Monthly Archives: October 2008

I am Convicted

Everything that I do, think, and experience is mine, I own it, and no one can take it away from me.

That being said, the spiritual path, I believe, has to do with awakening parts of you that still slumber.  Those parts of me that I am not in conscious awareness of are mine and I’m going to go get them.  Whatever is the source that is keeping “knowing” from me will become my partner in exploration and will give way to my seeking.

That’s what will happen.

When I lose consciousness at night when going to sleep, no more, that consiousness is mine.

When we cannot remember our dreams, no more, those dreams are mine.

When I cannot have control of my etheric consciousness and participate in that Focus when I want, no more, those focal points are mine.

If I want to leave my body, I will.

When I want to rid myself of negative thoughts, I will.

When I want to shower the world with all the compassion and understanding I can muster, when I want to see the face of God in every individual, when I want to hear the symphonic tolling of the bantering of flowers in the breeze, when the counterproductive part of myself decides to participate in productivity, I will.

I am over the waiting.

This is mine and only mine.

And because I know this, God will giveth. I am convicted.


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