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Amun – An Ancient Aurora Filled Sky

Amun – An Ancient Aurora Filled Sky

Planetary chaos and intense geomagnetic storms encapsulated in the ‘king of the gods Amun.

Auroras are striking displays of coloured lights often seen over the Earth’s magnetic poles. They occur when the solar wind particles trapped by the Earth’s magnetic field collide with molecules of air in the upper atmosphere (ionosphere). They are a spectacular sight and take the form of rapidly shifting patches of colour and dancing columns of light of various hues. The colours observed depend on several factors such as atmospheric conditions, intensity of the solar wind, temperature and location. The aurora is always present in almost every area of the sky, but it is usually too faint to be seen except near the North and South Poles.

The intensity of the aurora is dictated by the solar wind, a stream of electrically charged particles from the Sun. When the solar wind blows exceptionally strong, the aurora increases. When the Sun is in the active phase it can unleash powerful magnetic storms that disable satellites, threaten astronaut safety, and even disrupt communication systems on Earth.

Amun is most commonly shown entirely in human form. Often he is standing or sitting on a throne wearing a red, flat-topped crown with two tall plumes and holding a sceptre in his hand. Thousands of images of Amun are to be found throughout the Pharaonic Egypt. The enormous temple complex of Karnak was the principal home of Amun where he was worshiped as the prominent divine entity. During the New Kingdom, his popularity eclipsed that of other major deities so much so he was referred to as the ‘king of the gods’.

The image on the left depicts Amun in typical form with blue skin, yellow kilt, and red flat-topped crown with tall plumes segmented into sections of blue, red and green (?). A thin yellow frame separates these ‘sacred’ colours. The Northern Lights photo on the right depicts a plumed or pillared aurora with similar colours i.e. mainly blue supported by green, red and a hint of yellow. Comparing Amun’s tall plumes with the aurora photo it is apparent they are clearly a symbolic representation of intense geomagnetic storms that dominated ancient skies.

Amun’s epithets are completely consistent with an aurora filled sky.

Mysterious of form
Who raised high the sky
The king of the south and of the north
Prince of rays and beams of light
The flame which sendeth forth rays of light with mighty splendour
Living flame who came forth from Nun
King of heaven, ruler of the two lands
Who makes light/gives free passage
Secret of manifestations and sparkling of shape
Marvellous god rich in forms
Light was his coming into existence on the first occasion

Amun’s colours were at times interchangeable. Although his flesh was predominantly blue (main sacred colour), some images reveal a red coloured flesh. His segmented plumes were sometimes coloured yellow or white, as too was his crown. The plumes were often depicted devoid of segments and were painted just one colour, normally yellow or white.

The main colours of the aurora are blue, yellow, red and green and any variants in Amun’s colours merely reflect the hues seen at the time which could change on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Sometimes red neon lights covered the entire sky, other times blue, green, yellow, white or a combination of all colours. The Egyptians reflected what they saw in their art.

The aurora manifests itself in many forms including homogenous arcs, bands, active arcs, rays, pillars, plumes, draperies (or curtains) and coronas. The aurora variations are reflected in the epithet which describes Amun as the ‘One creator who has millions of forms & transformations’.

Amun was also known as ‘the hidden one’ and the ‘one whose true form could never be known’. Such ‘hidden’ traits reflect the transparency of the aurora. Unlike the light emanating from the body of the Sun, the auroral light had no solid body or attributable physical ‘form’. In this respect the Egyptians had a blank canvass, and so chose to encapsulate the aurora as a human being adorning auroral hues and a plumed auroral crown.

The solar wind is deflected around the earth to form an enormous magnetotail which can extend more than 3,976,766 miles out into space. It is divided into two lobes, or tails, rising and setting in opposition to the Sun. Today it is invisible. From the point of view of Earth’s horizons it appeared as two mountains with the title ‘Lord of the Two Mountains’. Those electrical apparitions were also attributed to Amun. It’s probably why he wore two plumes on top of his crown and not one, or three.

During that period all close proximity planetary bodies exhibited highly visible electrical traits (this would include the cometary plumes of Comet Venus). These were all attributed to Amun. It is the very reason why the omnipresent Amun/aurora rose to prominence to become the ‘king of the gods’.

Perhaps 3,000 years of cosmic catastrophe is staring us in the face by way of every façade the length and breadth of the Nile Valley.



SDO Observes Massive Eruption, Scorching Rain

SDO Observes Massive Eruption, Scorching Rain

April 27, 2010: Just last week, scientists working with NASA’s new Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) released the most astonishing movies of the sun anyone had ever seen. Now, they’re doing it again.

“SDO has just observed a massive eruption on the sun—one of the biggest in years,” says Lika Guhathakurta of NASA headquarters in Washington DC. “The footage is not only dramatic, but also could solve a longstanding mystery of solar physics.”

Karel Schrijver of Lockheed Martin’s Solar and Astrophysics Lab is leading the analysis. “We can see a billion tons of magnetized plasma blasting into space while debris from the explosion falls back onto the sun surface. These may be our best data yet.”

A magnetic filament erupts on April 19th. The black “hair-like object” is a speck of dust on the CCD camera. Credit: SDO/AIA. 25 MB Quicktime movies: zoomed in or full disk.

The movie, recorded on April 19th, spans four hours of actual time and more than 100,000 km of linear space. “It’s huge,” says Schrijver. Indeed, the entire planet Earth could fit between the plasma streamers with room to spare.

Coronal rain. Encircled are two plasma streamers, one hitting the sun’s surface and another incoming behind it. Astronomers have seen eruptions like this before, but rarely so large and never in such fluid detail. As science team member Alan Title of Lockheed Martin pointed out at last week’s press conference, “no other telescope comes close to the combined spatial, temporal and spectral resolution of SDO.”

Schrijver says his favorite part of the movie is the coronal rain. “Blobs of plasma are falling back to the surface of the sun, making bright splashes where they hit,” he explains. “This is a phenomenon I’ve been studying for years.”

Coronal rain has long been a mystery. It’s not surprising that plasma should fall back to the sun. After all, the sun’s gravity is powerful. The puzzle of coronal rain is how slowly it seems to fall. “The sun’s gravity should be pulling the material down much faster than it actually moves. What’s slowing the descent?” he wonders.

For the first time, SDO provides an answer.

“The rain appears to be buoyed by a ‘cushion’ of hot gas,” says Schrijver. “Previous observatories couldn’t see it, but it is there.”

