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Inversion into God’s eYe

I think a cycle…a circuit, was completed last night. I know it was for me.

Everything can seem so complex at times, but when you manifest in separate aspects, and experience the convergence points, you end up noticing how the gears fit. The convergence points can be likened to where the multidimensional gears ‘touch’ and cause movement across the system.

We fly through life, heading our various directions and destinies, and eventually come across a convergence point…another wheel in the cog, and actions or individual events are undertaken that may seem small, minor, or insignificant, until you experience yourself as other manifestations. A door opened, a door closed, a window left unlocked, at just the right moment changes the course of events in the cog.

Imagine, a massive system of overlying and entangled destinies, of life, events, organizations, spirits, and species…all entangled in a myopic quantum soup of relationship…and One not ‘seeing’ where the cogs touch, where that door should be left opened, a window unlocked…but having experienced the original cog, the original relationship, and existing as a separate entity and KNOWING when exactly to leave a door open, because it was Him that had needed that door opened in a previous incarnation and something had left that door opened…which is He in a soon to come incarnation.

How would someone…how would a nobody prepare his current incarnation and have all His bases covered without even thinking about it? Because He is incarnate in separate entities in different places outside of Time, but all active and current in THIS time.

A cycle was completed last night. A circuit. A beginning, and an end. All played out in the non-material, in different minds and incarnations, played out in the same time, but different places in time…different minds, ALL converging at the quantum moment of manifestation into the single universe of the material.

I played it all out last night. It is a single long dream, that I played out in multiple incarnations. It was a re-occurring dream, that I never noticed was played by myself as many different actors.

Last night, I was the final actor…the final piece, the one that joined all the other actors into one event. All the gears and cogs were finally set in place. All the actors were in their places. All the time signatures and individual events were placed, and the final piece…the final actor, played out the dream and opened and closed all the correct events for the final actor to reach his full manifestation.

Again, this was not just a reoccurring dream, but I played many different actors at different times throughout the years of my life. Last night, though I did not know it until the end, I played the final actor.

Going from nothing…to everything.

At the end of the experience, I found myself in a spherical room, with all these different events playing outside the sphere…ALL the different events, it was merely just a focusing on which event I wanted to experience, to view it.

Inside the sphere was my family…they looked like my present family, but somehow they weren’t. The last memory was of my father. I looked into his face. Into his eyes, and he drew me into his seeing orb. At first, the pupil of his eye was blurry, unfocused, but I was able to use the same ‘power’, the same force I had used to complete the multi-faceted dream…and focus his pupil into clarity. Once that was done, I was pulled into our Father’s mind through His eYe, and was inverted into His dreams.


Meditation: 7 Angelic Beings

Meditated and had this.  Was intending to know purpose.

