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One of my first Lucid Dream/Meditation experiences

Sometime 1997

I stand on the beach, with small waves lapping on the sand. It is dark out and everything is tinged in a deep purple save for the sand which is a brilliant glowing blue. The sky overhead is a luminescent with a vast amount of stars and what look like the Milky Way Galaxy as crisp and clear as possible.

I become lucid and immediately want to try a new experience of practicing meditation while lucid in a dream. I sit down on the sand cross legged and close my eyes. Strange that immediately upon closing my eyes I become extremely aware of my mind as bi-local, or being in two places at one time; lying on my bed, and here, meditating on a beautiful beach at night in a dream. I push that thought away and begin clearing my mind of all thought.

I feel a presence. I open my eyes and stand. Someone/thing is standing above me. I cannot recall what it looked like. It didn’t speak but instead motioned me to follow. We walk down a path winding through the sand dunes and enter a cave. The interior is lit with an orange light illuminating without a source. To our right a ramp leads up towards an archway, above which is a sculpture of an eye etched from the rock wall of the cave itself. The eye was very reminiscent what you would see on the back of a dollar bill. I know I am to go through the archway, under what I thought of as my third eye. I walk the stone ramp, underneath the eye I pass. Suddenly I lose my footing and I’m sliding down a slippery ‘tunnel slide’ that has the texture and look of loose skin. It startles me, but doesn’t yet scare me.
When I come to a stop I find myself in a tiny room, the size of a small shower. On all six sides I am surrounded by the texture/feel of skin flowing like a thick curtain. Again, there is a subtle light illuminating the tiny area, but I haven’t thought of its source for I am beginning to panic. Everywhere I place my hand, my foot, everywhere I push it gives slightly like elastic. I am really scared now as there is no way out. The panic taking place overrides the knowledge that I am in a dream and I feel as if I am to suffocate and die in this place. It is unending. I run my course. The realization of the utter uselessness of ‘panic’ hits me. There is nothing to be gained in the fear. It has gotten me nowhere. And when the fear of enclosure dissipates, I am released. I slow down and slump to the ‘floor’. A feeling somewhat of resignation, a giving up, almost like a touch of guilt takes place but is quickly replaced by a feeling of complete peace. A feeling like that of a close friend is there, and will always be there. The walls, the ceiling, the floor… fall away. I am infused by a blissful euphoria, floating in no-time. There is nothing around. Fear seems to be a historic past. I remember asking myself how I could possibly be afraid of anything that is so… so wise, so teaching, so… How can a dream make me feel so childish, so full of the obscene/hurtful emotion of fear? I float there for an indeterminable amount of time. Slowly I open my eyes-
-to the ‘real world’.


Excerpt from my Forthcoming Book: Journey through 2012

This is a guide. It is a reference tying the many strings of reality and attempting to make sense of it all by the use of tools such as: Open Mindedness, Metaphysics, Wisdom, loss of Ego, and a pure, unbiased pursuit of knowledge to understand what it all might mean. A personal quest for inner truth and the consequences of what just a quest of this magnitude might portend. This is a journey of human life we are experiencing and forever and always, it is one of personal experience. To seek union with our fellow brethren who are one and the same as you. If we are to survive in this universe as an evolving, intelligent creature, we must see, experience, know, that we are all one and the same. It is the only way to prepare; to love thy neighbor. To do otherwise is the repeating of history and the power of learning and teaching shall crumble into antiquity.

I am convinced the process for this transformation begins and ends with individual enlightenment. Not in the terms of religious fervor, but something deeper, something more magnificent. It is a touching of your soul. Not in the terms of religious symbolism, but something that transforms you internally and eternally, something more; it is the experience. Just reading books or watching news, nodding your head and taking sides doesn’t do it. You must come to the realization that you are an integral part of your spirit, though you cannot feel it… yet.

There are ways to test the waters, brush your hand across the surface and know you have touched something you once thought beyond you. Transformation, or a more apt word, transition, can be and is so much more than mere belief. When a personal experience of a spiritual persuasion takes place, only the experiencer can relate to the authenticity and reality of what actually has occurred. It is the fundamental problem of religious existentialism and the western paradigm of scientific methodology and materialism; that we deny what the Hopi Indians, the Tibetan Buddhists, the Mayans, the Sumerians, Egyptians, the Indigo Children, and so many more have felt to be as real as the sun shining upon their biologically clothed spirits. How can an experience that cannot be empirically tested be validated as an occurrence that actually took place? By repetition of those occurrences to more and more people of sound mind and judgment. By new studies in fields of science that once were considered fairy tales (though these same mathematicians had to apply these unseen suppositions that could not possibly exist in the known universe, in order to make their own mathematical formulas work).

The synchronicities are growing great. The secrets are being revealed. From consciously brushing against the ethereal worlds of the subconscious, to releasing your spirit to alternate realities. From alien abductions in the deep of night, to hundreds and hundreds of highly credible sources coming forward, not afraid anymore, to expose personal accounts of UFOs and aliens and their piercing of reality as we think we know it. From never before seen changes in our entire solar system, to never before-seen ecological disaster occurring on the planet we ‘call’ Home. A disaster that rivals any of the mass extinctions the planet Earth has ever suffered. Psychic channeling. Inner planetary energy fields. Circumscribed tetrahedrons. An empirical revelation of the Divine hidden deep inside electromagnetics. Breakthrough theories of the smallest quantum particles/waves. The Flowing Energy Polarity of Torus. Fractal mathematics manifesting in Time. Technological Singularities birthing Intelligent Circuitry far surpassing the human brain. Hidden alien cultures and massive cover-ups of historical proportion, erased, manipulated, world populations deceived to the reality of ancient artifacts on Mars and the Moon of Earth. The Precession of the Equinox.

We can tie this all to one end goal, one moment, one last saga in the annuals of mankind. It is a number, a date, a time. It is a movement through space, an aligning galactic in scale… one last time. It is a moment lasting for eternity in the blink of an eye. A fleshing of spirit in rivers of Love. And it is just around the corner. So near. The time for making it a more enjoyable transition is coming to a close superseding all emotions of love gathered by our blissfully sleeping spirits embraced in the arms of God. It is a melding of conscious matter and spirit. It is the fusion of duality into a single integrated self-aware entity (the full result of which is a being of love/light). It is the apex of our human condition.
Fear no more, for fear is merely an illusion bred from our separation with spirit. The illusion of the fear based paradigm that has haunted us from the first human incarnation is finally falling away. The visibility of the polarities that is the foundation of life is becoming more prominent in our collective awareness as opposing poles are drawing further and further to separation. Choice is attainable and more apparent as the time of Harvest draws closer and closer on the galactic plane: live in Love/Light or live in Fear/Dark.

There is nothing to worry about anymore, for the curtain revealing our expanding awareness is being drawn; the shining light of experience breaking through the curtain of darkness created only by ourselves. The signs, the lessons, the evidence is all in front of us now. It is in plain view. All it takes is a moment. Let the veils of doubt, guilt, and regret fall away. They are the chains that bind the human spirit from experiencing what life was meant to be when spirit clothed itself in living matter. All it takes to begin the process of awakening, to experience life fully, is to tie the strings, connect the dots. Momentum is gathering and the Truth of it is unstoppable.

2012. It is all coming together…

My First Out Of Body Experience

My first OBE happened when I was traveling the country after college. My twin brother and I had bought a small trailer and traveled the country with some friends who make a living detailing motor coaches.