One of SDO’s game-changing capabilities is temperature sensing. Using an array of ultraviolet telescopes called the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA), the observatory can remotely measure the temperature of gas in the sun’s atmosphere. Coronal rain turns out to be relatively cool—”only” 60,000 K. When the rains falls, it is supported, in part, by an underlying cushion of much hotter material, between 1,000,000 and 2,200,000 K.

A color-coded temperature movie of the eruption. Red and oranges are cool (60,000 K – 80,000 K); blues and greens are hot (1,000,000 – 2,200,000 K). The black “hair-like object” is a speck of dust on the CCD camera. Credit: SDO/AIA. 25 MB Quicktime movie.

“You can see the hot gas in the color-coded temperature movie,” says Schrijver. “Cool material is red, hotter material is blue-green. The hot gas effectively slows the descent of the coronal rain.”

Dick Fisher, the head of NASA’s Heliophysics Division in Washington DC, has been working in solar physics for nearly forty years. “In all that time,” he says, “I’ve never seen images like this.”

“I wonder, what will next week bring?”

NASA Announces Wednesday Media Teleconference About Search For Extraterrestrial Life

NASA Announces Wednesday Media Teleconference About Search For Extraterrestrial Life

Dwayne Brown
Headquarters, Washington

Linda Billings
George Washington University, Washington

April 27, 2010 MEDIA ADVISORY : M10-064 NASA Announces Wednesday Media Teleconference About Search For Extraterrestrial Life WASHINGTON — NASA will hold a news media teleconference at 1:30 p.m. EDT, Wednesday, April 28, to discuss the status of agency-sponsored astrobiology research, including the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life and the study of how life began on Earth. Topics also will include the quest for evidence of life on Mars, the habitability of other celestial bodies, and future technology research.

This week, NASA and scientists from around the world are gathering at a biennial meeting near Houston to celebrate 50 years of astrobiology research. Astrobiology is the study of the origin, evolution, distribution and future of life in the universe. Scientists gathered to share new data and insights, initiate and advance collaborations, plan new projects, and educate the next generation of astrobiologists.

The teleconference participants are:
Mary Voytek, astrobiology senior scientist at NASA Headquarters, Washington
Steve Squyres, researcher, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.
Bill Schopf, researcher, University of California, Los Angeles
Jack Farmer, researcher, Arizona State University, Tempe, Ariz.
John Peters, researcher, Montana State University, Bozeman

To obtain call-in information, journalists should e-mail their name, media affiliation and telephone number to:
Audio of the teleconference will be streamed live on NASA’s website at:

For more information about NASA astrobiology activities, visit:
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Scientists confirm Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA

Scientists confirm Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA

Research findings continues work of DNA Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Francis Crick
by Peter Jiang and Jenny Li

Collaborative research from a gathering of exo-scientists postulate that there are genes from over 20 extraterrestrials civilizations in Human DNA. These exo-scientists have continued the work of Nobel Prize winner Dr. Frances Crick, and other scholars in this area. Current findings are consistent with reports of Professor Sam Chang, who discreetly released information on his own apparent findings, in association with the Human Genome Project. Scientists are beginning to complain more and more about political attempts to compromise the integrity of their important work for humanity. The discreet releasing of findings, is one apparent way in which scientists try to cope with scientific peer pressures to conform to prevailing political pressures.

Details of findings have been published in part, by Dr. Michael Salla, who is a learned scholar on extraterrestrial research. Exo-scientists and other researchers base their findings, in part, on carefully collecting data, which includes well corroborated documented observations by contactees and “whistleblowers”, as well as other documentation. These verified reliable sources have come into contact with representatives of non-Earth Human civilizations living in human populations at-large, and also in official capacities.

Francis Crick and partner, James Watson, startled the academic world in 1953 when they deciphered the structure of the DNA molecule.

“Exo-science” is the study of extraterrestrial phenomenon. “Exo-science” is further associated with “exopolitics” which embraces the need for humanity to have open contacts with Extraterrestrials on a representative democratic basis, that respects Earth’s sovereignty.

In today’s “global economy” an “official science” which denies the analytical study of spiritual phenomena, as a legitimate context for understanding human reality, has been created over time. The “science” which is legitimated by institutions that are closely linked to this “global economy”, tends to seek to analyse only certain aspects of ‘materiality’. Priorised subjects by this “official science” are limited to areas which complement the agenda of constituencies of individuals who seek to manipulate the “recognized” body of human knowledge for power and control. That scientific priorisation context, has notably sought to exclude extraterrestrial relationships to humanity, in order to keep humanity ignorant of its apparent potential “locked” heritage within its own DNA.

Dr. Francis Crick concluded Extraterrestrial orgins in the Human Genome, in relation to his well renown DNA research.

Indeed, efforts to seek a scientific context for the appreciation of spiritual phenomena, has also been frowned upon by the elites of institutionalized religions, which like “official science”, seek to control humanity within systems of accepted doctrine and dogma.

Collaborative exo-scientific research efforts inspired by Dr. Michael Salla, suggest that within the estimated over 20 types of extraterrestrial genes within human DNA, lies psycho-kinetic abilities associated with the genetic memories of ancient extraterrestrial races. These apparent psycho-kinetic abilities are associated with the focusing of the creative collective consciousness of be-ing in the universe.

These psycho-kinetic abilities, for example, could be viewed to manifest from time to time, when human beings in the process of trying to save another life, for example, have been recorded as executing, “great physical and other acts” which seem to go beyond the realm of understanding by “official science”. The recorded healing abilities which individuals, for example, in aboriginal communities across the world have demonstrated in relation to their spirituality, which had also been recorded of Jesus, could be viewed to be associated with accessing this DNA “memory”. “Official science” which seeks to complement the interests of various companies who seek to commercially profit from drugs and other therapies, has apparently sought to deny the awesome potentials of humanity for an elevated quality-of-living, by accessing an apparent E.T. DNA memory.

There have been eyewitness accounts globally, including the broadcasted video footage of professional broadcasters, by millions of people of apparent extraterrestrial spacecraft. Exo-scientists indicate that this is because “these Extraterrestrials have sought to observe, or intervene on Earth, as a result of human beings having the genetic footprints of their ancient forbearers.” It is important to note that exo-scientists do not claim that all extraterrestrials observed by humanity, do so because of a genetic association with humanity, although “genetics” is a reported prime motivation.