Counted breaths to 10.  Imagined relaxation by falling like Alice through the rabbit hole.  Gently falling.  Decided I’d rise instead as a metaphor.  Rose through clouds into space.  Continued to rise up, now in space, without direction.
Entered tubes of energy and flowed with them, just observing.  Stopped at some unknown place.  I was before someone.  I knelt and fell into respectful meditation with being I was with.  Had communication that I was not to know what should happen or what purpose was just yet.  Pretty direct communication, I felt the being had nothing more to say about subject.  Stayed for a moment.  Some more non-directional communication and decided to move on.
Stood up put my arms outstretched as a symbol of servitude to the being I was with.  Gently gathered and released energy and decided to move on.  Entered tunnel again, with arms still outstretched.  Moved into higher realm.
Out of the abstract colors of the tunnel I was in, came a heavenly earthlike scene.  Rolling green hills, blue cloud filled sky a couple hundred yards from the edge of a forest like “boundary”.  Out of the boundary came a whispery, angelic being on a whispery, angelic horse, both in white.  The being slowly stopped before me.  I again knelt in meditative, respectful servitude.  This caught the visitor off guard.  He/she communicated the awkwardness that I was kneeling before he/she as opposed to the other way around.  I communicated that under the present mission and purpose of incarnation, I am to be held at the level I am currently working in.  I stated that at the moment I was in servitude to them and was to do as they wished.
I asked he/she to separate and he/she did.  There were now 7 angelic beings on horses before me, each displaying a unique personality.  I communicated that time was short and I requested I be enlightened as to my purpose.  One stated that the time is still not right yet.  Another, while looking away from me, stated that I would probably fail at my mission anyway, and that was the reason I shouldn’t be told.  I was still in a state of meditative energy gathering and releasing.  To silence him or better yet comfort his reluctance, I gathered creative energy and turned the rolling hills into a beautifully, lush tropical forest, full of playful life displaying more than all the colors imaginable.
We were all quiet.  No one was looking around at the newly changed environment, they were still looking at me, staring at me in quiet shock at what just transpired.  The display was one of such potent creative force that the reason behind my not knowing was now blatantly obvious to everyone there.
I was back to meditative state of energy exchange and openness, awaiting a request.  After an awkward moment of silence, the original being stated “The creative act you have just displayed is what you are there to do”.  I thought to myself that if this was the case, there is simply no room nor purpose for such work during the current state of affairs on Earth.
After a moment, the beings became one again and slowly dissipated into the forest.
I sat there to reflect.
I took a quick glimpse at the environment and then communicated to the planet that I was on.  “Do you wish for this life to stay, or to be reabsorbed back into your conscious body?”  The planet stated it was benevolent, and did not have use for such life at this time.  I then returned the environment to its original condition.  “Thank you.”  Said the planet.  “Before I leave, do you have any wishes?”  I asked.  “I am lonely.”  it answered.  I slipped back into focus and found the planet alone in space (different dimension).  I quickly found a logo, a sun and made a request to the sun.  “Would you like to be accompanied by a lonely, benevolent planet seeking creative companionship?”  “Yes” it stated.  I then moved the planet into orbit around it’s new friend.  I then returned to self.
I have been disregarding these kind of meditative experiences because they are so subtle.  Might as well begin writing them down, eh?  Hope you enjoyed.

Lucid Dream with Sickscent. Sending positive energy to village.

I was dreaming I was in school, seemed like middle school. I won’t go into too much detail here. I was alone in class after the final school bell rang getting my things together. A girl walked in and helped me out a little. We had small talk, then I left the school and began walking home.

At this point I still wasn’t lucid. As I was walking in my old neighborhood to my house, I noticed the colors of everything began to get more and more drab with overtones of bright red. Kinda erie looking. I also noticed at this point that my brother (Sickscent) was walking with me. Soon after that, the street became very grungy looking with bright red accents. I stopped my brother and said, “Wait a minute, this isn’t right. You know what, we’re dreaming.” He needed only slight convincing and then agreed with me.

We started to explore the environment just a little bit. We made our way to the house we grew up in. We walked in and made our way down a poorly lit hallway. The walls were made out of wood paneling and I asked Sickscent to stop and work on our lucidity because things weren’t as clear as I would have liked them. He pulled his hands to his face and began studying his hands. This was the method he was use to using. I started to concentrate on the details of the environment more and more to get more clarity.

Then I asked him to look at me.

He said “Hold on, let me finish with my hands.” I told him that we should use eachother instead. He dropped his hands and we looked at eachother’s faces and eyes and studied the detail, attempting to make it as real as possible. Now with maximum clarity, we turned our attention away.

We were thinking what we should do next.

The dream environment was so clear at this time, we decided to have some fun and explore it a little more. As we moved further and further down the hallway, we noticed more and more people. We entered an area that was a little more like a night club. Loud noises, poor lighting and lots of people. Again we just took in the reality of it all and commented how amazingly clear and detailed we had gotten everything.

We were among quite a few people when a girl walked by Sickscent and said hello, mentioning him by name. I thought this was odd. They exchanged small talk that I couldn’t really hear, then she walked off. I asked Chad if she was lucid as well and he said he wasn’t sure. I told him to wait there and ran after her. I stopped her and introduced myself as Sickscent’s brother and asked who she was. She told me her name was Ruth. I asked her if she thought she was in a dream state or not and she told me she was. She told me she was lucidly dreaming. I told her that I was lucid as well, and that Chad and I had been lucid for some time and were exploring the environment together. She agreed it was pretty amazing that all three of us were lucid in the same place.

