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Break Your Heart, Shatter Your Ego, a Contribution by Alan

Let’s keep it simple folks.

You are the most sophisticated biomachine to ever walk the face of this Earth.

You have a reprogrammable neural network which is tied to all of your sensory organs. The most direct ways that you usually interact with the environment are through sight, smell, taste, sound, breath, and feel.

Everyone knows Einstein’s equation, E = m.C<sup>2</sup>, but few realize what it really means. Anything that has mass has energy. Everything that you see is an electric field.

Due to self similarity, that is the fractal nature of the universe, one must also consider dimensions and scaling. We are in a world of electric fields embedded in other electric fields that are contained in even larger electric fields. Furthermore, the nature of things here on Earth can be viewed in the same way as that of the universe or that of our inner functions, down to the so-called ‘sub-atomic’ level.

Let’s forget for a moment the duality in the notion that the observer collapses the field to provide appearance of mass. Let’s not be the observer.

A concentration of mass is also a concentration of electric field. Sounds have waveforms that interact with fields, constructively or deconstructively. Light is waveforms. We breathe electric fields with a certain charge. We taste electric fields with various energetic qualities and charge, etc.

Then we interact in return. We speak waveforms, we exhale electric fields, we secrete various electric fields (via urination, saliva, excrement, sweat, odor). We feel and thus transfer energy and charge with touch.

Everything that we do has an impact. Our interactions can either be constructive or deconstructive, positive or negative.

So here you are, a biobot imbued with a divine sense, living in a world that was designed to program and be programmed by you.

Everything around you is in play, such as the elements of nature, earth, air, fire, sun; but also moon, planets, galaxies, the whole universe. What is more proximate to you and most energetic has the strongest influence on you (all according to fractality of scale).

Everything you surround your Self with is also in play, such as television, radio, music, architecture, art, computers, cellphones, etc. But as opposed to nature, these can be manipulated to provide you with false programming or to infect you with virality.

So just as you run antivirus software on your computer, you need to strive to do the same with your body. Or simply stay away from sources of potentially nefarious programming.

You see, nature in itself is what we need for proper learning. It is the sweetest guide, the master programmer. But technology is part of the program as well.

You are a sophisticated concentration of electric fields, but you are also magnetic fields. You’re also an antenna. You’re also a huge capacitor. You absorb and emit light. You can interact with everything around you. You can communicate with any other electric field. You have amazing abilities. But you can also be played.

You’ve been placed on this Earth with a single original purpose. Your purpose was to navigate the morass of this so-called world in an ongoing effort to discover your divinity. The only way to do that is by transcending reality, despite all the virality, and finding your higher Self, the Christ within, your Divine nature.

Getting there involves deprogramming, reprogramming, cleansing your body of virality and thus energizing your higher senses.

Yes you’ve been played by the powers at be. Those driven by lust for power and greed have sought to manipulate all of us. They know what you are, they know we’re programmable and over the centuries they’ve developed the technologies to program us in mass.

Look at the power play with the spiral in Norway.

But that’s how the matrix works. You’ve been presented with good and bad, positive and negative. It’s been up to each and every One of us to either take the blue pill or take the red one. Each one of us either chooses to conform or seeks the Truth. We either pursue our divinity or pursue the illusion.

But the illusion is real as well. It’s part of your training. If there was nothing destructive and negative then you’d already be there.

If you’ve caught on to waves of synchronicity, then you know how the matrix is a training tool.

Your higher senses work only with proper vibrations, namely those of Love and Truth. Take comfort in knowing this, since evil cannot succeed in this path regardless of the state of technology. The powers at be realize this to their never ending dismay. But be compassionate towards them as they are being manipulated as well.

1. Practice Love and Compassion
2. Seek the Truth and Speak the Truth
3. Persevere in these Ways (namely doing 1&2 over and over)
4. You will then gain Self-Control (in doing 1-2-3)
5. Then you will find your Indomitable Spirit

Break your Heart, shatter your Ego and you’ll be in the flow.

– Alan


Perceptions And The Ego

The characteristics of a graduated ego may be seen transformed and seemlessly incorporated with other forms of definition of self and group, making it difficult to recognize there’s an ego in there at all (even though there is).