Earth, therefore, appears to represent a “strategic genetic frontier”, between scientifically ascertained extraterrestrials who “seeded”, Earth, and other extraterrestrials with varying genetic agendas.

The existence of diverse ethno-racial communities of humanity on Earth, perhaps, provides a further visible appearance of extraterrestrial (E.T.) ‘genetic communities’. African tribes, including the Dogon, notably, cite evidence of having origins from races of “supernatural creatures that came down from the sky.”

Evidence and testimony on the original “seeding” of Earth by spiritually-inspired, ethical Extraterrestrials

Exo-scientists indicate that ‘ethical’ Extraterrestrials inspired the communalistic and environmental protection oriented philosophies of Native-Canadian, African, and other tribes.

The knowledge of astrological facts within diverse tribal communities is associated with claims of extraterrestrial contact long before modern astronomy, further corroborates exo-scientific claims of evidence of extraterrestrial contact in Human DNA.

Aboriginal tribes in the Americas, Africa, and elsewhere embraced the “animistic” spirituality of the original reported spiritually and technologically advanced human and other extraterrestrials who “seeded” Earth. These tribes were apparently inspired by original constituents of human and other extraterrestrials to be custodians of “Mother Earth”, and to live in harmony and balance with nature.

.Then came reported genetic and cultural manipulation by competing extraterrestrial interests

Exo-scientists suggest that subsequent interventions on Earth by other extraterrestrials, largely sought to manipulate Earth humans genetically, technologically, and also by dysfunctionally inspiring religious dogma, and accompanying rituals. Apparently, these extraterrestrials performed ‘great feats’ in order to be worshipped as ‘gods’. The reported next step was to provide technology to these Earth humans so that these humans could create impressive looking “rich” structures of religious worship, laid with gold and other mined mineral resources, of religious worship to these extraterrestrial ‘gods’. This corrupting of human spirituality, would further dysfunctionally inspire crass materialism. This apparent influence is shown in structures which include the Great Pyramids, Temples, and into other religious structures which include Churches. Dr. Salla’s and other exo-scientific work, further attests to this milieu.

“…Hopi Indians [in the western U.S.] speak of how the ‘Star Beings’ could travel about the skies in beams of light like the sun, but in the blackness of night. Stories like these are identical to what I’ve personally heard an African medicine men (shaman) claim. Same exact scenario, that before the missionaries came onto the scene, it was also common place among all tribes and shaman that our orgins were from “out there”…” . Reference:

These religious structures became centres in the creation of competing rituals and dogma between different “E.T. cult” groups. As these religious structures became of increasing importance as centres of communities, bigotries in turn, were cultivated by the elite emissaries of the manipulative “Extraterrestrial gods” and were used to successfully pit one group of humanity against the other.

According to collaborative exo-scientific research, led by Dr. Salla, alleged manipulative E.T. groups provided Earth Humans with advanced technology, to further instil an agenda of control against willing Earth elites, who were indoctrinated by these “gods”. The creation of technology would also be used to inspire the creation of weapons of war, in which wars would be waged in the name of defending “religious” systems, in turn guided by Extraterrestrial “gods” who sought to “divide and rule”. The manipulative Extraterrestrials sought to create false gods in their own image.

“The purpose of these “false gods” was to repress the development of a collective consciousness among Earth Humans, based upon the founding universal conventions.” Also according to the collaborative research of exo-scientists, “the purpose of the creation of systems of religious dogma was designed to instil petty hatreds and antagonisms that would repress “the conventions of peace, love, and wisdom, (which was attributed to the creation of our universe), and which would have otherwise protected Earth Humans from being exploited, as a genetic and overall planetary resource.”

Some of these Extraterrestrials, which apparently included Human Extraterrestrials who rebelled against the communal spirituality and “free will” ethic of original Human Extraterrestrials who had “seeded” Earth, reportedly simply sought to exploit the Earth for its mineral resources. According to the exo-scientific research findings of Dr. Salla, “Other rebelling materialistic-oriented working groups of Human and other E.T., viewed Earth Humans to be useful specimens to be incorporated in genetic experimentation programs.”

Apparently, socially conscientious Extraterrestrials, according to the collaborative research findings of Dr. Salla and exo-scientists “fearing the implications to manipulative Extraterrestrials genetically influencing Earth humans into becoming barbarians like Genghis Khan or Adolf Hilter, sought to “seed” “star children”.” These “star children” were “seeded” into humanity without the apparent knowledge of the Earth humans they came into contact with, to help, in the apparent view of Extraterrestrials to “elevate and inspire the socially creative potentials of humanity.”

Notwithstanding this, ‘ethical Extraterrestrials’ according to representation by contactees, abide by strict “Galactic community” directives of non-interference on Earth, including the non-execution of “genetic experiments”. However, Exo-scientists indicate that the “crop circles” phenomena is a notable example of mostly “ethical Andromedans” seeking to inspire humanity in the form of crop circle messages.

Modern Earth Human DNA therefore reportedly has the genetic memories which are associated with origins of Humanity in the universe as part of a diaspora of “over 130 billion human beings”, and a subsequent millennia of uncoerced biological contact, and also the coerced biological experimentation with a mix of Extraterrestrials. These are some of the understandings at which one arrives, as a result of the pioneering work of some diligent researchers. These researches notably includes Francis Crick.

Exo-scientists are critically inspired by the work of Dr. Francis Crick. In his book Life Itself: Its Origins and Nature (1981), Crick — a Nobel prize-winner and the co-founder of the shape of the DNA molecule — claimed an advanced civilisation transported the seeds of life to Earth in a spacecraft. Nobel laureate Dr. Francis Crick who posits an extraterrestrial origin for life on Earth, is not alone in this viewpoint within the scientific community. The same year that Life Itself was published (1981), Sir Fred Hoyle authored Life from Space, in which he took essentially the same position. In fact, in an article that year in Nature, he wrote:

“The likelihood of the formation of life from inanimate mater is one to a number with 40,000 noughts after it…. It is big enough to bury Darwin and the whole theory of evolution. There was no primeval soup, neither on this planet nor on any other, and if the beginnings of life were not random, they must therefore have been the product of purposeful intelligence.” (Hoyle: 1981, 294:148).

