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Anonymous And The War Over The Internet


Anonymous And The War Over The Internet.


He Has Raised Himself From Man, To God-Man, To God

Excerpt from Baird T. Spalding’s “Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East” Vol. 3 Copyright 1935 – pg 56-60

“The cycle is fast closing in which the blind of the whole race have led the blind into a welter of ignorance, superstition, and delusion created by those who believe as human beings think, rather than that which is true and real. The civilization that has risen on the delusions and superstitions of the closing centuries is submerging itself in the welter. Through the pain and tragedy of their misappropriated creations, a new race consciousness has been conceived and is fast evolving. In fact, the door is opening wide for its new birth.

“There is no other course than to go on from one plane of consciousness to a higher and more advanced step in the actual cosmic path. The only condition forbidden in the vibration of the great cosmos is that quality of thought which allows the human race to become so solidly fixed in what it believes that, if it clings desperately to its old delusions and will not let go, it can in no way come into the greater expanse of universal thought. Those thus absorbed in personal consciousness must go on through natural exhaustion of beliefs and experiences until they fail to go forward; then, of its own accord, Absolute Law wields a progressive hand through disease, pain, and loss, until the human is satisfied and turns to find the curse of a false idea within the idea itself.

“Civilization today is fast approaching a great reconstructive moment. All things that seem so stable and well-founded now will soon be immersed in a state of inversion. Every tree that has not been planted by Truth will be uprooted. There is approaching a complete cosmic overthrow of the present social, political, financial and religious institutions that will make room for the placing of the new era in order that humanity may come in closer touch with that which is and was established before the present human consciousness submerged and set it aside. Truth waits on with attentive, loving, and radiant beneficence until man will see that he can embrace and become the consciousness of that which has always existed.

“Humanity is taking a forward step from the cradle stories of the former generation and their individuality and spiritual discernment of the consciousness of the generation that is fast approaching. Delusions, traditions, and superstitions are nearing the end. It is also true of the civilization which they established. The old idols are good enough for the infantile consciousness that is nearing an impasse. Their delusion has caused their undoing as they proved to be only cradle stories woven by a mastercraft of priesthood and preceptor to lull into false sleep the crying infants of an evolving race. Those who saw further afield did not cry and thus were not lulled to sleep. Most of them saw that the cradle stories were not true and many stepped boldly forth to erase the untruth; as they saw directly through to the Absolute, that which has always existed and which has always been seen an and known and contacted directly by a portion of mankind. Form this portion there will arise a new and more vitalizing consciousness, fully awake and ready to erase the idols that man has set up for his fellow man to follow and make room for the new ideals which are as old as creation’s dawn.

“There is looming upon the horizon of this new approach a redemption that has an entirely new meaning. This new multitude, coming out of this clearer vision and more definite perception, is redeemed through deeper revelation emanating out of all races and all people. That emanation is the One Life that is in all and through all.

“In spite of the delusion-bound multitude, their clinging hands and cringing attitude, a greater and more noble vista of the expanding horizon of God, the Christ of man, the Christ of God, of Self, and death itself, is looming; and another cycle of spirit is dawning for the whole world. Another age of the Crystal Race is coming up out of the maelstrom.

“Hundreds of millions are re-released with their heart, soul, body, and instinct free. They are the throbbing pulse of an unborn race that is again heir to the ages. I see them stepping across the ages, walking hand in hand with God. Great waves of wisdom flood toward them from the eternal shores of the infinite. They dare to step forth and declare themselves a part of eternal God, eternal Christ, God and man One eternally with eternal life. They dare to step forth and declare to heaven that much that is written by man is a lie and in terrible blindness wrought.

“This new pulse-conscousness is the crest of the wave that rests on the new race-consciousness. This new race sees man, himself, the highest expression on this planet, and one with God through the medium of his life; and it sees that his whole supply flows through that life itself. This race knows that man can live consciously in a perfect universe with perfect people and in perfect accord with perfect situations and conditions, with absolute assurance that there is not an error in the great Spiritual plan of the Cosmos.

“Man sees God as Cosmic Spirit pervading everything; then, with the subtleties of mind through his thought, he does not hesitate to review the fundamentals that have placed him where he is and made him that which he is. Thus he is again one with his sources. He knows that this source is the ever-silent side of his God-mind linked consciously in thought and amalgamated with Infinite Mind.

“This new race understands that, through sun and shadow, without the bitterness, the soul’s true quest for Love and ture Peace is the Truth of God and man. This race does not hesitate to strip the swadling clothes of delusion from the whole human race. The gaunt specter which for ages has bound the feet of the weak and doubting ego-man, through his own ignorance, will be completely erased. He finds he has erased his every limitation through his true selfhood, completely arisen. He has raised himself from man, to God-man, to God.”

Former Legislator Makes Statement on Un-Released Eisenhower Brief – YouTube

via Former Legislator Makes Statement on Un-Released Eisenhower Brief – YouTube.

On a lucid dreaming run!!!

Just a quick note… I have just had 5 of 5 nights of lucid dreaming.  Time to get some goals set because I am running around getting nothing done!!!

Successfully called for brother in lucid dream

Just had another lucid dream.  Description is hurried cause I wrote it at 5am after I woke up…

I was ww ii fighter pilot.  It was almost as if I was in a video game, but it was playing out for real… Time lines were WWII, 70’s and current day all wrapped into one.

After a mission, I went on R n R.  I was in what seemed to be a bar/restaurant in the daytime.  Met a couple other guys who were in the military.  We decided to go to a movie. The movie ended up being bowling alley. It was like I did time travel, had modern money at late 70’s bowling alley.  I was still a WWII pilot but was now with my wife Steph. We were wandering the halls of the bowling alley/arcade when I went lucid.  I knew there were some things I wanted to accomplish next time I went lucid and I was trying to remember what to do.  Then I remembered I wanted to meet up with my brother Chad.  Didn’t want to leave environment to go look for him, so I yelled out for him.

I’ve only done this a couple times and it is amazing what happens when you yell out to the dreamworld like this.  My voice was BOOMING.  It was like I was on a PA system.  When I yelled, everybody in the place looked at me and froze solid.  It was kind of intimidating.  Then, they got mad that I was calling out and were beginning to get aggressive.  I wasn’t scared of course, I was in a dream!  I told them that they also needed to call out to help and they did.  Soon after, I saw chad walking around looking for me.  We met each other, laughed, and hugged. I asked him if he was lucid and he said yes.  I said “Guess what I am in this dream?”  I rubbed my crew cut and told him to look at my uniform.  He still couldn’t figure it out so I yelled “Fighter pilot!”  He laughed.  Then we went to have a drink and I slowly began to get less lucid and began to fall back into dream. Sat down at crowded bar and then woke up.


Lucid Dream where I met Brian Watson

I won’t make this too long…  I had a dream where I was flying in commercial airliner with my wife.  Engines began to burn out and I knew we were going to crash.  I kept trying to calm my wife down, though she wasn’t getting too upset for she was unsure the plane was going down.  Well it took too long for the plane to crash which caused me to go lucid.  The plane ended up ditching into water next to coastline.  Everybody left plane and gathered on land.  I was lucid and tried to convince my wife of the fact.  She refused to believe we were sleeping.  I asked the people around me “Who believes we might be sleeping?”  Only one person raised his hand.  I asked him his name, where he was from and even his phone number.   His name was Brian Watson.  He was from North Carolina, but I believe was living in Pittsburgh now.  I do not remember his phone number though it did have 7’s and 3’s in it.

Nothing special really happened during dream.  I was just showing him how to stay well grounded in dream environment.


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