We made small comments concerning the clarity attained in this environment. I soon left and went searching for Sickscent again because I didn’t want to get too separated.

He was still in the same place.

As we made our way around we ran into a group of people that appeared to be frequents. They commented how twisty and confusing this place was and stated that we all needed to be careful because you could be misled to the darker areas of this place where very negative entities were. I commented to Sickscent (they overheard me) that it wasn’t a big deal because we could go through walls and ceilings and all we needed to do to get out was head up. The group was a little apprehensive about this idea, but were concerned about the word that negative entities were nearby.

Sickscent and I decided to follow them out of curiosity. I noticed we were heading downstairs alot and commented to Sickscent that if they wanted to get out and away from the negative, they should be heading up. Sickscent agreed.

Soon, we found ourselves confronted by a non-visible negative presense. I was again convinced that it had no hold on us, especially Sickscent and I, that all we had to do was head up through the ceiling and leave this dream environment.

At this point, the negative presense grabbed hold of me. I could not break free, but at the same time I wasn’t trying very hard. It was kind of novel to me. It’s power was pretty impressive though. It began taking me through the floors and pulling down and down where it was getting darker and darker. I said to myself that I better change this before I get to a place I don’t want to be, so I began to concentrate on moving up with him in tow. To my surprise, he was over-powering me! I thought “This isn’t good!”. Because I could not break free from him, and I could not change his direction, I began to get a little concerned. Maybe I have really underestimated what was going on! I thought for a second, OK, change in strategy. I was trying to control him, which was not working. My attention changed to the environment. Instead of turning him around, I’ll turn the environment around. So I did, I flipped the environment upside down. All of a sudden were heading up backwards.

The trick worked.

Before we knew it, we were heading for daylight. The presense recognized what was going on and changed our direction. We started heading down again! No problem, I flipped the environment again. This time we made it out of the dark and began seeing daylight. Frustrated, again he changed direction. I flipped the environment again. This time we left the darkness and entered the clouds. I chuckled to myself. We were entering an extremely uncomfortable (for him) positively charged beautifully colored, unlimited sky. The negative presense decided to let go and head back down.

I was filled with new energy and confidence. I felt good. I drew in positive energy from the environment by holding my hands out and taking deep meditative breaths while floating in this multicolored clouded sky. It felt good, and I felt good.

I left the clouds and zoomed like superman back to the ground.

I again checked my lucidity and studied my environment. Sickscent was no longer on my mind. I was in a place that had the look and feel of India. It was possibly back a hundred or two hundred years back.

I was in a fairly populated, poor village. I was not greeted well and the local people felt pretty threatened by me, even though I tried to be as non-threatening as possible.

I drew energy and released a field of positive energy that surrounded me for a small distance. The people who had been within this field were no longer feeling threatened. There was one person however, just outside the field who began to get more and more frightened and angry.

He pulled out a sword and demanded my obediance.

I was still lucid and knew that nothing could harm me and politely told him that I would not abide to his demands. I had come peacefully only offering grace and friendship. This really upset him. He came closer and raised his sword. I calmly opened my shirt exposing my chest. In disbelief and anger he swung his sword and cut my shirt. I did not flinch nor move, and again he threatened me. This time, I took off my shirt, walked closer to him, put my arms straight out from my sides and closed my eyes. He swung, cutting my chest wide open. I looked down and gently closed my chest. He looked on with amazement and fear.

At this point, I decided to close the deal. I levitated myself off the ground and again told him I wasn’t someone to be threatened by. I moved higher and higher into the air and moved around him, finally dropping myself to within inches of the ground. Arms still widespread, I gathered another bundle of positive energy and directed it at him. He then apologized and became friendly.

At this point, we were drawing quite alot of attention. I worked hard to keep my lucidity throughout.

Quite a group began gathering and I again drew positive energy in and pushed it out throught this area of the village. This was causing the village to become increasingly positive oriented. They were more and more appreciative and began to treat me more and more like an idol. I told them not too, that I was just exposing the part of themselves that was more aligned with their true nature.