Dr. Hoyle opted for a kind of pantheistic intelligence that created life spores in other parts of the Universe, with these spores ultimately drifting to Earth to begin life as we know it. Because of the tremendous (and impressive) complexity of life-and the obvious design behind it — other scientists who challenge “official science” supported by political elites, are beginning to endorse this conclusion as well. Leslie Orgel, one of the well-researched heavyweights in origin-of-life experiments, is also on record as advocating this scientific position (1982, pp. 149-152).

Like the issue of Global Warming, and on-going Ozone Layer depletion, non-dogmatic scientists have blamed political elites for ignoring clear evidence of the Non-Earth origins of human beings.

Dr. Francis Crick was one of the two scientists who discovered the structure of DNA during the 1950s. Certainly an important discovery in the history of science, this came after lengthy research and a great pooling of information and expertise. Crick won the Nobel Prize for his work. Dr. Crick applied the same rigorous disciplinary standards to his Extraterrestrial origins findings.

In his book Life Itself, Dr. Crick said that creatures from another solar system brought the seeds necessary for life to lifeless planets and, thanks to their kind intervention, life began here.

Nobel Laureate Dr. Crick’s work, is consistent with the apparent findings of “Professor Sam Chang” of the Human Genome Project, who has been credited for seeking to release scientific findings concerning evidence of Extraterrestrial contact in Human DNA.

Dr. Michael Salla, and other associated extraterrestrial researchers make representation that our universe was born as an expression of a “collective consciousness”. Dr. Michael Salla specifically documents that ‘black holes’ were an entry point for beings and other entities who came together to spawn our universe. Furthermore, Dr. Salla’s exo-scientific documentation also indicates that these beings and other entities, sought to inspire ‘the universe’ into existence, as an ‘experiment’, based on principles of “Free Will”. That is to say, all beings and other entities are represented as having sought to be a part of the genesis of ‘the universe’ without any coercion. The collective consciousness of the universe is deemed to have manifested in the thoughts, feelings, and sensations of be-ings, who spawned ‘the universe’. Therefore, the universe would expand as an expression of this consciousness.

Exo-scientists indicate that the Pleiadians are from a star system called Pleiades. This star system is a small cluster of seven stars located in the Constellation of Taurus the Bull. This star system is a small cluster of seven stars located in the Constellation of Taurus the Bull; it is 500 light years from planet Earth. Exo-scientists claim that Pleiadians are a humanoid race that visits Earth often and whom exo-scientists also claim we share a common ancestry.

Billy Meier indicates that he maintains contacts with the Pleiadians. He has provided corroborated evidence of having extraterrestrial contact to scientists. Mr. Meier indicates that ‘Pleiadians’ call themselves Plejaren (pronounced pleh-yar-en) according to their system, which bears the name Plejaren. Reference:, and

“In the beginning, Earth was colonized by E.T. races, including human, insectual, botanical and reptilian species interests.” Dr. Salla’s collaborative team of exo-scientists indicate. Land continents first supporting advanced human colonies were Lemuria and Poseidia (Atlantis) “which sank over 23,000 years ago.”

Many African tribes have linked their origins with Lemuria.

Dr. Salla’s accounts indicate that “Each Universe is represented as a kind of living organism.” The collective consciousness of this particular universe is represented is having been inspired by principles of peace, love, and wisdom, associated with “Free Will”. But, because of the other polarity of fear which the original beings and other entities allegedly agreed to experience, the universe has also experienced “extremes of war, hate, and destruction.”

The critical exo-scientific study of the universe, thus requires a holistic sensitivity to contexts of analysis associated with consciousness, which has been divested from “official science”. Therefore, prevailing scientific paradigms on Earth retard the body of human knowledge from a full appreciation of the complexity of human experiences, in the broader context of the universe.

If spirituality is indeed a real phenomenon in the universe, then a critical context for science must endeavour to appreciate it, into a potential integral part of human knowledge and understanding.

Exo-scientific research testifies to Earth Humans having originated in the Lyra system of the universe. Lyrans apparently grew into Sirian, Arcturian, Antarian, Pleaidian, Andromedan, Cignus Alphan, Alpha Centauri, Sagittarius A & B, and Cassiopia.

“One of the first ‘contactees’ to describe Lyra was Billy Meier who received much public attention as a result of his alleged visits from Pleiadians from 1975 to 1986, Mr. Meier supported his representation with material evidence that continues to confound those sceptical of Mr. Meier’s claims.”

“Comprehensive investigations by a number of individuals and organizations found that Meier’s evidence was not fabricated and therefore constituted significant support for his testimony of extraterrestrial contact.” Dr. Salla, and other researchers document. Due to the amount of physical evidence he had provided over the years, Meier has gained great credibility, and the consistency and coherence of his testimonies suggest that he is indeed an important spokesperson for an extraterrestrial race.

Dr. Salla and other associated researchers also document that, “In a 1998 interview, Clifford Stone, a retired US army Sergeant who served in the US Army for 22 years, in association with other interviews, confirms the existence of extraterrestrials, who are ‘human’ and “can easily integrate with human society”; and are visibly “indistinguishable from the rest of humanity”. These officials also indicated that “These races are described to be from star systems such as Lyra, Pleiades, Sirius, Procyon, Tau Ceti, Ummo, Andromeda and Arcturus, and who have provided some of the genetic material for the seeding of humanity on Earth.”

Exo-scientists claim that the Pleaidians are our far distant first cousins and ancestral forbearers of some of our races. The Pleaidians are also descendants of the Lyrans who came from Lyra in spacecraft. The Lyrans would send down scout teams consisting of scientists and engineers and agricultural specialists to explore the surface of possible habitable planets and to explore them and return data and information to the mothership. One of these planets apparently included Earth. Each planet was explored and based upon its unique nature, colonies were then sent down to settle. It is in this way that the Pleaidians are so interested in our world and humanity on Earth. Exo-scientists claim that Pleaidians have been visiting Earth for at least 79,743 years.

Exo-scientists also further claim that they are very similar in many ways to humans beings on Earth, however, they are emotionally and spiritually more evolved than Earth humans are at this time. But Dr. Salla’s and other associated exo-science researchers indicate that “they too have gone through their growing pains, as Earth humans are going through them right now.” Dr. Salla and other learned exo-scientists in association with contactee further claim “Pleaidians have made attempts to share with us the benefits of their experience. So we ourselves don’t have to experience the same kinds of setback and possible destructions, but at present, not enough people on Earth are listening.”

