Laterally Spinning and Inverting Environment Information Fields

(To get the effect play the first video starting at about 2:05 and play the second video at 3:15 at the same time)

Information: In (inside, between objects) formation (a shape, a collection, creating shape). What are we collecting and what is the common goal? what is the shape of that goal?


Take this:

And this @ 3:15

So, we take the top video. Notice the pulsing form, the way it is effecting the entire structure. The entire structure exists as a field (torus) and as a ‘point’ all at one time, with the denser aspects of the field being ‘brighter’.

Then, we take the bottom field. See how the influence of spin ‘leaks’ out from the inner field of spinning merkaba?

Well, the merkaba would work more like the torus in the original vid. Not only spinning in one direction, but spinning laterally, and inverting, all at the same time.

As the laterally spinning and inverting merkaba ‘pulses’ the energy it is creating leaks out into the environment. As it does so, it begins influencing the environment, just as the environment is influencing the radiating energy.

Got to change things around, because the environment information isn’t in accordance with the inner human information, so there is no flow between the parts. Information comes in, but only through vast influence and changes due to the content of the laterally spinning and inverting interior human field. Same thing going out.

So, we have answered your first statement. Shapes and interior exterior fields and information flows, as well as direction and even inversion.

What are our goals? To get the information flow between the 1 field and the other 1 field to be a seamless 3.

What is the shape of that goal? I cannot imagine.


You can imagine it. We just need the time to wash off all that we have learned and presupposed. We’ll make up a German ping pong mescalized shnitzel thread and bang it out over the coming months.



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