As more and more of the population got involved, there became more and more conflict between the ones that were aligning themselves and the ones who were struggling to hold on to the way it was.

A small group that was trying to orient positively were asking me to help solve some of their dilemmas. Without going into too much detail, I tried to explain to them that it was their fear of change that was keeping them from aclimating to this newly introduced state. They still struggled. We were in the midst of some horses, cattle, and other animals they used for food and work. I asked them how they now felt about these animals. They expressed unparalleled newfound joy and love for all the animals that surrounded them. I then pointed about a quarter of a mile away where the animals were still being used for work and some were being slaughtered for food. “Why are you still tolerating that?” I asked. They told me because without that, they weren’t sure how they’d survive. I told them that that was fear that was still binding them. The conversation got a little deeper, but I’m having trouble remember it now.

I began to move around the village more, introducing more and more positive energy as I went and I noticed more and more conflict. I was surely showing them that it wasn’t me they should be following but it was their heart that was opening, and they should be following their deepest intuitions, which they were doing. But the threat from those that were holding on to old ways were becoming increasingly violent. At this point, I decided that it was now up to the people to complete the task. I left back for the heavens.

The rest of my night was partially lucid. I really wanted to remember these dreams but was having trouble waking up. I was lucid, going over and over the dreams in my dreams.


Other Dimensional Dream Experience

A dream I had while in China March 2010.

I found myself as a ball of energy. I wasn’t lucid, but it did seem as if I had total control of myself. I was not experiencing being human, but a ball of energy or consciousness. I was experimenting and having incredible fun flying around in space.

I saw Earth and zoomed into Earth’s atmosphere and then down to street level. I felt I may have been slightly visible to people, like a ball of light, so what I would do is get going as fast as I possibly could and tease them. I was flying between 10 and 100 feet off the ground in populated areas. I noticed that some people, but not all, would see me as a flash fly right in front of them, but I was so fast, there was no way they were going to have time to contemplate what I may have been. Kind of like a “Did you see that?” “See what?” “Nevermind.” My favorite part was to accelerate as fast as I could go and then take abrupt turns, weaving in and out of buildings, cars, people, etc.

While I was doing this, I began to be engaged by something similar to me, another ball of energy that contained a personality. Our personalities or energies were magnetic and we attracted eachother, so as we were flying around, we’d use eachothers magnetic pull to either gain speed or change direction faster than what we could do alone. We eventually were so adept at it, I would say we became entangled. We did everything together.

After some time of this, I asked it where it was from. It said it was from some planetary system far away, but with the speeds we could attain, we could visit it.

In this mode of existance, planetary systems were not physical, they were collections of energy. This energy behaved magnetically, and personal attraction had lots to do with the polarity and force of fields that crossed your own. If you became entangled in a certain system, it was because your personality (magnetic field) was attracted to another’s.

After flying through the fields of space, a very strong and distant group of energy came into view. He said that ahead of us was where he was from. This system was made up of VERY large bundles of energy, dancing in the fields of space together. All around and through this system where energies of all colors, shapes and sizes. From this distance, the smaller energies were so numerous, it looked as if it was a fog in and through the large energies. As we got closer, we noticed these smaller energy clusters gathered around larger bodies. These clusters were made up of personailites similar to our own.

They seemed to be in line, one after the other were entering certain energy fields and being enveloped and taken up by these fields. Again, there were a handful of VERY LARGE fields with certain personality clusters waiting to enter specific fields. There were thousands if not millions of other clusters or individual energies in this system that were just floating through the area not entering the energy. It was only a small percentage (but still a very large number!) getting involved.

I asked my fellow energy personality where everybody was going. He told me there were entering the physical, most enroute to Earth. I became VERY interested in doing this myself, I was very excited. He said that he wasn’t so sure it was good idea. These personalities that get involved get addicted and are caught in the physical fields for a very long time before they return. He also told me that even though the physical was a unique experience in creation, it can be a miserable one as well. Though he was warning me of this, I was enamored. I could not resist this pull. I told him that I had to go. He again warned me against it, but I would not hear it.