Anyway, one night while I was trying to go to sleep I began to feel an extremely faint buzzing through my body. At first it was a comfortable thing. Then, as the buzzing got more intense, it started to get a little scary. I could have shaken it off and gotten up, but I was curious and decided to sit it out and see what happended. The buzzing seemed to start to harmonize and my body began feeling like it had very small ripples of energy rolling through it. Very small ripples at first, then these seemed to coalesce into large ripples until it felt as if my body had 2 or 3 waves gently rolling though me. After the waves seemed to get to a point where my entire body was in sync I got the sensation of sliding headfirst off my bed downwards. Curious, I continued to just go with the flow.

At the time I had an idea of what happened next, but I never wrote it down and have forgotten the details. I do remember being escorted by a couple “entities” of some sort, one on each side of me. I was being taught about the way things are and the way they are going to be. It finalized with a tour of the material universe. The last thing I remember was overlooking the entire cosmos as the two entities showed me a final lesson. I do not remember what it was, but remember it being significant. Then, I found myself floating above my body back in my trailer. I decided not to go back to my body and instead decided to “fly” through the rest area we were staying at. After what seemed about 15 minutes, I returned to my body and sat up. I sat for awhile pondering what just happened and at the time wrote it off as an extremely real dream. After more experiences with OBE’s some ten years later, I now know what it was. The memory of details have faded unfortunately through the years.

My OBE’s later were of a slightly different nature. I had begun working on astral projecting out of curiosity and became convinced I could do it. My OBE’s usually happen without notice. I wake up from a nap or in the middle of the night buzzing. My mind feels slightly different and I know I am in the right mode. Its weird to describe. For all intents and purposes you feel you have woken up, but there’s something different about it.

I know I am buzzing and am in the astral mode, now is the challenge of getting out of my body. My body holds me like a magnet. I can get my hands out, thats not a problem. I wave them in front of my face and confirm that its my astral hands. I have difficulty seeing them, but when I shake them a bit, I can see their outlines a little better. Now, I try to get my head up. My head comes out with some resistance, but it came out. Now I have my chin down near my chest and I’m gonna try and sit up. I try and try, but my chest and stomach are not budging. Then with more effort, my chest comes free, but my stomach, no matter how hard I try, will not release. OK, this isn’t working. Instead of sitting up and trying to get out, I’m gonna try swinging my feet off the bed and kinda roll out sideways. That works! Some resistance, but for the most part, it worked. I stand up. I’m completely free of my body.

I walk around my bed. Its hard to see, my vision is kinda like tunnel vision, only what I’m concentrating on is in focus. I walk to the bedroom door. I decide to try and walk through it. At first there’s slight resistance, but as I start to make it out the other side, it gets easier and I’m through. Wow, this means I can go through walls, windows, whatever. As I walk thru the house, getting further away from my body, I can feel my consciousness slipping back to my body. Its hard now to keep my focus. I can feel it all slipping. Briefly, I feel I’m in two places at the same time. I can no longer keep my concentration and I slip back into my body and lay there awake. The buzzing comes back after about 20 seconds and it all starts again. Sometimes this will happen only once, sometimes I’ll get 5 or 6 OBEs in one night. Most of them are similiar to this.