“As the human race fragmented in the universe, genetic clusters of humanity moved, travelled, and settled many different planets in many systems as space travel evolved. Humans became aware of other planetary civilizations in these systems. Different cultures meet and grew. Belief systems clashed or spread. New thoughts of philosophy or technologies came into being. Humanity was evolving. A very strong social community developed between all in the Lyra System. Exo-scientists also further testify that “The Lyrans were a very peaceful race on the whole,” Dr. Salla and associated exo-scientists further document.

“The Lyrans learned to adapt to virtually all of the planetary environments that they settled. They learned to live in complete harmony with their respective planets. They developed agricultural communities that were literally awesome. They were not only efficient and could feed billions of beings, but it was actually enhancing the planet itself and creating an even wealthier environment. All aspects of life seem to benefit from the Lyran’s commitment to be at one with their home planets.”

At the same time, the life expectancy living in planets without the kind of pollution, and social oppression on Earth is represented by exo-scientists as apparent “being much higher than on Earth.”

These particular communities of Human Extraterrestrials represented themselves to exo-scientists as having economic systems that “were not in service of self, and having a community-ethic “beat as one heart, and shared and moved in the same direction as a whole and would try to make sure that none of their race would lag or fall too far behind the whole.” In other words, “The needs of the many, out weigh the needs of the few.” They were an incredible role model for all humanity that followed to this present moment.

Earth scientists who have sought to collaborate with the prevailing capitalist system of selfishness and greed, inherited by manipulative Extraterrestrials, would not seek to make humanity aware of such a cultural-genetic lineage. In the view of these scientists who have been co-opted from the dogma of political economic power, such awareness would inspire Earth humans into alternatives to capitalism, which would better facilitate their pursuit of an elevated quality-of-living for all.

Such Establishment scientists are not genuine searchers for critical information, but instead seek to spread a disinformation agenda. They have also been deployed to execute an apparently useful tactics by manipulative extraterrestrial “gods”.

“The Pleaides is an open star cluster consisting of 254 stars and many times that planetary bodies. Many of the stars are very young. This is located in the constellation of Taurus”, exo-scientists say.

Three of the star systems have human life as we know it, the most advanced is the system of Taygeta. And the other is the system of Taro which circles Alcyone. Most of the Pleaidians look like us in both size and stature, build, colour of hair, and in other ways.

Exo-scientists indicate that Pleaides life spans specifically also apparently far exceed human beings on Earth. Pleaides technology has made it possible to travel anywhere in our Universe at speeds faster than the speed of light. “They are capable of using the Earth’s oceans for undersea operations,” Dr. Salla documents, in association with other extraterrestrial researchers.

Apparently Pleaidians are very concerned about our misuse for our sciences today on Earth, and are correspondingly concerned “that we have completely lost our spiritual center or harmony with our sciences.” They have no use for money, politics and religious rituals and doctrines, which are used my manipulative elites on Earth. The Pleaidians “as our most benevolent races who have visited Earth, are worried, that we will destroy our planet and ourselves.”

All Earth’s languages are derived from an ancient Pre-Sumerian language which Exo-scientists report “was spoken in Lyra and in the Pleaides. The Pleaidians as well as other groups have left descendants on the Earth in the past.” They have said they are willing to help us but not to the point of changing our own evolution and then therefore becoming responsible for us as a race. They say we create our own future as we go, and that we need to correct our own mistakes ourselves or suffer because of them.

Humanity and the origins of the universe associated with creative collective consciousness

The original Lyran extraterrestrials who apparently “seeded” Earth, were inspired by a consciousness associated with a spirituality, that grounded their sciences into humanistic dimensions of service to the “greater good”, in contrast with elite-driven greed on Earth. Lyrans apparently refer to the collective consciousness of love, peace, and wisdom which inspired the universe as the Isness (G-d).

The “worship” of the Isness (G-d) is silent and solitary; free from all self seeking. There are no priests nor “saviours” authorized to come between a human being as a ‘soul’ and our collective consciousness in the universe. In the Lyran documented existential context, “each experience is personal, different than another and should not in any way be meddled with or judged. Each soul should become conscious of the divinity that is itself. “The Lyrans sought to create no shrines, no temples except nature itself, and the process of humankind caretaking nature, as an infinitely spiritual exercise of being. Be a real, natural, human beings,” Dr. Salla and other colleagues document. In the Lyran system of social ethics and spirituality, real faith may not be formulated in creeds, as have been taught by manipulative extraterrestrials who have sought to condition humanity as servants associated with systems of repressive dogma. These Lyrian social ethics apparently include according the alleged representations between Adromedans and Alex Collier, the rejection of “saviours”, and “messiahs” who have been used by “manipulative ETs to undermine the vital sense of social and environmental responsibility among Earth humans, for each other. The apparent idea in the undermining system, was to get Earth humans to throw their arms in the air waiting to be saved or liberated by a saviour, as elites oppressed and pillaged.

“In the Lyran apparent scientific appreciation of our universe the “Isness” as the expression of the collective consciousness of the universe, is only interested in your intent, the path of your heart,” Dr. Salla also documents. A civilization of beings can, for example, choose a relative path of evolution associated with an affirmed quality-of-living for all, accompanied with spiritual renewal, or pursue a ‘regressive’ “de-evolutionary” path of greed, and oppressive power, as Earth’s elites, which eventually results in self-destruction.

Indeed, The work of Erich von Däniken and former NASA research consultant and scientist Richard C. Hoagland reveals definitive proof of apparently self-destroyed civilizations on Mars. The surface of Mars shows Great Pyramid structures similar to Earth.

Humanity on Earth realising potentials for elevating quality of living from a course of on-going self-destruction, can be potentially achieved by OUR coming to grips with apparent evidence of Extraterrestrial contact in Human DNA. Humanity on Earth apparently needs to vitally re-integrate spirituality as a component in the scientific appreciation of the universe, that in turn, is vital to “unlock” the hidden potential for an elevated quality-of-living.

Humanity on Earth, also apparently needs to use the core spirituality of its own be-ing, to overcome any genetic contact with apparently competing manipulative interests, who according to Dr. Salla and other colleagues, have sought to sabotage human potential.