As a society, we currently are compartmentalizing attributes of the human psyche, ego (service to self) being one of those attributes.  What we find with a transformed ego is not the elimination or neutralization or death of the attributes of any of these compartments (one of them being the ego), but the elimination or neutralizaton or death of the walls between compartments.  We find that the percieved negative qualities of the ego, such as service to self, isolation, individualization, seperation, and the dualistic nature of ego, can be put to good use when it is combined with service to others, cooperation, compromise, inclusion, and the principles of unity, etc.  The lines or compartments start to become blurred: “in my wanting to help or even save a stranger even if it means the sacrifice of me… is this just ego-gratification, or is it the disolving of ego, I can no longer tell the difference, they are becoming one-in-the-same.”  It is not the death of the ego, but the evolution of it.

In your path towards service-to-others, stop trying to define the ego in its present definition.

Maybe we are truly graduated when we recognize that service-to-others and service-to-self are one-in-the-same.

Everything good that I do for the group (service-to-others) is good for me (service-to-self).

Don’t forget, EVERYTHING is a microcosm of God, a piece of God that contains the whole of God.  Everything good that I do for the group (for God) is good for me (for God).

It’s all good!

Reflection of God

Wholeness is as much of an illusion as separateness.  The recognition of wholeness requires, in the least, the contemplation of there being a “seperate”, for without seperation the definition of something being or becoming whole is incomplete.  Therefore, because God knows what it is to be One and is seeking the experience of being seperate, our goal as being on a spiritual path would be twofold.  First, we become enlightened to a point where we can recognize that there is a One who is complete and whole, and second is to recognize that you were created because this One desires the experience of being incomplete and partial.

In the creative process (the process which attempts to bring unique experiences about, the process of seperation and reflection) I would think the goal is to have UNIQUE ongoing experiences of being “other” in order to experience and reflect on “self” in an attempt to know yourself and therefore know God (your reflection is God’s reflection of God-self in an attempt to know himself and therefore know You.  You, in your uniqueness and wholeness are a microcosm of God pursuing self discovery, self discovery being the method in which God is experiencing himself through duality and seperateness, which are the tools you are using to discover your true self).


Now, because the One desires this experience and this reflection – seperateness, our goal should not be to shatter this game that was created by him, but to become enlightened enough to recognize the One and fulfill his desire of experiencing this self as seperate and reflect upon your

experiences while reflecting on the God-gift of your uniqueness, knowing that that uniqueness is inherant in the attributes of God and cannot be destroyed.  In other words, rejoice in the experience of being alive and unique and meditate on its significance in relation to everything else (the Whole).

Uniqueness is also something that should not be ignored because uniqueness is a reflection of being whole which is an attribute of the One.  Being unique means being like no other, being only One.  Reflecting on our uniqueness give us the power to reflect on an attribute of God while still being separate.  It sums up this method of self discovery.

The danger is in going too far one way or the other.  The game is the play between polarity, between opposites.  Remove an opposite and reflection and experience falls away, creation ceases to exist.

It is all about creation, the experience of that creation, reflection of the experience of that creation, the recognition of the gift to God this experience is in his/your journey of self discovery, and finally, the role that “gift of reflection” of the experience of that creation plays in bringing about more creation, which in turn creates new experience, which creates new reflection, which creates new gifts, which creates more self discovery, which creates new creation, which creates new experience, which creates new reflection, which creates new gifts, which creates more self……

Inversion into God’s eYe

I think a cycle…a circuit, was completed last night. I know it was for me.

Everything can seem so complex at times, but when you manifest in separate aspects, and experience the convergence points, you end up noticing how the gears fit. The convergence points can be likened to where the multidimensional gears ‘touch’ and cause movement across the system.

We fly through life, heading our various directions and destinies, and eventually come across a convergence point…another wheel in the cog, and actions or individual events are undertaken that may seem small, minor, or insignificant, until you experience yourself as other manifestations. A door opened, a door closed, a window left unlocked, at just the right moment changes the course of events in the cog.

Imagine, a massive system of overlying and entangled destinies, of life, events, organizations, spirits, and species…all entangled in a myopic quantum soup of relationship…and One not ‘seeing’ where the cogs touch, where that door should be left opened, a window unlocked…but having experienced the original cog, the original relationship, and existing as a separate entity and KNOWING when exactly to leave a door open, because it was Him that had needed that door opened in a previous incarnation and something had left that door opened…which is He in a soon to come incarnation.