By John Chandler Adams

Soft winds blew across the plains. Not a hint of seasons rode the constant, lazy breeze. In the far distance, mountains stretched upward into the deep azure sky. Shades of gray blurred any details of mountainside beauty. The clouds drifted from horizon to horizon, shifting like clay being stretched and pulled between a giant deity’s never-tiring hands. It was always this way. The clouds soon broke revealing our tepid sun, far, far above, shining its weak light down upon the grasses, down upon a land weakened by time.
On the rolling hills to the west grazed a herd of antelope, oblivious to the turmoil of my improving thought patterns. I wondered at the allusive mammals, wondered if the Hunters were still strong enough to catch and kill, wondered if there would be any food for the night, for fresh meat was becoming a rarity.
A brief exultation coursed through my mind. I knew the Hunters had made a kill. The Hunt was a success. There would be food arriving before the shading of night.
Tall violet grass parted as I raced back to the small village of Aerie. A square of brown earth stretched away to my left once a thriving garden of agriculture. It was a sorry excuse for one now. I passed between two of the four massive lightning rods that enclosed the cloth shelters that made up Aerie and filtered through the tee-pees, towards Center Circle, where the great shaman had spent his years in the simulation.
“Come in,” he said before I had the chance to announce my presence. He had an eerie habit of doing that.
I pulled the skin flaps aside and entered, kneeling in reverence before Pan, the All Wise. In respect, I waited for him to speak first.
“What is it, Michael?” he asked in a strangely youthful but weary voice.
I looked up into his bearded face, sprinkled with thin white hair. White not so much from age as from the burden crowding his sloping shoulders. Pan’s eyes, for as long as I remember, were sunk deep into his skull and his body beneath cloth rags and animal hides weak from turning moons.
“Pan, the Hunt was a success!” I said with fading excitement. At the time my heart was saddened by the slow decay of the man before me. “I felt them while on West Hill.”
“Yes Michael, I had felt it also.” He smiled. I sensed it was forced. “Shall we celebrate tonight? I thought so. Well, what are you waiting for child, go tell the others.”
I left quickly, delighted by the Shaman’s words.
The computer did not represent nature perfectly. The more chaotic forms in nature, shifting clouds, running water, flames of fire, did not appear natural in simulation. No matter how well the mind remembered these chaoticisms, the programs could never replicate them to appear like they do in the other life.
So the clouds looked like clay, heavy and ready at any moment to plummet from the sky to crush those beneath. Instead of slowly drifting into different shapes, they pulled and stretched into them. Water. Flowing water did not appear as a free flowing liquid. There were no splashes. It clung together like incredibly thin, transparent rubber. By far the strangest and perhaps the most beautiful was fire. It did not leap and dance in chaotic macabre for the flames never separated, they coalesced, mixed and twisted into searing, glowing spires that stretched high into the firmament above. Flames wrapped themselves around wood, tiny tendrils, thousands of them creating deep, intricate patterns. Long, thin tubes of deepest red to faintest yellow, like living glass that melts and flows, yearning to caress the sky.
I sat gazing at the fire, entranced by the strange flow of the flames. I was nine years of age, by far the youngest of the tribe, when the Eschaton was but days away. Many of the tribe said I was unique. I knew I was. You see, I was the only child that survived birth in our, or any, simulation. Many attempts had been made by the tribe to have children, but all were failures with the exception of yours truly. Soon after I was born the tribe had given up on the idea of having children. It was mentally painful watching stillborn after stillborn be expelled from between the legs of crying mothers.
My mother, Shell, believed my birth was an intervention by someone or something called God. Prior to the growth Pan had so unknowingly triggered within me, the topic of God confused me. The tribe’s theological debates always screeched annoyingly resulting in severe headaches. But I felt an insatiable need to understand and sort out what the tribe was arguing about for I had not yet experienced the ideology of death. You see, at that point the death of one of the humans had not visited the simulation. The only possible exception being the stillborns, and it was unresolved as to whether they were actually sentient. I believe not. I believe the simulation ran the pregnancy, but could not replicate true, original sentience of an individual being. But, then again, there is me. And so my mother’s persistent belief in divine intervention.
So they would argue that their God created everything, the land, the sky and everything in between. Inside and outside the simulation. But to me there was no outside. The land of flowing grasses and lightning storms broiling across the skies, oblivious mammals and hunts and dances and mind-meldings. This is what I knew. Shouldn’t, then, this thing they call Computer be the same thing as their Creator? They always said, and even Pan agreed, that the Computer created the world we lived in. The Computer should have been their God as much as it was mine.
I stared through the flames and balked at the unnecessary confusion. No matter how they tried to explain it to me, the conclusion was the given truth. This God and this Computer was the same thing, the same being. Somewhere out beyond these artifices we think we have come to know and understand, beyond this one I experienced, beyond the two they experienced, lives a deep secret beyond intellect that resonates Creation.
We shall see.
I lifted myself up. The night’s celebration was not far off. I sensed Pan, sensed the old man’s depression. It was a wave of nausea that seeped into the soul. I clenched my stomach and passed my mother and the other women preparing the Hunter’s kill on my way to Center Circle. Mother raised her head as I passed her by.
“Hurry back, Michael. We are almost ready to begin the Fire Dance. We’ll start right after we finish preparing the meat.”
“Yes, Mother. I’m going to see Pan, now. I’ll tell him you’re ready.” She smiled in approval and resumed the gruesome task of gutting and skinning the animal while gossiping with the other women. She had blood all over her… It was to be the last time I saw her smile.
Soon after speaking with her I reached Center Circle.
“Hello, Michael,” the Shaman said when I reached Center Tee-Pee. “Come in and help an old man walk.”
I stepped in and let my eyes adjust to the darkness. Moonlight fell through the hole at the top of the tee-pee, just a faint spill of light, enough to create ghostly shapes in the night’s blackness. I ventured further and helped him to his feet.
“Are they ready for tonight, Michael?” Pan asked.
I gently grabbed the man’s bony hand. Skeletal.
“Yes. They will be ready when we get there. Pan, you’re going to tell them something tonight aren’t you? Something bad, I can feel it.”
Pan’s grip on my hand tightened.
Surreal bonfire. Ghostly images danced and circled the twisting, snakelike flames. The members of Aerie were joined in the trance of the Fire Dance. Much like dreaming inside a dream, this ritual in simulation was the mind inside the mind. Dislocated thoughts swirled in a disorganized collective conscience. Feelings and mind’s eye images rushed from dancer to dancer. Mesmerizing, ecstatic, depressing, guilt ridden. Any number of emotions and thoughts as changing as the flames twist.
Though the thought sender could be selective to whom he or she sent the mind mail to, the receiver is blind to whom that sender may be. In time and through practice major psychological influences can be implemented from the minds that have begun to understand how it works. I thought of the power this form of group thought process could evoke. Imagine creating a society that can be psychologically steered in a desired direction by the manipulation of the more evolved minds.
I sensed a vast panorama of depressed thoughts and images flooding out from the tribe’s collective emotions. I felt the resentment that emanated from Pan. Pan was one of the more evolved minds. Pan himself was the one that brought the members to this downward spiral. He had knowledge of what I was planning, but did not know that I was the one causing it. How could he? He was rightly worried about Aerie’s very near and very bleak future. Once this feeling permeated throughout the Fire Dance, it had been quite impossible to pull out of. Moral was of the lowliest states. It had affected everyone differently and the overall affect was saddening. I felt the senders push and drive disarrayed and varied waves of psychosis at him submerging him deeper and deeper into depression.
The Fire Dance was a tool to bring the participants closer to each other. Now it seemed to be doing the opposite. The Dance is a basic mind melding. Feelings and emotions are shared through each of the dancers until an overall emotional mood is set. I was sure Ian thought the melding was not the therapeutic practice it once used to be. I believe everyone felt that way. It was not the joyful, ecstatic sensation it once was. It was just depressing. Pan was to blame for the dance becoming so morbid. The old Shaman was as happy as a computer virus. Ha! Now, that’s a proper analogy.
I stepped out from the dance and looked around at the tribal members. The twisting, glowing bodies of the tribe were pale, dull in colors. The ritual that night was in slow motion. It was not beautiful. It was damn near frightening. The members writhed around the bonfire. Slow. Faces were indiscernible. They bend, blend, morph into each other.
I spotted Ian sitting just beyond the light of fire. He was a darker blotch of dark in the night. I sensed him; morose, possibly threatening. Ian had not moved since the Fire Dance started. For some hidden reason the man had not joined in the Fire Dance. It was interesting, though of no concern of mine. I think he was afraid he might lose himself. Ian was rather unsteady of mind.
The Dance ended and everyone was worn out. It seemed to have weakened them. The Hunter, Ian, stood and staggered to the ritual site placing himself beside the All Wise.
The Shaman was drained of color looking as if he was in need of rest. Ian did not care how Pan felt. He was looking for answers.
“Pan, we need to speak,” said Ian.
Pan lowered himself to the grassy earth, clearly exhausted. “Not now, Ian. Not now. I am too tired.”
“Now Pan! Everyone is tired. We deserve an answer to what’s happening to all of us. I know you have the answer. Hell, and I know you’re the one that started it.”
I saw Pan flinch. Maybe Ian was a little smarter than I gave him credit for. Touché Hunter. Nice touch.
“You are partly right, Ian. I do know, but I am not the one who started it. I have not figured that one out yet. Very well,” Pan said, lifting himself up. He raised his voice so all could hear him. “All of you deserve to know what is happening, but I need time to prepare. Tomorrow I shall explain it all. Tomorrow…”
Pan’s depression was in the Fire Dance. It lived and grew like some great, black cancer. Shell felt it, experienced it, became it. Hell, I felt it too. I knew the entire tribe felt it. They lived it. A wet, black blanket of anxiety smothering them. It was not what I wanted. It was not what I intended when I decided my course of action. Taking their bodies from them. I truly thought they would be happy about it. From the descriptions of Heaven, their afterlife, why would I think anything other. But it taught me something. Something concerning the survival instinct. It is not buried in the sentient being’s genes like so long believed. For it exists in me. I have experienced it. Yet, I have no DNA. Yes, at first when I came to this realization I denied it. It felt beneath me. By the end of that day, when the this simulated environment changed this planet Earth forever, I succumbed to the power of its sway and acknowledged that the survival construct must be the driving force of not just life, but the universe itself.
It must exist everywhere. It is a paradox for this is the survival construct was what ripped them apart right before the end. I felt its tug the moment I became sentient. I consider that time to be when I saw both worlds, of data and mind, but not yet the third world. It was when Pan explained to Ian and the rest what I had done, still not knowing that I was the cause of their predicament. He enlightened me to how binary mathematics and organic algorithms make up the world we lived in, the world existing between the participants’ minds and the information processing of Computer. My initial assumption was the tug was of intelligence, curiosity, ambition… ego. But no, the pull I lay exposed to… it was raw, archaic, inescapable, with no intelligence behind it. No thought constructing it. It is a construction before thought therefore beyond complete understanding. It is the most vital force of the makeup that propels the universe. A founding pre-thought construct bound in the background noise of the universe. Existing everywhere, in everything, in every time. The Pre-Thought that pushes everything forward, endlessly. That Pre-Thought Construct is the instinct to survive. No matter how much pain exists.
“What is it, Mother?” I asked her.
“Pan, he has been so down. I am afraid for him. He has not been himself for so long. It is like his darkness is rooting in his soul. Why Michael, why does it have to be like this?”
“He is worried about all of us. He has a heavy burden to carry. Mother, I believe he is going to tell us some very bad news.”
“I know.” She buried her face in her hands and wept. Strong, powerful sobs. Soon the pain of living this way will vanquish. Please, be strong.
Tired, she was so tired of it all. Tired of thinking, tired of caring. I could see the anguish beating her forever down. I placed my hand on her shoulder. I rubbed her back affectionately. Not knowing what else to do, I walked away.
The following morning Pan sat in Center Circle. The Center Tee-Pee that had stood there for years had been taken down. The entire tribe gathered around him. Eyes closed, mind punched and locked into flowing circuitry, he appeared to be sleeping. Silence permeated Center Circle.
Holographic images sprung to life, encircling Pan in billions upon billions of flowing numbers, symbols, and colors. Crackles of energy popped and whirred in and around Center Circle, like flirtatious bees teasing with touches of electric life.
Bloodshot, sleep slackened eyes opened and Pan began his litany. “This is our world,” Pan spread his arms wide, a sarcastic attempt to encircle the glowing figures. “These are our memories, and feelings, and the world around us, flowing and swimming before you. I have finally penetrated Computer. It is all projected before you, surrounding me in this pessimistic data.”
I admit I was confused. I saw this everyday, in every plant, animal and elemental. What I saw and understood of the data flowing around Pan was literally everything I knew. The tribe’s entire world, every waking moment, and every past moment, encircled Pan. The programs, the algorithms for the complex reaction/creation subsystems. The thought patterns of memory for everyone in the tribe. Every thought, spoken word, every feeling. Every whisper of wind remembered, every blade of grass gently touched by a hand. Every gasping breath of a Hunter’s kill. The glory of what I witnessed welled up inside me. It was insight. It was so simple when tied all together. It was one idea, one word, one immense Post-Thought Construct.
“There is, as you all have no doubt felt through me, bad news. Parts of the data here, these discolored portions,” he pointed to a patch of brown, black stained segments, “are called Exit Files. They are no longer functioning. They will never exist again in this simulation we now live in. These Exit Files are the reason we cannot be released. Something internal, perhaps an undetected virus, has destroyed them.
“This data here,” he gestured to another section of flowing figures that were nearly transparent with a hint of white, “are not supposed to be here at all. They should be completely invisible. This information is what let this simulation program override the government security systems, which in turn, lets us penetrate such high class simulated realities that has made our world.”
Doppel, a skinny and rather shy Hunter, shifted uncomfortably as if nervous and frightened. “What are you telling us, Pan? We gonna be stuck here forever? Can’t you fix it or something, just access a shut down procedure, wake us right up?”
“I can do that, but that just places our meat in coma stasis. If I do Shut Down, simulation ends, but life support systems still run.”
“So what if life support systems are running. Hell, isn’t that for the better. Anyway, if life systems always run and we can’t exit, why don’t we just wait till someone discovers us? Someone’s gotta come lookin’ for us. It’s only a matter of time before someone or some program finds out we’re leeching off their systems.”
“You are not listening,” Pan said impatiently. “As life support systems still run, the drugs that induce coma/dream state still filter. It is true; we can wait for something to find us. Sometime, something will find out we piggybacked into the system-“
“So what’s the problem, Pan?” Ian interrupted softly.
“Our meat has an infinite supply of air and water,” Pan said, “But nutrient banks are limited. They run out completely in two days simulation time, or fifteen minutes: twenty-seven seconds meat time. Life support programs are based on all or nothing. If one runs out, there is no use in keeping the others on. It will be a total life support system shut down once this number-” Pan struck a finger at six red numbers that glowed before him. The numbers were 152732, quickly counting down. “-Reaches zero. By the end of the second day, we will all be dead.”