Coronal Hole Pointing Towards Earth

CORONAL HOLE: A dark hole has formed in the sun’s atmosphere. NASA’s STEREO-B spacecraft photographed it just hours ago:

It’s a “coronal hole,” a vast region where solar magnetic fields have opened up and allowed some of the sun’s atmosphere to escape. The runaway atmosphere is heading our way in the form of a solar wind stream. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras when it arrives on or about May 3rd.

Alex Collier Conference January 2010 part 1of3 Video

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Beyond the Ego

“’You have to surrender to achieve balance,’ she said (Sheila).  Human beings have been ‘socialized to be in control’ in the daytime.  ‘That’s daytime control,’ she added.  ‘Nighttime you surrender for that perfect balance.’”
– John E. Mack, “Abduction” – 1994 pg 87
I understand the necessity of the ego.  We need to learn how to control the ego, to get over the negative aspects it generates and go beyond.  Once that is accomplished by experience, we can begin to understand the derogatory results of following its demanding, rather than passive, influence.  Jealousy, anger, resentment, revenge… fear.  At the end of experiencing these emotions that are attributable to the ‘negative’ aspects of Ego, we begin to see, to know through experience, the futility of manifesting negative aspects of this hemi-sphere of influence.  This particular half of the dualistic sphere of nature is founded upon and perpetuated by Fear and is realized to be regressive in form as it is a self defeating psychology.  But, in the real world, what is there is there.  The self depreciating avenues of Ego do in fact exist in everyday life and there seems to be no way to circumvent these avenues.  So on our travels through life do we pretend these psychological manifestations of negative behavior do not exist?  No!  I am not saying that these emotions should be ignored, or swept under the rug.  That is not a healthy existence, for the denying of something that is so obviously an integral part of our living does not cease it to be, it only represses the growth process that your life is in need of at your current place in existence, in life.  They must be experienced as lessons.  Then, the difficult task of attaining wisdom through knowledge experienced can be reflected upon.  Only then can the uniquely personal learning processes of how to go beyond the generated fear perspective to a balanced state of our dualistic construct of the universe contained within the ego/spirit (body/mind) be transformed and nullified (not ignored!).  As the fear is transformed, understanding and reflection of the true nature of ego can then become the tools that are structured – and with that knowledge experienced, hopefully manifested properly into your life – to further your spiritual growth on the path to service-to-others.  On the STO path the ego influences have the opportunity to first be neutralized, then transformed, then manifested as motivation, drive, passion, wisdom, all without the deceitful and manipulating vices that were initially born through the illusory demands propagated through fear.  It is these ‘negative’ aspects of the ego influence that must be lessened, or rendered inactive, in our lives, not the ego itself.  As these negative aspects are released and understood in a healthy fashion, positive aspects are further discovered, learned, attained, and expounded upon because reflection on those negative aspects will now dissolve their opaqueness and reveal them to be regressive in the life experience.
So, do not try to put your ego away.  Don’t try to push it down.  It is a natural process.  In natural processes, the harder you try to push something away, the harder it is to push away.  Recognition of its process and the emotions that it brings forth must be experienced, but without dwelling on it.  In no way does that connotate ignorance.  Rather, it is recognizing the thought energy (because you have experienced it before) and not manifesting action upon its negative influence.  There is a practice during meditation whereby a thought, like background chatter, makes a supreme effort to come to the forefront of awareness.  It is the practice of the individual meditating to prevent it from hooking onto your consciousness.  The person meditating does not dwell on it.  It passes through, recognized but untouched, and upon coming out of meditation there is no remembrance of what those thoughts actually were.  This balancing of the egotistic mind is part of the process of awakening.  Awareness of our eternal selves no matter the form is being reached for without the negative aspects of the Ego that has for so long controlled our actions and blocked this awareness from developing.  Spiritual growth is the ability to transcend dualism.  It is not the ability to push it away.  Through the process of knowledge experienced can the ability to foresee what lies ahead of your own actions be reflected upon.  A very important statement though fraught with paradox.  The reason for the paradox; we have yet to awaken.
The time fast approaches to redefine the ego-self.  This will be a difficult shift for the forces of everyday living in materialism and capitalism (both should be viewed as neutral constructs of developing societies) that have restricted the casting off of unnecessary Service-to-Self ego patterns developed by the acted-upon influence of fear that subsume so many.  These patterns have unfortunately been rooted into most aspects of modern human relations and are being fomented greatly due to the advent of the ‘I Want/Need That’ generation currently governing global economies.
            Realization of this redefining of the ego is a central theme in gaining insight into ways of achieving mastery of certain divine practices and, perhaps more importantly, dissolving fear based paradigms.  The difficulty for most is placing this new paradigm onto the avenues of today’s worldview without causing extreme dissonance to daily living.  All growth is taken in harmonic (non-interfering) steps.  By placing one foot in front of the other, dissonance is replaced with resonance.  The farther the journey of life-in-awareness is traveled, the more the steps will fall into place seemingly of their own volition.   
Imagine societies living in a state of Service-to-Others as all people have redefined the long held perspective that Service-to-Self is not the answer.  This grand vision of people living and working for others, for the common good of societies in whole, cannot manifest when a small percentage of people still live and work as Service-to-Self.  The destructive patterns inherent in Service-to-Self ideologies, patterns of manipulation and falsehoods, would easily trump those who are living in Service-to-Others.  There would be only one true way of diverting Service-to-Self, and that is: transparency.  True transparency of all records and agendas contained within societies would be mandatory for all societal endeavors.  And all endeavors are for the purpose of expanding life with an enlightened mindset that we are all of one.  The future fallacies that evolve from hidden motives and manipulative agendas will no more dominate, for they are exposed from the first manifestation of thought in those not enlightened enough to grasp and contain the awesome responsibility that would spring forth from this vision.  Everyone, every idea, is put forward not for one’s own self gain, but the gain for the entirety of humankind.  Service-to-Self would dissolve as soon everyone would have what they desire in the Service-to-Others ideology.
            That single card of ascension, transparency, will be the cornerstone of the new world.  Just that one idea would change the world, change human life; it would catapult us into the second Garden of Eden.  That transparency will occur when the human species comes to know, through an expanded awareness of life, that we are all One and the same without separation from ourselves, or the universe we are a part of.  This may sound like some grand notion beyond the Egocentric infested mind of the human collective.  But I tell you this: this awareness of transparency is now in the process of being realized as a Collective Conscious.  At its base simple beginnings we can see it in our global communications systems.  We have the ability to access massive amounts of individual thoughts and feelings contained within an ideological bubble of people as easily as accessing the web.  It is getting more and more difficult for persons of the old manifesto to keep their secrets, keep their populace from knowing what is going on in the world by censoring media.  For in the very censoring of that global media to certain peoples is an act of deceit which the victims will not stand for.  As we have seen so recently in places like Venezuela, Russia, Pakistan.
            In order to reach this early state of transparency, individuals must be open to the idea and acknowledge the base truth of where this ideal must sprout from, and gain its momentum from.  This first stage, first step, is the most difficult and trying stage of Global Consciousness due to the strength of the individual ego that we as humans indoctrinate our youth into.  And later in life the conscious effort of absolving egocentric acts becomes much more difficult to practice.   The surrendering of egocentric behavioral patterns during the daily routines of work and relationships and the consequences assured to ensue, runs counterproductive and counterintuitive to the reality of the business world.
How can we come to practice this weaning away from the Service-to-Self fear based paradigm that our global cultures resonate with, without the consequences of inevitable job instability and loss of income that the majority of us would experience if a decision were made to release our oh-so-important ego from our daily activities?  Well, a different environment is needed, a different place that we could practice and actually experience the process without jeopardizing our livelihoods.  Where…?  What are you talking about?  I am telling you that that ideal environment resides close to your spirit… in lucid dreams.
            Experiencing this awakening awareness, you will begin to realize, is a gradual process.  The concepts are too evolved for the human condition to make in one leap.  It is structured to be taken in steps.  And as each successful step is reached and consciously manifested into your daily life, the next step is realized as possible and attainable… and taken.  And as each step attained is further built upon, new doorways of enlightenment will open before you.  And soon it is discovered that the steps and doorways are never-ending.