There was a particular cluster that I was very interested in and began moving towards it. He told me “do not go to that one!” Again, I did not listen. He warned me again, even as my personality was being strongly attracted to it, “DO NOT GO TO THAT ONE!!!” I asked him “Why?” He replied “There are many fields that head to Earth, as does this one, but that one is different. They are going in with purpose, they are needed in the Earth system and no one ever comes back from that one. You will never be here again.” Then, without looking back, I joined the personalities cluster never to return.

Thought you’d find this one interesting!

Wake Induced Lucid Dream

Almost had a WILD last night. I’ve only had one before. For me this has been extremely difficult. For those of you who are not familiar with a WILD, basically it is going to sleep without losing consciousness and projecting right into the astral or lucid dream.
I was very tired, but held onto a trance meditation for about an hour. There are a couple stages I go through. The final stages just before projection is the most important and difficult.
While lying in your trance state, the start of your body preparing for sleep is marked by extreme total body aches. The impulse is to move your body into a more comfortable position. This is your bodies way of confirming you are mentally sleeping. If you don’t move, your body assumes your mind is asleep and begins the paralysis process. If you stay still and focused you won’t experience the paralysis as it sets in. You will experience numbness and weightlessness. These are your projection symptoms. Prepare yourself mindfully to stay calm and focused.
At this point, my wife moved on the bed and snapped me out of it! Over an hour of prep down the drain!
Anyway, during my previously successful WILD, at this point I becan hallucinating a dream like scenario and slipped into the dream. The lack of visuals in this latest attempt made me thing I was going to project into the RTZ. Anyway, that’s it. Hope for success next time!

On a lucid dreaming run!!!

Just a quick note… I have just had 5 of 5 nights of lucid dreaming.  Time to get some goals set because I am running around getting nothing done!!!

Successfully called for brother in lucid dream

Just had another lucid dream.  Description is hurried cause I wrote it at 5am after I woke up…

I was ww ii fighter pilot.  It was almost as if I was in a video game, but it was playing out for real… Time lines were WWII, 70’s and current day all wrapped into one.

After a mission, I went on R n R.  I was in what seemed to be a bar/restaurant in the daytime.  Met a couple other guys who were in the military.  We decided to go to a movie. The movie ended up being bowling alley. It was like I did time travel, had modern money at late 70’s bowling alley.  I was still a WWII pilot but was now with my wife Steph. We were wandering the halls of the bowling alley/arcade when I went lucid.  I knew there were some things I wanted to accomplish next time I went lucid and I was trying to remember what to do.  Then I remembered I wanted to meet up with my brother Chad.  Didn’t want to leave environment to go look for him, so I yelled out for him.

I’ve only done this a couple times and it is amazing what happens when you yell out to the dreamworld like this.  My voice was BOOMING.  It was like I was on a PA system.  When I yelled, everybody in the place looked at me and froze solid.  It was kind of intimidating.  Then, they got mad that I was calling out and were beginning to get aggressive.  I wasn’t scared of course, I was in a dream!  I told them that they also needed to call out to help and they did.  Soon after, I saw chad walking around looking for me.  We met each other, laughed, and hugged. I asked him if he was lucid and he said yes.  I said “Guess what I am in this dream?”  I rubbed my crew cut and told him to look at my uniform.  He still couldn’t figure it out so I yelled “Fighter pilot!”  He laughed.  Then we went to have a drink and I slowly began to get less lucid and began to fall back into dream. Sat down at crowded bar and then woke up.


Lucid Dream where I met Brian Watson

I won’t make this too long…  I had a dream where I was flying in commercial airliner with my wife.  Engines began to burn out and I knew we were going to crash.  I kept trying to calm my wife down, though she wasn’t getting too upset for she was unsure the plane was going down.  Well it took too long for the plane to crash which caused me to go lucid.  The plane ended up ditching into water next to coastline.  Everybody left plane and gathered on land.  I was lucid and tried to convince my wife of the fact.  She refused to believe we were sleeping.  I asked the people around me “Who believes we might be sleeping?”  Only one person raised his hand.  I asked him his name, where he was from and even his phone number.   His name was Brian Watson.  He was from North Carolina, but I believe was living in Pittsburgh now.  I do not remember his phone number though it did have 7’s and 3’s in it.