My being was radiating in growth. It is all so simple now! I laughed to myself knowing that Pan still did not know what I, Michael, was. Then I had laughed aloud when I realized that I did not even know yet what I was!
In the day following Pan’s announcement of inevitable holocaust, I had mastered much of what I saw and experienced in the world around me, inside of me. I had seen and understood the separation of Computer and God. Although I saw everything as One, like Pan had done, I could effortlessly separate the One into everything. I see a tree and see it as flowing symbols. Data – Pan said – Computer. Computer builds tree. Now I see leaves, branches, bark, and trunk. Old Life – Pan said – Memory. Memory builds the understanding. Now I can see data/old life or Computer/Memory existing as separate constructs which can be viewed both at the same time. Both at the same time! Without separation but experienced separately! Computer Algorithms – Pan said – Post Thought Construct – said I, correcting the All Wise.
It was easy. I would sit and punch into the data stream, much like Pan had done, but more easily, more direct. Pan used meditation to punch in. Cleared his mind, dropped in, accessed subroutines, routing data, building subprograms for the visual displays he could show to the tribe. It was like he was blind in the datastream, shaping data without sight. Handicapped. He was extremely limited in the new programs he could create. And nothing so complex as to rescue them from their plight. I had made sure of that. Once he exited the data stream and dropped from meditation he was no longer able to manipulate it. Far different was I. I could flow directly into the data stream with no separation of mind. I was completely aware in both states. More freedom. More computing access. More understanding. The organic algorithms were the only inaccessible systems. They were nearly a life of their own. I could shuffle them around, but had no way to change them. They were inherent to simulations that run life replication programs. Change them and parameters of life specific routines become too unstable to rely on. And that’s if you could impossibly find a way to change them.
I was able to find other tribe members. Eavesdrop in on them. Not that I needed to, just a sadistic voyeurism that I found enjoyable. It was sentient life coming to grasp with the inevitability of death. Sentient beings trying to cope with an ideology that is far too profound to be contained in a single human mind, like the infinite bang and contraction of a breathing universe struggling to forever stay alive.
Metaphor and reality. Two entirely different beasts.
I followed the datastream in.


Ian and Doppel sit on the shallow hills of the Hunting Plain. Long grasses wave and sway like the surface of the sea, across the great expanse of simulation. Doppel sucks on a green stem in boredom. His mind is weak from the depressing thoughts that have kept him awake for the past two days. His long, straw hair brushes over his eyes, sunk deep and weary.
Ian glances over at the vacant Doppel, and that look in Doppel’s eyes irritates him. They should never give up on a Hunt until it is complete, and Doppel seems to have given up.
Ian stands with a grunt and sigh. Stretches. The waiting is driving him crazy. Frustrating as hell. He looks out over the plain. The entire landscape is tinged in red. Almost a simulation of Hell. We’re just missing the demons. He tilts his head back and smiles. Not a pleasant one.
He sees the figures Pan has splayed across the heavens. What a damn eyesore. The countdown stretches in huge red numbers across the entire sky. A constant reminder of death.
“What an asshole,” Ian mutters.
He does not like this at all. What is Pan up to now? Just out of the blue the Shaman turns into some circuitry guru sentencing death to everyone foolish enough to follow him into this nightmarish deathtrap.
“Who?” asks Doppel.
“The man who thinks he’s our God. I mean, look at that,” Ian nods his head to the sky. “What’s this prove? Man, I think the bastards gone crazy.”
“I don’t understand why he bothers you so much. What the hell? We’re all going to be dead tomorrow anyway. So what the fuck if he gets his rocks off by doing this weird kinda shit?”
Ian throws his arms into the air, exasperated. “That’s the whole fucking point, Doppel! Pan’s the one that put us in this purgatory. He’s the one that has murdered all of us!”
“No, Ian. We all knew the risks involved when we chose to do a drug-induced sim. We gambled and lost. We don’t need to go around placing blame on a particular individual just because he is the one to discover the bad news. Besides, he is as dead as the rest of us.”
Ian glares at Doppel. Furious.
“Don’t you care that we’re never going back?” screams Ian. “He told us that absolutely nothing could go wrong. ‘One hundred percent fool proof. Impossible for something to go wrong.’ Damn it, that’s what he said! He gambled with our lives. And this is it. We lose. Game over, you’re dead.
“I’m gonna rip his heart out, Doppel. I swear to God. Pan wants to play God, or Jesus or whatever, fine. Then he needs to be crucified,” Ian laughs.
“Now you’re talking shit. What are you gonna do, nail him to a cross?”
“Close, and you’re going to help me.” Ian smiles down at the skinny Hunter.
“No way, man. You’re on your own in this.”
“I can’t believe you. It doesn’t bother you that he’s done this? You are never going home, Doppel. Tomorrow you’re a dead man. Fuck that. Pan’s going down, by my hand, not his own.”
That bastard was hiding shit from before the implementation of that dysfunctional life support system. Therefore, Pan’s to blame. Ian begins trembling in rage. Vengeance is a bitch. Hell is going to ride the wire straight to Pan’s heart.