How would someone…how would a nobody prepare his current incarnation and have all His bases covered without even thinking about it? Because He is incarnate in separate entities in different places outside of Time, but all active and current in THIS time.

A cycle was completed last night. A circuit. A beginning, and an end. All played out in the non-material, in different minds and incarnations, played out in the same time, but different places in time…different minds, ALL converging at the quantum moment of manifestation into the single universe of the material.

I played it all out last night. It is a single long dream, that I played out in multiple incarnations. It was a re-occurring dream, that I never noticed was played by myself as many different actors.

Last night, I was the final actor…the final piece, the one that joined all the other actors into one event. All the gears and cogs were finally set in place. All the actors were in their places. All the time signatures and individual events were placed, and the final piece…the final actor, played out the dream and opened and closed all the correct events for the final actor to reach his full manifestation.

Again, this was not just a reoccurring dream, but I played many different actors at different times throughout the years of my life. Last night, though I did not know it until the end, I played the final actor.

Going from nothing…to everything.

At the end of the experience, I found myself in a spherical room, with all these different events playing outside the sphere…ALL the different events, it was merely just a focusing on which event I wanted to experience, to view it.

Inside the sphere was my family…they looked like my present family, but somehow they weren’t. The last memory was of my father. I looked into his face. Into his eyes, and he drew me into his seeing orb. At first, the pupil of his eye was blurry, unfocused, but I was able to use the same ‘power’, the same force I had used to complete the multi-faceted dream…and focus his pupil into clarity. Once that was done, I was pulled into our Father’s mind through His eYe, and was inverted into His dreams.

A Friendly Game of Tag

Maybe it was just time for a change. I can understand why certain societies may encourage name changes every now and then. There is a type of release…release of baggage. We shall see.

I see the games, if that is what people decide to call it, with more clarity. That is, I see myself with more clarity and therefor see games as less interesting or desirable.

I have always tried to be extremely open, and knew people would use that against me, when it was their intent. I played with it until the other night. I had a vast amount of respect for AL, and much interior love for the thought AL was in my mind. But, as cycles churn, I suppose things change, as decrees the spiral of the All Thing. That was the kicker, not my ‘biggest zealot’, but how others thoughts can be so different than what I ‘thought’.

EVERYTHING is so superficial, except one’s own self. I am positive that sentience – besides ourselves – are beside themselves when they view the creatures we are. The interaction with us would drive us mad, I believe. We make no sense. Our truths, our feelings, our thoughts, our interactions…everything about us is false…there IS NO TRUTH in the meaning of humans relationship with other humans, except it be within isolated systems of love, as I have found with my immediate family, my wife, and kids.

I believe I understand why certain societies promote name changes as the progression progresses. I have not been ‘learned’ in the ways, but it seems I must constantly figure them out for myself. In that way, it is fun though, as I see eyes open wide to surprise when my intuition and thought patterns wreak a false havoc on others thought patterns. A friendly ‘game’ of tag.

He Has Raised Himself From Man, To God-Man, To God

Excerpt from Baird T. Spalding’s “Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East” Vol. 3 Copyright 1935 – pg 56-60

“The cycle is fast closing in which the blind of the whole race have led the blind into a welter of ignorance, superstition, and delusion created by those who believe as human beings think, rather than that which is true and real. The civilization that has risen on the delusions and superstitions of the closing centuries is submerging itself in the welter. Through the pain and tragedy of their misappropriated creations, a new race consciousness has been conceived and is fast evolving. In fact, the door is opening wide for its new birth.

“There is no other course than to go on from one plane of consciousness to a higher and more advanced step in the actual cosmic path. The only condition forbidden in the vibration of the great cosmos is that quality of thought which allows the human race to become so solidly fixed in what it believes that, if it clings desperately to its old delusions and will not let go, it can in no way come into the greater expanse of universal thought. Those thus absorbed in personal consciousness must go on through natural exhaustion of beliefs and experiences until they fail to go forward; then, of its own accord, Absolute Law wields a progressive hand through disease, pain, and loss, until the human is satisfied and turns to find the curse of a false idea within the idea itself.

