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Consumerism – Reigning King of the Modern World

Materialism/Consumerism has succeeded as becoming the reigning king of the modern world. Almost all action that mankind does is measured in some means by this intangible creation. Though mankind claims to be concerned with the well being of other creatures he shares this planet with, this concern falls very, very short of the power material wealth and its measuring ugly-stick has over it.

It is not necessary to destroy or eliminate this material mindset in order for us to become an evolved species. WE MUST BEGIN TO SEE LIFE AS THE ULTIMATE MEASURING STICK UPON WHICH ALL OUR ACTIONS ARE MEASURED. If materialism falls a short second, no matter, life reigns. Life, no matter how small and insignificant has found its place in creation and deserves at least respect. THIS MINDSET WILL NOT BE THE END OF US, THE OTHER EVENTUALLY WILL.

Choose to view the universe as spiritually void, rock hurling, accidental scar on an otherwise empty, black backdrop. Or see it as a spiritual venture through the depths of a divine, wonderful, mysterious, eternal, loving, compassionate process. You do have a choice, he’ll grant you that. I can tell you this, the experience of life becomes an amazing, incredibly insane thrill ride, a never-ending story that forever remains wrapped in mystery and passion.

Those of you who see the this journey as unconsious rocks hurling through an unconscious universe are really missing out! And if you claim it to be an intelligent, conscious creation, live the part.

via One Planet, One Life & The Sixth Mass Extinction.


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