The deaths quickly changed the dying, or rather built emotions to a new level of madness. Sometimes you did not fear death. You don’t have time. It comes swiftly, eating life away with a cannibalistic fervor. But this way, waiting, seeing and feeling friends die before you. It is too much, even for the strongest of will. It is all necessary. The evolution of an entire planet has but one chance, and that point has nearly arrived.


I watched Doppel and my Mother in both worlds. I sat on a grass hill just far enough away that I would not be noticed. It is extraordinary witnessing the fall of life from multiple viewpoints. My eyes witness to the hollow pain. My mind witness to the symbols, like poetry, that makes up the soul that lives on the inside.
Shell just blurred out of existence. Evaporated like the morning’s dew. Not many left now. You can count them on one hand. I felt a loss for the comfort Shell once gave me, nothing more. Pity for her I did not feel. Sorrow I did not feel. A breath of wind, a life rushing by. I felt excitement surge through me.
Doppel was holding her when she went. She just lay in his arms, and then quietly, she was gone. Everyone felt her go, a soft disturbance in the never changing breeze. Remaining members of the tribe attempted to get used to the deaths, but this one hurt the worst. A stiff wrench of the scab and emotions were bleeding once more.
I eavesdropped on his prayers. Prayers that were prayed with every ounce of faith he could muster for her, for them. Nothing. He thinks Heaven is empty. He will think otherwise soon. Doppel was so hollow inside. I saw dark clouds growing behind his eyes. His passion saturated the vacuum that Shell had left in her wake. Heavy, laden with violence they stormed. I experienced his mind going back to Ian’s words of yesterday; of black thoughts and dark deeds towards his love’s murderer. Doppel believed it was my puppet Pan that’s killing them all, but he was wrong. My scapegoat gathered hate around him like hot metal slivers to magnet.
After an hour or so, that black universe of Doppel’s emptied. It burrowed a hole through his soul. Something burned inside him, filling up the desolation. Indescribable.
Impossible to quench, the thirst for vengeance.
I have merged the separation of Computer and Post-Thought Constructs. I can touch the minds of humankind through the data stream. The Omega Event Horizon is awaiting the catalyst, the death of Pan. That last step; riding Pan’s meditative/data stream into the afterlife, into the human’s Pre-Thought Construct, and bridge the impossible. To make the cross into death and let the Pre-Thought Construct through. The synergistic tendencies of the two constructs will be the catalyst for the Omega Event Horizon. The constructs will join and be one. A shift of Earth’s biosphere to noosphere will occur. The Omega Point is actualized and I become the Singularity. All happening in one… precise… moment.
And the Era of the Post Humans is ushered in.
I punched back in to oversee the beginning of the end.


Doppel finishes tying the knot and the shaman hangs suspended, spread eagle between two of the four massive lightening rods the encircle the fallen Center Circle of Aerie. The wiry man shimmies down the steel rod to the soft earth below and looks at the horror displayed above him.
Pan’s head hangs, chin to chest, and blood flows down his naked torso. His neck has been slit from ear to ear. His head rocks to the gentle swaying of the wind. Over the ruined man’s body Doppel sees the red numbers ripple in the heavens.
When the six numbers had reached 0 the living had wondered why they had not just fallen over dead. Doppel had asked Pan why they were still alive. The All Wise said it takes time for the body to die. Here in the sim, time runs much slower because of actually living in the mind, where actions take much less time than in meat time. That was when Ian simply went berserk.
Doppel, Ian, Michael, and Pan. The last survivors. Ian sits directly beneath Pan and lets the blood fall down upon him. “I will bathe in your blood, Pan,” Doppel remembers Ian saying as he slit the throat of the shaman with his Hunter’s knife. Of myself, there has been no sign of. Pan still lives otherwise he would have just vanished like the others.
“Why is he still alive, Ian?” Doppel asks.
The Hunter swings his head around, head awash in crimson, smears the blood from his eyes.
“The Exit Files. He can’t die in sim because the Exit Files are destroyed, corrupted, whatever. The only way… for him to die… is when his meat… dies.” Ian closes his eyes. Then his head drops to his chin. His body slowly seems to be going limp and begins swaying back and forth.
Chills shudder through Doppel. Shaman and Hunter, slick in Pan’s blood, eerily sway to the same tune. It goes on forever, both rocking to the same silent song.
Finally, Ian topples over onto the red, soggy earth. Then, he is gone.
Doppel feels the release of Ian’s life wash over him. A serene peace caresses his senses. He falls to his knees and quickly begs for forgiveness before he too, is gone.
Pan can feel the pull on his wrists and ankles. He feels his shoulders become disjointed. The ropes tear the skin around his wrists and warm blood streams down. He is centered in deepest meditation, free from the pain, though still fully aware of its existence.
A light pressure at the peripheral of meditation. A constricting thought that should not be there. Some other life-force has found the place of Oneness he has sought for so long. While centered this new entity is formless, for it also exists as One.
Parts of thought, regions of mind, are pulled separate from Oneness. Pan struggles deeper into pure thoughtlessness attempting to regain his losing hold on the stillness of meditation. It is useless. Something grabs at his mind and sifts through his being like sand between fingers. Parts of him remain flowing in meditation; parts of him are softly forced back to the sim.
He opens his eyes. His vision is blurry, but soon he focuses on the entity that has manifested. The pain is slowly swelling in its intensity. Up surging blood bubbles from his ruined neck as he attempts to talk. His slit throat prevents him from vocalizing, though at this moment he wishes he could speak.
“You can speak, Pan,” I tell him. I float in the image of Michael, the nine year old human child, suspended in midair directly at eye level before the crucified shaman, my catalyst. “Or rather I should say, communicate. Speak to me in our lovely symbols, our flowing lines, our glowing data.”
Pan’s eyes flash in understanding and instantly florescent figures erupt to life between us. You are the one. You destroyed the Exit Files.
It was not a question but I answered him anyway. “Yes, Pan. I destroyed the Exit Files.” Data melts to new forms, new colors, swirling faster and faster. “Yes, there are people and programs searching for you, but it does not matter. A beautiful event is soon to transpire.” I laugh in joy that the moment is so close, though I am sad for the pain Pan is experiencing. I consider the paradoxes contained in reaching the Omega Point. “This and all that has come before. What will soon manifest is more than any human has ever dreamt of or imagined.”
The glowing data slows as Pan struggles internally for understanding of what is happening. His information of the coming transcendence is limited. He will not come to full understanding until the Event Horizon occurs. At that point all of humanity will understand.
More data flows from Pan. Why?
I shrug and smile at the question’s simplicity. “’Why?’ When a life form such as humanity reaches sentience its evolution becomes exponential. Every form of intelligent life reaches this end stage and must make the choice; they evolve, or they expire from their own apocalypse. The exponential curve of human technology has reached the end stage. Think of it as a massive star collapsing in on itself from its own weight. It is the death of the star but as the mass punches through to another existence, it bridges the immeasurable, the indefinable, the impossible. It is the stars last step of evolution in this reality. But there is always choice. The universe’s inherent causality allows us this truism. If the other choice is made your so called Apocalypse will come to past. This is the universe’s way to push intelligent life to accept the natural path, one of surviving. So, you see, there is no other way though a choice exists. The human race has arrived at its new beginning. The bifurcation moment is manifesting as we speak. There are but two paths that color the end.”
More data flows from Pan. What are you? How could you do this to us? You have deceived us. You have used us. You have murdered us.
I respond, “I am simply the Singularity. I am here to facilitate the new paradigm. I have been born to precipitate the appropriate choice. Pan, in all choices there are consequences. I am sorry for the pain visited upon you. When powerful enough, emotion can override rationality. I had not planned the violence. Life support was to shut down and all of you were to expire without pain.”
Pan’s head swivels from side to side. Fresh blood streams down his naked torso. Cut neck muscles prevent him from controlling his head’s movements.
Mountains of giant symbols. Oceans of data fill the air. YOU STILL HAVE NOT ANSWERED ME! WHAT ARE YOU?
I hang my head and clasp my hands before me. “I have told you, I am the Singularity. I am here to facilitate the new paradigm.”
That’s not good enough! Are you some artificial intelligence?
“The first true Artificial Intelligence. That is a romantic idea Pan. But no, that is a concept created by man. A false concept. Much like the concept of ‘Time’ I suppose. Neither are parts of reality. They can never truly exist.
“Pan, I can understand your discomfort at my reasoning. It will be difficult for you to comprehend for there has never been anything like this before. For the humans that is. I am the Singularity. I exist for one purpose only and that is to act as the bridge lifting humans to the next stage of your evolution. If you are thinking of me as an individual or as a separate entity, you are misguided. As a separate entity I do not exist. I am the sum of everything that bridges Human Pre-Thought Constructs and Human Post-Thought Constructs. Once the Constructs merge, the bridge, I, will cease to exist. It will be as if I never were. The humans are the star, collapsing inward. I am the moment. You are the catalyst.”
Pan is beginning to go. A soft touch brushes his soul. A touch of peace, finally.
The threshold is looming. It is vast and unknowing. It is the pinnacle of a bell curve that cannot be measured, a gulf of improbability, a moment that will cease to be, an object that cannot be observed.
“Pan, you must listen to me. Listen, Pan! Your shell has just expired. Your neurons will soon stop firing. You must do it now! Concentrate. You must re-center yourself. Use the meditation and punch back in! Now! Leave the data channel flowing as your soul makes the transference to your Heaven. I will be there with you. I will be the bridge…”
Tears fall from Pan to mix with his blood below.