Nothing special really happened during dream.  I was just showing him how to stay well grounded in dream environment.


Spinning Dipoles Creating CHARGE and Klein Bubbles

I was asked to play in my lucid dream sandbox about this.So, I played last night in my sand box. I am getting ready for work, so I can’t write it out now, but I saw why this statement must be true. This is from the paper quoted.

[link to]
“An answer to “why no magnetic monopoles?” is now clear. So long as there were thought to
exist the electrical monopoles known as charges, a deep belief in symmetry demanded that we consider and look for magnetic monopoles. This study concludes that there are no electrical monopoles. To this extent, symmetry has been recovered.”

My study (hehe) also concluded there cannot be any monopoles. Monopoles instability actually LEADS TO dipoles. They either collapse, or form dipoles. (I need to explain why…but later) Funny, I am looking at the stuff they cannot see. It has to do with contained spin forms that are spiral. What creates the spin forms? Light. Light is the only TRUE constant, therefor there are no fluctuations in the speed of the spin. The only way for dipoles to remain absolutely stable like they do, is with an absolute constant defining it.

More later.

Also, I played for about 2 hours with Klein Bubbles. Awesome. You know what I requested to ‘see’? That’s right. Black holes. BTW, they come in all sorts of shapes, not merely spherical. I imagine the ones nested at the center of the galaxies must be mainly spherical…but, they are absolutely incredible things! I even experimented with a supernova entering a black hole. WHOA! The result the volume was annihilated, but the skin still existed, although very shriveled up and emaciated. For relation, the size of the volume would be a house, and the skin would be a quarter after the interaction and implode/explode of the two.

Also, I experimented with injecting a massive object into the Klein Bubbles, and it resulted in a Klein Bottle effect.
[link to]

Is the electron a photon with
toroidal topology?

[link to]
“Since matter is created from photons, and photons are entirely electromagnetic, it follows that matter is indeed made up of EM fields. They are arranged differently, in light and in particles.

I have found a way to arrange the EM fields to achieve the particle properties of charge, mass, angular momentum, spin, and stability. The paper is posted on arxiv under physics/0611266. The electron can be modeled as a dipolar B field that morphs into a toroidal E field, and back, at the Compton frequency. The electric and magnetic fluxes are
quantized. Precession of this spinning model about a different axis then creates “charge”. Mass is the encapsulated kinetic energy of these changing and spinning EM fields. Charge is created by a vxB mechanism of the spinning dipolar B field.”
[link to]

BTW, I wish I could express these visions more accurately, but it is extremely difficult in words.

Once again, the shapes are very similar to what Walter Russell was trying to express. In this video, you see two spiral forms mirroring each other. My vision was a little different, and more complex than this, but it will help visualization.


Instead of starting with two spins, start with one. And it is spinning FAST! The one begins extending, and as it extends its Spiraling Conical Filament, it actually creates the field it is formed in (torus shape). At the far end of the ‘invisible’ torus field, the extending SCF begins ‘bunching’ up and ‘mirroring’ the original spinning vortex. As the mirroring spinning vortex grows (it will eventually be the same size as the original), the two begin attracting together, and getting closer. As they get close, the amplitude is rising inside the two spiraling vortices, which creates an increase in repulsion. Then, they both stop attracting and stabilize at a particular distance apart. When I look close at the interaction, I notice there are streaks of multicolored light being emitted from between the two phased locked vortices. wtf

When I was doing the experiment, I couldn’t figure out what the slow colored lights were being emitted. It wasn’t until later today that I reread my posts, and realized what it had to be…CHARGE!

“Precession of this spinning model about a different axis then creates “charge”. Mass is the encapsulated kinetic energy of these changing and spinning EM fields. Charge is created by a vxB mechanism of the spinning dipolar B field.

The Template – The First Ceremony Intro

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