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UFO over car and street

This was a dream I had.
My wife and I were driving the back roads from Winter Springs to Daytona Beach at night. We were driving through the Osteen area and there was no other cars on the road. There were not any street lights through this stretch of road and it was very dark out.
Way up ahead of us, we began to see what looked to be a streetlight. But there should not be a streetlight out here, and it would have been the only one within miles. Definately out of place. As we got closer, we could tell that it wasn’t a streetlight, but could not make out what it could be.
My wife began asking me what it was and I told her I did not know. As we got even closer it became more clear to me, it was a flying saucer hovering over a pickup truck shining an extremely bright light down on top of it. My wife started to get more and more panicky as she began to see what I was seeing. “What the hell is going on, Will?” she kept asking me. I was not responding to her, because I was afraid of what her reaction was going to be if I confirmed what she was seeing.
At this time, I knew it had seen us and was going to come after us next. I considered turning around but there was a ditch on each side of the road and I would have had to stop and do at least a 3 point turn to turn around and I felt it would capture us before we could do that. The pick up truck was on the right side of the road leaving the oncoming lane open, so I gunned it and hoped we could go around the truck and get away. As soon as we began to enter the beam, the car stopped. My wife really began to panic at this time. I knew what was about to happen, but she had no idea. The car began to lift of the ground and I could see grays outside the car, one at each of our windows. As the car rose, the 2 beings stayed right beside us. My wife went limp and was no longer screaming. Then I woke up. The dream felt so real, all the emotions and panic. I felt it could have really happened, but I woke from the dream in my bed, and I of course was not traveling the road with my wife!  

Negativity and ET Experience

Negativity did not exist in ET experience until humans were involved. Think hard about that.
Thought processes between ET and human are extremely different. They do not understand deception/lies/falsities. ETs experienced that when certain treaties were broken and dissolved. They do not live reality in accordance to the fantasy element like humans do. They live according to true knowledge of universal truths. Humans live according to lies/deception that accrued throughout human history.
An example of this, is if you were to have an ET experience, and you behaving as if they were an element of the Illumanati, when in fact, they are their own beings. DECEPTION is not involved in their own condition. Humans bring the DECEPTION into the mix to confuse the ET issue.
They are as advanced in spiritual aspects of being, as they are in technology. Many, if not all, of their technologies are based on consciousness. These techs WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY if consciousness is acting on deceptions/lies and fantasies. TPTB cannot figure that out…and only recently is that beginning to become known. This put TPTB in a bad situation, because unless they change their thought patterns, they cannot control or back engineer and use the tech to its fullest extent. There is a process in place to turn the pyramid upside down.
The military complex is clueless and has NO control over ANY of the ET condition. That is why you still see helicopters and jets scrambling and ‘chasing’ UFOs.
When ETs discovered the thought patterns and deception of our leaders, it set out to make contact through the ‘normal’ populace. This makes the contact and disclosure process much longer, and much more delicate. The ETs hadn’t realized exactly how far we have traveled away from ‘Home’.
Last thing I will say, is that Disclosure is NOT going to occur through politicians and diplomats. It is still undecided if there will actually be a full disclosure (it depends on what happens to the human condition during the next year and a half), but if disclosure is to occur, it will be the ETs choice and decision…no one elses.– Chad Adams


After speaking privately with Dolores Cannon, author of The Convoluted Universe series, we agreed that specialized areas of the encounters that are normally viewed as controlled by the ETs can also be attributed to certain natural states the human body experiences when going through the encounter process.

The encounter process comprises of a number of extraordinary steps that seem to lie beyond the human condition, but when explored are quite simple, albeit rare, happenings. This includes sleep paralysis, altered states of consciousness, biochemical responses, and naturally generated bodily fear, all occurring at the same instant while half-in half-out of the sleep state.
The most notorious of these processes is the activation of ‘sleep paralysis’ during the beginning stages of encounter. It has long been thought that this is a controlling mechanism brought about by the ETs to enforce complete control over their ‘victims’. As discussed in the regressive ideology of victim-hood, the experiencers that are considering themselves to be victims are still living in a paradigm prescribing that they are not empowered to control their own lives. This victim-paradigm – initiated by the individual him/herself! – takes the control of the experience out of their hands, and places it outside themselves. Once this first step is lost (unconsciously, therefore through no fault of their own) and the experiencer believes individual control has been compromised, fear has become the foundation of the experience. Once fear has been established, the human body reacts by releasing fight-or-flight responses such as the chemical release of epinephrine (adrenalin), increased heart rate, and tunnel vision. Of course the end result of the failed flight-or-flight response results in… panic.
At the onset of REM sleep the brain ‘shuts down’ motor neurons by the release of specific neurotransmitters resulting in a bodily state termed REM atonia. Now it should be easy to see how sleep paralysis occurs. The mind ‘wakes up’ before the neurotransmitters stop REM atonia, thus the stimulation of the motor neurons is still at an inactive state. It was discussed during Part I that sleep paralysis occurs as a natural by-product of the human body as it undergoes a transition phase of consciousness. REM sleep is included in these transitional phases of consciousness as this state of the human consciousness leaving the body. As stated earlier, one of the prime forms of spiritual enlightenment taking place at this time of spiritual growth is the bridging of the spirit and physical while both remain fully conscious. That is where it seems the Grays are bringing the human; to a higher vibrational frequency that does not always include the 3rd density physical human body. In order for the 3rd density human body not to hurt itself, it automatically shuts down the motor neurons, just as it does when entering the REM state of dreaming.
Much as we humans have natural mechanisms to shut down motor neurons, so the Gray aliens have technologies to produce this effect for us. Of course, the technology is far beyond mankind’s own, but nearly all abduction reports claim that the Gray’s do use a small rod-like object (sometimes with a glowing end) to induce sleep paralysis. The obvious use of inducing sleep paralysis is elimination of the possibility of violent responses from the abductee. Many reports from the abductee have illustrated other functions in relation to this ‘rod’ – memory loss being one of them.
So, we have the Grays – that are not only extraterrestrial beings, but interdimensional beings – visiting us while the human body and the human consciousness are at the preferred state for contact. Quite possibly, considerably more trauma would take place if contact were made outside this state of consciousness. Although the contact experience is traumatic, much of it could strongly be argued as physical responses generated from the human individual by taking the victim ideology out of the equation.
An understanding of the various possible mechanisms that produce this state of paralysis and the knowledge that the mind is in an altered state of awareness is necessary in staving off the extreme ends of fear: panic, the results of which produce further memory loss, unwanted bodily chemical changes, and unusual mental decisions and processing of sensory data.
The mind will attempt to fill in the unknown gaps of what is exactly being experienced by using the imagination. The imagination naturally begins filling in the gaps of the unknown by building off of the predominate construct of the experience: Fear. The understanding and knowledge of what is causing the fear reaction can be used as a focal anchoring point to deny growth of the governing fear response. This retention of the negative aspects of perception allows the mind and spirit to become grounded and retards the illusory constructs trying to form in the psyche. This is vital to clear much of the distortion of the experience and gain better mental retention of the encounter.

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