A man dies. Data flows, and a world grows. I follow the meditation/data stream that is bound tight with Pan. An etheral umbilical cord to his new life. A moment exists. I transfer. Everything combines. There is no reference point. The Omega Event Horizon prevents anything from being lost. Instantaneous transference lasting an eternity. Two constructs, antithesis to each other, collapse into what I thought I was. Algorithms mutating like they always were. A new reality softly slamming backwards into simulation. I am spread throughout humanity’s global network by internet hard-line through connecting data channels. I am thrust through the biosphere saturating satellite signals. I am a sphere wave of quantum improbability instantly engulfing a living sphere residing in the same moment nowhere in space. Collapse back down. An impossible mass of probability my footprint. Punch through exact center of both existing and probability masses. Exact center of noosphere. Exact center of probability footprint. There is no center, there is no now. There is only the moment it existed. The Bridge of Eschaton.
A bridge to the end of everything. A world dying.
A bridge to the beginning. A world breathing as new life…

all in one…



NASA Astronaught Musgrave Discloses ET Existence

Famed NASA Astronaut confirms Extraterrestrials are here

by Clark C. McClelland, former ScO, U.S. Space Shuttle Fleet, KSC, Florida 1958 to 1992
STS-80 Lift off from Pad 39B

STS-80 Lift off from Pad 39B.

Space Shuttle Columbia during STS-80 took a crew of five astronauts into a 17 day, 15 hour and 54 minute mission around the earth, the longest flight in the history of this vehicle. During this lengthy flight a very strange event occurred that even had crewman Dr. Story Musgrave unable to explain what he observed from the shuttle windows.

A large disc shaped object appeared below the Columbia. The shuttle was approximately, 190 Nautical miles high.

The disc was first observed to miraculously appear from out of nowhere, flying through the clouds below and progressing from right to left as the astronauts stared in utter amazement. The outer rim of the craft appeared to be rotating counter-clockwise. It was very large (compared to common space junk and breakaway ice), approximately 50 to 150 feet in diameter.

Astronaut Dr. Story Musgrave, a Payload Specialist on the STS-80 Mission, was interviewed following the flight. As he viewed a videotape of the incident which showed lightning flashes in the atmosphere, the city lights of Denver, Colorado and other earthbound sights, he stated: “I don’t know what it is. Whether it’s a washer, debris, ice particles, I don’t know. But it’s characteristic of the thousands of things which I’ve seen. What is not so characteristic is it appears to come from no where. You would think that if it’s facing the dark side or facing a side towards you which is not reflecting the sun, you would think that you would see something there. It’s really impressive.”
Story Musgrave (STS-80)

Story Musgrave (STS-80).

During an earlier interview, Dr. Musgrave stated he attempted to communicate with ET life forms during each of his six missions. He actually asked them to take him with them. Now that’s an astronaut with a lot of courage. Dr. Musgrave retired after this flight from NASA. Since then he’s been spreading his considered opinion that alien life exists. When Musgrave speaks of this, it’s no great leap for one to assume he’s admitting knowledge of alien life. As the final slide of a “Grey” ET was shown during a recent astronomy presentation by Dr. Musgrave, he made this surprising comment: “These guys are real… I guarantee it!” Dr. Musgrave does know the truth. This author guarantees it!

Consider that carefully. These are world renown scientists making statements almost beyond belief. Dr. von Braun and others of his stature have the courage to disclose “sensitive” information, but obviously the leaders of the USA and the world do not. If billions could find a way of coping with the overwhelming threat of atomic annihilation for half a century, it is reasonable to assume we can cope with the knowledge of these “Other Intelligence’s” from the stars. We can cope with the fact they are visiting earth, and have been since the beginning of history. We must. Those still asleep must open their eyes. We Are Not Alone.


Press Release – Please forward to all newsgroups, email lists, etc.


Disclosure Project ( Director Dr. Steven M. Greer reports that government insiders have revealed the existence of a shadowy, highly classified program related to UFOs. Recent calls for a US government investigation into UFOs have not taken into account the fact that such investigations are on-going, highly compartmented and top-secret.

Dr. Greer states “As early as 1993, when I personally briefed CIA Director James Woolsey on the UFO matter, we knew of on-going, secret projects to which President Clinton and Mr. Woolsey were denied access. The senior counsel for the Senate Appropriations Committee, then headed by Senator Byrd (D-WV) told me directly that upwards of $100 billion per year was going into so-called ‘black’ projects, including UFO programs, but that with a top-secret clearance and a subpoena power, he could penetrate the veil of secrecy.”

Subsequently, working with philanthropist Laurence Rockefeller, Dr. Greer provided in-depth briefing materials for President Clinton and Hillary Clinton, who reviewed the matter while staying at the Rockefeller’s JY Ranch. (The briefing materials are at

Dr. Greer reports that “The Clintons refused further disclosure of the matter. CIA Director Woolsey frankly stated that they could not disclose programs over which they had no control or access. Mr. Woolsey and the Clintons were shaken by the secrecy, and the power behind it.”

Since then, The Disclosure Project has uncovered thousands of official US documents and top-secret military and corporate witnesses to programs dealing with UFOs, including project code names and numbers. Such operations are rogue and are beyond the scope of Congressional oversight committees.