“Civilization today is fast approaching a great reconstructive moment. All things that seem so stable and well-founded now will soon be immersed in a state of inversion. Every tree that has not been planted by Truth will be uprooted. There is approaching a complete cosmic overthrow of the present social, political, financial and religious institutions that will make room for the placing of the new era in order that humanity may come in closer touch with that which is and was established before the present human consciousness submerged and set it aside. Truth waits on with attentive, loving, and radiant beneficence until man will see that he can embrace and become the consciousness of that which has always existed.

“Humanity is taking a forward step from the cradle stories of the former generation and their individuality and spiritual discernment of the consciousness of the generation that is fast approaching. Delusions, traditions, and superstitions are nearing the end. It is also true of the civilization which they established. The old idols are good enough for the infantile consciousness that is nearing an impasse. Their delusion has caused their undoing as they proved to be only cradle stories woven by a mastercraft of priesthood and preceptor to lull into false sleep the crying infants of an evolving race. Those who saw further afield did not cry and thus were not lulled to sleep. Most of them saw that the cradle stories were not true and many stepped boldly forth to erase the untruth; as they saw directly through to the Absolute, that which has always existed and which has always been seen an and known and contacted directly by a portion of mankind. Form this portion there will arise a new and more vitalizing consciousness, fully awake and ready to erase the idols that man has set up for his fellow man to follow and make room for the new ideals which are as old as creation’s dawn.

“There is looming upon the horizon of this new approach a redemption that has an entirely new meaning. This new multitude, coming out of this clearer vision and more definite perception, is redeemed through deeper revelation emanating out of all races and all people. That emanation is the One Life that is in all and through all.

“In spite of the delusion-bound multitude, their clinging hands and cringing attitude, a greater and more noble vista of the expanding horizon of God, the Christ of man, the Christ of God, of Self, and death itself, is looming; and another cycle of spirit is dawning for the whole world. Another age of the Crystal Race is coming up out of the maelstrom.

“Hundreds of millions are re-released with their heart, soul, body, and instinct free. They are the throbbing pulse of an unborn race that is again heir to the ages. I see them stepping across the ages, walking hand in hand with God. Great waves of wisdom flood toward them from the eternal shores of the infinite. They dare to step forth and declare themselves a part of eternal God, eternal Christ, God and man One eternally with eternal life. They dare to step forth and declare to heaven that much that is written by man is a lie and in terrible blindness wrought.

“This new pulse-conscousness is the crest of the wave that rests on the new race-consciousness. This new race sees man, himself, the highest expression on this planet, and one with God through the medium of his life; and it sees that his whole supply flows through that life itself. This race knows that man can live consciously in a perfect universe with perfect people and in perfect accord with perfect situations and conditions, with absolute assurance that there is not an error in the great Spiritual plan of the Cosmos.

“Man sees God as Cosmic Spirit pervading everything; then, with the subtleties of mind through his thought, he does not hesitate to review the fundamentals that have placed him where he is and made him that which he is. Thus he is again one with his sources. He knows that this source is the ever-silent side of his God-mind linked consciously in thought and amalgamated with Infinite Mind.

“This new race understands that, through sun and shadow, without the bitterness, the soul’s true quest for Love and ture Peace is the Truth of God and man. This race does not hesitate to strip the swadling clothes of delusion from the whole human race. The gaunt specter which for ages has bound the feet of the weak and doubting ego-man, through his own ignorance, will be completely erased. He finds he has erased his every limitation through his true selfhood, completely arisen. He has raised himself from man, to God-man, to God.”

The Interaction of Systems through Harmonic Principles

how you attempt to steer a complex system is not the prime issue
steer with love
steer with fear
steer with anything
the prime issue is your motive to steer
if the purpose (goal) does not synchronize with the complex systems innate motive, thus by default all other complex systems interactive
you are fucked
the complex system self rectifies , forced to by the momentum of the other systems effects upon it

 Quoting: aether

I see your words as pulses, wave forms…interesting. That is the immediate ‘image’ I get.

The motive is intention, sending out your own personal pulses into the system. The system has infinitely more pulses reacting, and if yours is in dissonance to the complex system, the complex system’s pulses will soon nullify through interference patterns, all of the individual’s pulses. If it resonates, the pulses harmonize and the intention grows greater into the system through ‘mergence’.

