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The Coming Celestial Convergence


Consciousness Drives The Universe

Know Thyself Part 1

Philisophical Phantasy

I think that a consciousness shift will come as long as new paradigm is reached.I think new energies are incoming, and with that changes will come that are not expected, because we have not learned the Truth of how the universe operates and functions in reality.

I think our Reality is based on deceptions/lies and fantasies and we react to those things as if they are REAL. And when we find out what the Universe actually IS, it will be beyond our current understanding. This will do 2 things at the same time. It will DESTROY the last remnants of the old paradigm, the old way of living in physical reality, and MANIFEST the new way at the same time. An example is seeing Plasma discharges in the sky that we recognize as ‘ancient rock art’. Just that one process will drive immense change into our understanding of how the Earth and civilizations have risen and fallen. We will understand the concept of celestial cycles, myths and god-like acts across the heavens…It will be living archetypes that as yet, we cannot comprehend.

If people knew what I’ve experienced, they would flip out…even my best friends for 25 years or more can’t handle certain aspects of who and what I am and what I experience…fuck, even my wife has such a hard time with some of my experiences, she doesn’t want me talking about it to her. Scares the living daylights out of her.

People at work would FREAK out if they knew my experiences. Hell, they would be weirded out just by the knowledge I know, much less the experiences.

People just cannot handle it if I showed them who I really am. It is almost as if I live a different reality than they do…maybe I do…maybe most of us do, we just never share it with others, for the same reason I do not.

So, I have to integrate everything…It used to be like a vast juggling act, feeling all my relationships out finding out who can handle what and how far I can push my ‘real’ self out there before it is too much for them. Now, I just keep most of it to myself.

We’re all the same thing, in the end. Even our ET’s, whatever they truly are.

…the same thing, but the experience is separate, unique. It is an experiencing process to understand that beyond just a philosophical fantasy.

To say that is a skipping of all the stepping stones it takes to properly understand and experience what that truly means. It is beyond the human condition to truly understand and experience what that means.

And the experiencing will absolutely and completely change what you thought that statement might be…we are all the same ‘thing’, which means that by the time you truly understand that, and by the time you experience, you will be changed to the point that, if you were to see that future self at this moment, YOU WOULD NOT RECOGNIZE YOURSELF…

It is an easy concept to pretend you know, but EXTREMELY difficult to actually go through the process…dying onto you what you have always thought you were…how any people do you think are ready to go through that?

I look at myself and say that, like all other thoughts of this type of manifestation, certain dreams of what beautiful thing might manifest within the coming human condition, will simply remain a dream. Sucks to have that cynicism, but that is how my life has been from nearly the beginning. I have always wanted a break…a rest in my life. It never comes. My thoughts for so long have been that I cannot wait to die. This is not meant in a depressive way…it is meant as a way of release…to finally be able to rest again.

…unless, the dreams truly do end up manifesting here, at this place in time. Then, it might have all been worth it.

-Chad Adams

Negativity and ET Experience

Negativity did not exist in ET experience until humans were involved. Think hard about that.
Thought processes between ET and human are extremely different. They do not understand deception/lies/falsities. ETs experienced that when certain treaties were broken and dissolved. They do not live reality in accordance to the fantasy element like humans do. They live according to true knowledge of universal truths. Humans live according to lies/deception that accrued throughout human history.
An example of this, is if you were to have an ET experience, and you behaving as if they were an element of the Illumanati, when in fact, they are their own beings. DECEPTION is not involved in their own condition. Humans bring the DECEPTION into the mix to confuse the ET issue.
They are as advanced in spiritual aspects of being, as they are in technology. Many, if not all, of their technologies are based on consciousness. These techs WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY if consciousness is acting on deceptions/lies and fantasies. TPTB cannot figure that out…and only recently is that beginning to become known. This put TPTB in a bad situation, because unless they change their thought patterns, they cannot control or back engineer and use the tech to its fullest extent. There is a process in place to turn the pyramid upside down.
The military complex is clueless and has NO control over ANY of the ET condition. That is why you still see helicopters and jets scrambling and ‘chasing’ UFOs.
When ETs discovered the thought patterns and deception of our leaders, it set out to make contact through the ‘normal’ populace. This makes the contact and disclosure process much longer, and much more delicate. The ETs hadn’t realized exactly how far we have traveled away from ‘Home’.
Last thing I will say, is that Disclosure is NOT going to occur through politicians and diplomats. It is still undecided if there will actually be a full disclosure (it depends on what happens to the human condition during the next year and a half), but if disclosure is to occur, it will be the ETs choice and decision…no one elses.– Chad Adams

Edgar Mitchell and the Big Picture Effect

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