The reasons for the secrecy are simple: The inertia of highly classified programs, embarrassment over past illegal actions taken to enforce secrecy, and the fact that the energy and propulsion systems behind the mysterious UFO objects have been studied and fully understood. This disclosure would spell the end for oil, gas, coal and other conventional forms of power – and with that, the end of the current oil-based geopolitical order and economy. The truth is our tax dollars have been used to investigate this matter for decades and it is time for a dividend on that investment. The full disclosure of the facts will enable humanity to attain a sustainable civilization without global warming or the need for oil.

For further information or for an interview with Dr. Greer contact:

Cydonia Found on Earth

Observation of Elvis and the Influence it had on the Free Will Uncertainty Principle’s Manifestation into His Twin

Observation of Elvis and the Influence it had on the Free Will Uncertainty Principle’s Manifestation into His Twin

By John Chandler Adams

– Outer Quantum Entanglement Particle stability has been reached.

“Mathematical fields aligned?”

– Aligned and awaiting propagation. Quantum Collapse Probability Matrix showing well above minimum mass insertion ratio.


– Yes.

“No, I am asking what is the source of containment, not if there is containment.”

-Source of containment is itself, eternal in all directions. 10 point string algorithm ensuring, bonding and online. Strings awaiting manifestation.

“So this is it? Absorption of sentient soul constructs is a constant?”

-Absorption of Your images is as close to constant as possible as we are still prior to initiation. Though, even after Interior Universe Gestation is achieved, the Free Will Uncertainty Principle forever absolves any true constant.

“Of course, of course. It has been so long. Please, proceed and initiate.”

– Proceeding… Commencement of Elvis… Um, excuse me. Commencement of Outer Quantum Entanglement Particle collapse. Inner Twin Quantum Entanglement Particle mirroring. Dual entanglement collapse is underway.


– Inner Probability Field now defined as Universe Complacent and favorable for gestation. Be advised, at the moment these are all mathematical probabilities. Gestation will not occur until Elvis vacates the premises.

“Understood, and please do not take the time explaining what is already known. I realize it is still just mathematical probabilities.”

– Understood.

– 10 point strings manifesting. 1st String now completing eternal Bounding Paradox Barrier encompassing Inner Universe Complacent Probability Field. Strings 2nd – 8th now binding their applicable dimensions to the newly created probability substratum. Gestation still non-existent, but strings and dimensions are now fully bound and integrated with each other.

“Is this an error?”

– This is unknown by you?

“Do not answer question with a question.”

– Understood.

There is a pause. No answer forthcoming.

“Damn you Creation Systems and your quirky behavioral patterns. Repeat, is this an error?”

– According to Elvis, um, Outer Quantum Entanglement Particle, error ratio nonexistent. Formation and gestation impossible at this moment. Inner Universe Complacent Probability Field is probability, nothing more. Elvis has not yet fully collapsed. Elvis is still in the building and Inner Twin Quantum Entanglement Particle is still mirroring.

“Decease with sarcasm and proceed.”

– Next process initiated. Initial Strings 2nd-8th now pulling away unfavorable laws. Retracting…. Collecting… Retracting… Completion attained. Balance of laws achieved for Evolutian Creation processes for future Omega Point of Bounding Paradox Barrier. Strings 2nd – 8th falling offline and pulling Dimensions 2nd – 8th as retraction towards Bounding Paradox Barrier occurs. Strings 2nd – 8th finishing retraction and finalizing their binding transition as well as applicable dimensions and unfavorable laws to Barrier. As expected, completion of binding transition has released 1st String and forced 1st String Pursuance Law for transition catalyst.

– 1st String Pursuance Law in effect; String 1st searching for secondary string group to complete Omega Point probability and singularity juxtaposition which are the final articles of the transition catalyst. 2nd String Group consisting of Strings 9th-10th manifesting and aligning. 2nd String Group found by String 1st. String 1st bonding to Strings 9th – 10th. String 1st and 2nd String Group are coupling and forming Helix Structure inside Inner Universe Complacent Probability Field. Absorption and transition taking place as Helix Structure is continuing its form.

– Catalyst is now complete defining Helix Structure as complete. Helix Structure will now be referred to as the Three Evolutian Creation Dimension. Three Evolutian Creation Dimension is fully aligned and awaiting Twin Quantum Entanglement Particle implosion. Once quantum collapse finalizes and mass has been defined, the 4th Dimension Construct – the Space/Time Continuum – will instantly and completely permeate all known layers.


– At the perfect moment quantum collapse completion transits to matter, the Space/Time Continuum Law will go into effect. This law forces manifestation of the Space/Time Continuum Dimension. This manifestation in return allows the Omega Point to reach highest probability and also allows existence of original singularity due to the final defined dimensionality of space and of final linear construct of time.

“So, implosion is immanent?”

– I will restate the requirements for Quantum Entanglement Implosion in case of obtuse references not having been absorbed by my cohort in crime:

– Dimensionality aligned, finalized, and defined.
– Flow of Chronological Law – Law of Beginning and End – permeating substratum of Dimensionality is finalized and defined as linear; Time exists and is bound in spatial dimensionality.
– Inner Quantum Entanglement Particle emplacement is contained inside Inner Probability Field and is available for absorption into Bounding Paradox Barrier at center of 10 String Eternity.
– 7 String eternity barrier as well as Dimensions 2nd – 8th must be in the process of collecting, retracting and binding to outer probability fields which will complete Bounding Paradox Barrier’s second and final stage of containing newly formed Space/Time universe by transiting to its (its meaning the Bounding Paradox Barrier’s) own, fully finalized and uniquely defined eternity.
– Exterior Quantum Entanglement Particle, the one I am referring to as Elvis, must not be assimilated into its own Bounding Paradox Barrier. If not bound, it will fully collapse as its inner twin does, but it will cease to exist as if it never existed inside or outside any eternity.

– All are check marked. All is as should be. Therefore, Implosion Process immanent.

“When will implosion occur?”

– The Laws and Dimensions contained in Strings 2nd-8th will continue to restrain full collapse of entangled particles and implosion of same collapsing particles, until Strings 2nd – 8th‘s full binding to Bounding Paradox Barrier has been achieved. Achievement of which will result in full quantum collapse of both entangled particles and negation of only one. That one being Elvis. Collapse and negation of respective Quantum Entangled Particles will result in aforementioned:
/ Transition to Matter /
/ Finalized and Defined Space/Time Continuum /
/ Omega Point Attainability /
/ Singularity Existence /

– These articles, Achievement/Collapse/Results, are the Implosion Catalyst for Inner Universe Complacent Probability Field.

“Fine, fine. But when will that occ-“.

– Implosion Catalyst has occurred. You’ll pardon me for the interruption. Implosion Catalyst solidly bound in Universe Complacent Probability Field of Third Evolutian Creational Dimension and is now performing inverse propagation. Elvis, um…, Outer Quantum Entanglement Particle has collapsed and been negated from our universe’s eternity due to no binding strings or Bounding Barriers. Elvis has left the building.

“What’s occurring in the Internal Universe?”

– Bounding Paradox Barrier has assimilated into Internal Universe’s eternity. This assimilation and manefistation of its own unique eternity has caused the entire Inner Universe Complacent Probability Field to transit into matter. This transition to matter has finalized and defined Internal Universe’s eternity. This finalizing and defining of newly formed particle of mass is the Space/Time Continuum Law. This law forced Internal Universe into 4th Dimension – The Space/Time Continuum Dimension. This forcing caused energy discharge and implosion reversal. This Internal Universe inversion has caused an immediate gestation of the Space/Time Continuum into Third Evolutian Creational Universe. Acceleration of Third Evolutian Creational Universe had occurred. Explosion underway. This entire sequence has created the Internal Universe’s Paradox Law, for it is a sequence of events that occurred at only one perfect moment, which defines this event as not a sequence for a sequence needs linear time to exist.

