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Becoming a Vegetarian

Becoming a vegetarian stems for the most part as a result of a spiritual quest by an individual or a society who decides to stop eating meat. Progression of spirit NEVER involves BECOMING a meat eater. So, we can safely assume that consideration and implementation of becoming a non-meat eater is positive spiritual progression. As people on a spiritual path, becoming vegetarian is an unavoidable eventuality. Therefore, the sooner the better!

Now, the decision to become a vegetarian comes to the individual by two ways, one is from the IDEA that becoming a vegetarian will progress you spiritually (which is true), or the REALIZATION during your spiritual quest that you have no choice in the matter. If you are at a stage where the IDEA of it will progress you, there is some, or alot, of struggle with the task. If you are at a spiritual stage where you have come to the REALIZATION that there is no choice, then there is no conflict and no effort is involved.

I had no choice. Eating meat conflicts in totality with my evolution of spirit. The living world has become my bretheren, and I will not commit to the extraordinary Karmic debt for satisfying the illusion that I have a desire for meat.

As a spiritual being on a spiritual path, you have no choice. Concerning becoming a non-meat eater: you are on your path and you are nearing that crossing. Soon, you will not be considering this an option, for it won’t be an option. We are all on our chosen path and whether you decide to become a vegetarian now, or in your future, it is inevitable, and I am here today to tell you to let it go. No guilt, no question, no right or wrong, no desire, just a gentle letting go. Your family may not understand, and it shouldn’t be forced upon them. You are there to illustrate to them another state of being, and you are opening that door for them.

I have a complex idea behind Karmic debt, but to give it to you easily, this subject and action carries enourmous weight.

Let go, slowly at first if that’s what it takes, and without guilt (that is an accumulation of debt as well) and eventually, the Creators wind will gently remove it from your reach.

We are nearing time, and these questions will continue to demand answers from us. Answer them promptly and from the heart and lets begin to live this thing.

via One Planet, One Life & The Sixth Mass Extinction.


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