Only a Surfer Knows the Feeling

Liquid energy rolling across enormous distances, virtually unimpeded until a final expenditure and release of force upon the sands of the shoreline; the eternal stampeding of wild white horses.  These immense frequency oscillations nestle themselves into masses of liquid.  Swells roaming the oceans and seas of our world, gathering their watery life force; the ‘wind swells’ from distant storms or blowing fronts, and powerfully birthed ‘ground swells’ from movements of underwater land masses.  The energy structured in the seemingly infinite molecules making up the seas, moving forward from oceanic horizon where a watery line meets its sky. 
It is true; only a surfer knows the feeling.  It is one of supreme comfort, a moment of living in the Now, riding the moving hills or the colossal mountainside faces of waves.  Waves – truly alive like nothing else on the earth.  Powerful.  Beautiful.  Completely silent until the release of energy slams down on the beach shallows.  The surfer accelerates as the breaking wave pulls water from the shoreline, racing over the shallows back out to sea, in an effort to sustain its compacting energy.  The force embodied in the elemental begins folding over on itself as it rolls over the increasingly shallow ocean bottom; the sandy bottom creating a drag on the lower frequency oscillation of the wave while the higher oscillation is free to keep its momentum.  The liquid – bound to the laws of physics – begins losing its ability to contain the energy.  The wave frequency is being ripped apart.  Movement.  Compression.  Energy releasing through the water as it violently impacts back onto itself.  This releasing of energy generates numerous powerful underwater vortexes as the wave thunders down upon itself in an immediate need to dissipate the chaotic release of energy.  Underwater turbulence.  Physical.  Powerful.  Violent. 
The surfer rides the structured wave form, its energy releasing as a constant white-water explosion chasing the surfer from behind.  The process of being enveloped inside a living liquid vortex of nature is a lesson in Zen, a lesson in Tao.  A timeless passage of right.  All structures and concepts of time are impossibly compressed.  All past memories, all of the plans or worries of the future are but transitory illusions from living in our societies.  All unimportant now.  The wave is transforming energy through the immediate surroundings, and the surfer’s awareness is fixed on that dynamic wall of water. 
The moment of getting ‘barreled’ – if you let me slip into my native tongue – is a moment of existing as one with the universe.  It is a region in the Now, immobile yet accelerating.  A region of polar duality.  The center of the vortex.   The surfer has arrived, both internally and externally, to a state of rigpa.  Rigpa is a state of being that does not reside in a particular place for it is always moving, forever in motion.  Changing.  It is the form of perfection.  And yet there is always a center point.  Dualism has not been separated; it has been built upon and transcended by the correct placement of consciousness obtained through the awareness and actions of a conscious mind and body.  The surfer need not move.  The surfer is in a state of supreme grace perfectly balanced inside the paradoxical universal serenity of structured wave stability and its violent structural collapse.  A universe formed and living through the antithema of polarity.  There is no thought.  There is no sound.  There is vast movement though the surfer’s mind and body are still.  Their work is done; they have placed an individual consciousness in the proper place in time and space.  There is only the Now.  It is a successful merging of body, mind and wave energy.  The Now is being expressed as existing one with nature, of being a culmination of many energies manifesting as one entity immersed in a natural vortex, the end stage of the wave, a tunnel of air wrapped with energy imbued liquid.   Accelerating to a close… Right before our eyes.