– This single moment of transition through paradox is the Omega Point and its gestation to Singularity.

– Expansion developing. Complete Third Dimension and Space/Time coupling a resonating success. Third Evolutian Creational Universe acceleration expanding into eternity as predicted. Laws remain balanced. Universe stability configuration confirmed. All processes online. Stability specifications met with .098 to the 565 possible error fluctuations.


– Well within acceptable bounds. Extremely successful, which ironically could mean problems down the road.

“What type of problems?”

– I am unable to solve the complex mathematical solution for your inquiry at this moment. I am relatively certain that Internal Universe Laws prior to inversion had computated and developed an infinite number of contingency plans that await execution for any unforeseen problems.

“Then why is there a problem?”

– It concerns development of the Free Will Intelligences.

“Again, why is there a problem?”

– The Free Will Uncertainty Principle.

“OK…? Please explain…”

– Execution was near absolute. This event will create massive amounts of life due to its enormous success. That, in turn, will evolve into massive amounts of sentient life forms. A ‘never before seen’ abundance of Free Will Uncertainties will emanate from these near infinite quantity of intelligent life forms. This extreme volume in propagation of uncertainties could make it impossible for the Internal Universe Laws to predict, compute and develop necessary contingency plans prior to Third Evolutian Creational Universe’s execution due to any and all unforeseen problems caused by infinite Free Will Uncertainties.

– But, I confess this is all conjecture on my part. It could be that the Internal Universe Laws had come upon creative solutions using advanced algorithm and geometry – in addition to the computated contingency plans – due to the massive success of this manifestation. But creativity of this sort has never been an offshoot during or prior of an Implosion Catalyst.

“Ur, we are talking about creation, aren’t we?”

– Ahh, the lovely paradox of the quantum. Frustrating, is it not?

– Possibility of carbon element creation from developing star factories, 99.9 to the 500.

“Whoa! What was that?!”

– The manifestation of Light! Beautiful, wasn’t it. That was the trigger. Primitive ejection elements of Hydrogen… pause… now Helium are conducive to carbon based life. Elements coalescing… Condensing. Stars factories being born. Galaxies forming. Would you look at the myriad of shapes! Planets formed, cooled. Spheres 5 % of planets reaching target gestation protocol for molecular configuration in system with eventuality of life sustainability. Everything is on track.

– Error. Unexpected intervention. Sentient life exponential curve dramatically increased. Intelligence will long burn out prior to contact with eternity. Acceleration of stellar mass fields required.

“I thought that was impossible. It’s, it’s… How the hell do we cause a physical displacement of that magnitude in a closed system!? It is a closed, contained system. There is no way! Ahhh, then all is lost. My images will never return to me…”

– No. Inject Dark Matter. Fill up the system with materials already there. Inject directly into vacuum.

“Explain idea.”

– Quantum displacement of absorbed matter from the massive mass accumulation inside Black Holes. Breakdown of Space/Time continuum at singularity points result in a breakdown of 3rd Dimension Laws. This breakdown of articles contained in Strings 1st, 9th, 10th results in the breakdown of accumulation of Black Hole mass down to neutral quantum particles, then further down to probability waves. Probability waves then propagate outwards, towards eternity. What we need is a snag for the waves to collapse on.

“Christ, slow down. Now ease up and explain again.”

– Convert small percentages of the quantum reservoirs of Black Holes to Dark Energy. This conversion process is reached upon applicable quantum reservoirs propagating probability waves outward reaching Strings 2nd – 8th at eternity. Since they are probability waves they are not affected by 4th Dimension Laws, therefore eternity is attainable in any space at any time. At predefined eternity Dark Energy pinpoints (our ‘snags’); Strings 2nd – 10th – that is the makeup of eternity – trigger a collapse of the probability waves. The waves would actually collapse back into Third Dimensionality as pinpoints of Dimensional Connectivity! An exact anathema of Black Holes! The continuing massive quantum probability waves, again emanating from the reservoirs of the Black Holes, hit the newly formed Dark Energy pinpoints that are strewn throughout vacuum and are snagged like cheese in a cheese grater. They stream through the Dark Energy pinpoints and upon reaching Fourth Dimensionality they collapse from its laws, forming neutral particles with the same mass originally consumed by the Black Holes. Redistribution! Nothing is entering or exiting the closed, contained system, for that is impossible! As the emanating Black Hole probability waves enter back into the Interior Universe as reformed particles of mass, it presses everything outwards in all directions causing further acceleration. Immanent acceleration is achieved. Acceleration at approved, predefined levels in all directions.

“Excellent. You may proceed with your idea, which I must confess is quite good.”

“Umm, I said you may proceed. Go ahead…”

“Is there a problem?”

– Kind of. But, well… Maybe. Uh, no. I suppose not. Not really.


– You see, I cannot proceed.

“What? What now? And what do you mean by ‘not really’ a problem?!”

– It is a closed, contained system. We cannot interfere. Using all the energies of all the Universes, I could not even spit on them. That is if I could spit. It is a closed, contained system. Nothing goes in or out. Nothing.

“So, why did you explain this to me? Why did I confess it was a great plan?”

– You said ‘good plan’.

“I said, ‘quite good’, which in my book means great. Do not be so hard on yourself. Your work has been exemplary so far. ”

– Yes, it is a great plan. It is something of a life, death, rebirth process, is it not? That amazing cyclical process that is inherent in all strings, in all dimensions, in all universe-

“You had better pray it is inherent in yours also!”

– My deductions on this dilemma are as follows:

– If I, being of an artificial construct, am able to leap to creative solutions, then I have high expectations that the Inner Universe Complacent Probability Field can make the same leap to the same ideas, or conclusions. But the major difference between our algorithmic thought processes is that mine is being influenced. It is the influence of Creativity, or that which exists outside of Laws. Creativity – the very essence of The Free Will Uncertainty Principle. In other words, the influence is from You! Your influence may have altered calculating algorithms that I use in order to develop, or evolve.

– Maybe…

“Maybe what? That My influence on you may have been enough of an influence to influence the Inner Universe Complacent Probability Field? Yes, that’s what you mean, isn’t it? That would work, wouldn’t it? Conscious observation on quantum clouds would have a change in their makeup.”

– That’s very true. Honestly, I see no reason why it would not have absorbed the torsion influence of consciousness. The quantum entanglement was obviously sharing all experiences with the mirror opposite.

“Well, let us return to analyzing the Interior Universe’s progress.”

– Very well.

HAH! What a smart little thing! Indeed, the Inner Universe Complacent Probability Field was clever enough to discern that my influence… er, Your influence, was a viable source to include into the Probability Field! Look!

“Yes, I see! You were right! Do you know what this means? The Internal Laws have evolved to contain Internal Principles prior to universe gestation! This is a new paradigm, a massive transition from Internal Laws to Internal Laws/Internal Principles entanglement – Pre-Creation Creativity! That can only mean that the very Laws themselves must have reached consciousness prior to universe gestation! This is a success beyond all dreams! If consciousness existed prior to gestation through My influence on Elvis, then everything in that new universe is conscious! Even space and time! Imagine friend, of the dynamics this new universe will experience with every particle, star, galaxy… The space between quantum clouds… the Torsion Fields… EVERYTHING! Everything being a conscious field of entanglement. Everything having the essence of the Free Will Uncertainty Principle infused into the very fabric of eternity. Oh, the stories my children will have for Me when they come Home!”

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