to disclose certain subjects, discoveries and events until they have a firmer grasp of the situations or discoveries.

They are in a quandary. What if an event comes along that has never been explored by modern science? What of newly made discoveries that were thought to be impossible, yet are manifesting in our own solar system, and quickly? And what if these events are hard to ‘see’ with present equipment, present satellites and telescopes, present technology? A vast problem arises. Nothing is set in stone. The event can cause completely unknown processes in our solar system to begin taking place. The solutions to these processes are out of reach, even to NASA. Even the time-frame as to exactly when the processes will begin influencing terrestrial changes is impossible to track down. Why? Not enough data and not enough time to accumulate data.

– Chad Adams


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