The Missing Bedroom Door

The goals of my life strike not a common chord.  So tension and frustration make up the tongue that licks my wounds.  Though these goals come from inner thoughts, they lie outside the common social structure and evolve from feelings deeper than the myopic soup of collective population…
…Thoughts of prayer, not towards one’s self, but towards others…
…Thoughts of unselfish sacrifice, no matter how small…
…Thoughts of visitors in deepest night, coloring life…
Walk through life with head raised high, but without pride.  Voice loud, without hate.  My spirit learning values of Love through experiences of pain.  Teaching others to live life without animosity.
I have lived many lives compacted into this one lifetime.  Now, writing this at a time when I have gathered so much around me, I am still pursuing my other lives.  Lives that I have lived but have yet to remember.  That sounds so strange, and yet that is how my life has been.  Strange.  Vast.  Isolated in my thought patterns as most philosophers and writers are. 
            Where does that feeling of not belonging stem from?  I have no idea.  There was no catalyst in early childhood that would explain my aberrance to the idea of how our governments execute policies, or the ‘zombie’ like work force of the modern day.  At least there was no catalyst in the contextual framework of the Information Age Paradigm that I grew up in.  But there were episodes or events outside that paradigm that had shifted my thinking, drawing my personal understandings of life into a myriad of exotic conjectures that no one other than my identical twin brother could relate to.  Though as I grew older my father became less conservative and we have, and still do, enjoy immensely our endless ramblings of a convoluted universe, to borrow Dolores Cannon’s perfectly defined term of reality.
            Will, my identical twin brother, and I began experiencing strange phenomena when we were pre-teens which greatly contributed to our growing discomfort in adhering to the conformity of the day.  There was something more to this life than just what we were being taught.  From radio dials on FM radio bands changing without anyone around (this was before everything became digitized, so the dial had to be turned physically) to an incident with a ghost sighting in our house.  Funny noises like pots and pans crashing in the kitchen, but when investigated nothing was out of place and our dogs didn’t even wake up.  Waking in the nighttime unable to move, scared, trying desperately to scream and wake up Mom or Dad sleeping just a short hallway away.  Waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to find the bedroom door or a light switch.
            Actually the missing bedroom door is a good story as it involves both Will and I, each confirming that the incidents had indeed occurred and were not some sleepwalking episodes.  It went something like this…
            When Will and I were young, perhaps 11years of age I would guess, we had unusual experiences during the night time hours.  One of significant importance was being lost inside our bedroom.  It must sound strange, yet this is exactly the dilemma we had experienced a number of times during our youth. 
It would start as either Will or I would have to get out of bed late in the night.  Say for example, to go use the bathroom. There was an inherent knowledge of where the bedroom door is located do to the fact that we rarely, if ever, switched beds from one side of the room to the other.  As you would walk into the bedroom, I would always sleep on the right-hand side, Will the left.  As you walked into the bedroom you would see on the east wall, the same wall the bedroom door is located, our closet which was lengthy, but shallow in depth.  Following your gaze counter counter-clock wise, you find on the northern wall a window that looked out onto Ridge Blvd. with my bed underneath.  Always there was a faint light shining through due to the street lamps that automatically turned on after dark.  Circling round, on the west wall was a smaller window looking out towards our neighbor.  It was centered between Will’s and my bed.  Still going round Will’s bed was on the south wall, then back to the bedroom door located on the East wall.
The waking part was never remembered between Will and I, which I consider understandable in the context of this being in the middle of the night.  But one of us would, in the occurrence of having to use, for example, the restroom, get out of bed and look for the door out of the bedroom.  I could not find it.  Try though I might, (I will use first person as it will be easier for the reader to follow, though these occurrences happened to both Will and I) it wasn’t there. 
I would stand up out of bed and be facing Will’s bed directly across from me.  The light entering the room would be extremely faint, to the point that we could not see defined objects.  If I walked straight ahead I would run into Will’s bed, with which my bed and window (window looking out on our neighborhood street) was directly behind me.  Easy enough.  With Will’s bed directly in front of me (on the south wall) all I would have to do is walk to his bedside, turn left, and walk forward.  The door was situated in the southeast corner of the room, on the east wall.  So, once I reached Will’s bedside, just turn left, walk forward, and there’s the door.  But it wasn’t there. 
            Time to wake Will up.  I would call for him and of course he would wake up.  “Will, Will!”  He would stir and wake up.  “I can’t find the door,” I would say.  And the search would start.  What was going on!?  The room was probably 12’x12’ with a closet and the bedroom door on the east wall, my bed and a window looking out to the street on the north wall, a window looking out to our neighbors on the west wall, situated between Will and my bed.
All you had to do was walk to the wall that didn’t have a window on it or a bed, and there would be the closet.  Just feel over to your right and the doorknob is right there.  The light switch was right there!  It is that easy!  But somehow, it wasn’t.
When this would occur we would never find the door.  We briefly spoke to our Mom about it, but all she said was that we were either dreaming or sleepwalking.  We are twins and never thought it weird that it was happening to both of us at the same time, if it was a dream, hallucination, sleepwalking, or whatever. 
But now, I wonder why my Mom would even say that, because with two people involved, how could it be a dream or sleepwalking?  Then again, what else was she to say?
This had happened a number of times.  Details elude me; this was 20 or more years ago.  But Will and I have a unique ‘checks and balance’ in that we are twins and were pretty much never apart until our raucous college days. 
We have not talked about these ‘paranormal’ events from our youth very often nowadays.  The constraints of adult life shackle past youthful anomalies into the obscure and once shadowy corners of the mind.  But when revisited we find them incredibly peculiar as there is no explanation as how things of this nature could have taken place, especially in our present world paradigm dominated by Newtonian and Freudian thought and the overdevelopment and reliance of scientific methodology.  Ah, the unforgiving Western world.  But there is hope!  The witnessing and research of quantum insights correlating with ancient myths, spiritual teachings, and the like by such respected scientist/philosophers as Albert Einstein, Richard Fenyman, Fritjof Capra, David Bohm, Irvin Laszlo, and many others has secured a permanent foundation to place this new paradigm the world is experiencing.

Construct of Light

Light is pure primary angular momentum, while matter is captured light, (primary angular momentum) + aether which encapuslated the primary angular momentum, it is now matter because of this dual relationship. All of the properties of matter such as charge and magnetism are donated via the source, Aether, as it is the rotating magnetic field.
The field makes the matter via this encapsulation of light. The source of all matter is light and aether.

Aether is not angular momentum, light is…

 Quoting: aether 950452

Light is pure primary angular momentum, while matter is captured light

Wow…I’m beginning to see it now…all of this…in the foundational concept you just had me go through…it explains why light can possess attributes of both forces…and it collapses into one state do to the God inside of us…the One Aspect…consciousness, our electro-magnetic field…When they do those quantum experiments, the experiments are within our electro-magnetic field of influence, therefore it is interacting with the model.

Got it. This is from the last post I just did:

The primary angular momentum is creating energy and matter, somehow, through its quantum spin mechanism…ahhhh…its getting it from the ‘dormant’ electro-magnetic field…from divine intelligence patterns…which are invisible to use in the purely physical state…

That’s it! The dormant electro-magnetic field is pure potential. It remains dormant until another source that has already been collapsed into form (into an energy/mass state) influences it. It is an ‘electro-magnetic’ influence that collapses it into form. Before it collapses it is Trinity…but when it is influenced by electro-magnetics, ie the two forces, IT COLLAPSES INTO THE TWO FORCES. Then, relationship starts…complexity forms and it becomes defined through all its relationships.

haha! I just read your post up top. I kind of got lost in a tangent, but it wasn’t a tangent…I was describing Light as you jsut explained it above.

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