What would be incredible, is a form of varied intention from an isolated source, that is somehow harmonic with the complex system. One isolated source, putting out motive from all these different angles…philosophy, spiritual, communal, etc…all harmonic to the system, resonating through the complex system, changing it to new patterns of pulses…shortly afterward becoming self perpetuating and reactive.
 Quoting: Chad

Philisophical Phantasy

I think that a consciousness shift will come as long as new paradigm is reached.I think new energies are incoming, and with that changes will come that are not expected, because we have not learned the Truth of how the universe operates and functions in reality.

I think our Reality is based on deceptions/lies and fantasies and we react to those things as if they are REAL. And when we find out what the Universe actually IS, it will be beyond our current understanding. This will do 2 things at the same time. It will DESTROY the last remnants of the old paradigm, the old way of living in physical reality, and MANIFEST the new way at the same time. An example is seeing Plasma discharges in the sky that we recognize as ‘ancient rock art’. Just that one process will drive immense change into our understanding of how the Earth and civilizations have risen and fallen. We will understand the concept of celestial cycles, myths and god-like acts across the heavens…It will be living archetypes that as yet, we cannot comprehend.

If people knew what I’ve experienced, they would flip out…even my best friends for 25 years or more can’t handle certain aspects of who and what I am and what I experience…fuck, even my wife has such a hard time with some of my experiences, she doesn’t want me talking about it to her. Scares the living daylights out of her.

People at work would FREAK out if they knew my experiences. Hell, they would be weirded out just by the knowledge I know, much less the experiences.

People just cannot handle it if I showed them who I really am. It is almost as if I live a different reality than they do…maybe I do…maybe most of us do, we just never share it with others, for the same reason I do not.

So, I have to integrate everything…It used to be like a vast juggling act, feeling all my relationships out finding out who can handle what and how far I can push my ‘real’ self out there before it is too much for them. Now, I just keep most of it to myself.

We’re all the same thing, in the end. Even our ET’s, whatever they truly are.

…the same thing, but the experience is separate, unique. It is an experiencing process to understand that beyond just a philosophical fantasy.

To say that is a skipping of all the stepping stones it takes to properly understand and experience what that truly means. It is beyond the human condition to truly understand and experience what that means.

And the experiencing will absolutely and completely change what you thought that statement might be…we are all the same ‘thing’, which means that by the time you truly understand that, and by the time you experience, you will be changed to the point that, if you were to see that future self at this moment, YOU WOULD NOT RECOGNIZE YOURSELF…

It is an easy concept to pretend you know, but EXTREMELY difficult to actually go through the process…dying onto you what you have always thought you were…how any people do you think are ready to go through that?

I look at myself and say that, like all other thoughts of this type of manifestation, certain dreams of what beautiful thing might manifest within the coming human condition, will simply remain a dream. Sucks to have that cynicism, but that is how my life has been from nearly the beginning. I have always wanted a break…a rest in my life. It never comes. My thoughts for so long have been that I cannot wait to die. This is not meant in a depressive way…it is meant as a way of release…to finally be able to rest again.

…unless, the dreams truly do end up manifesting here, at this place in time. Then, it might have all been worth it.

-Chad Adams

Negativity and ET Experience

Negativity did not exist in ET experience until humans were involved. Think hard about that.
Thought processes between ET and human are extremely different. They do not understand deception/lies/falsities. ETs experienced that when certain treaties were broken and dissolved. They do not live reality in accordance to the fantasy element like humans do. They live according to true knowledge of universal truths. Humans live according to lies/deception that accrued throughout human history.
An example of this, is if you were to have an ET experience, and you behaving as if they were an element of the Illumanati, when in fact, they are their own beings. DECEPTION is not involved in their own condition. Humans bring the DECEPTION into the mix to confuse the ET issue.
They are as advanced in spiritual aspects of being, as they are in technology. Many, if not all, of their technologies are based on consciousness. These techs WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY if consciousness is acting on deceptions/lies and fantasies. TPTB cannot figure that out…and only recently is that beginning to become known. This put TPTB in a bad situation, because unless they change their thought patterns, they cannot control or back engineer and use the tech to its fullest extent. There is a process in place to turn the pyramid upside down.
The military complex is clueless and has NO control over ANY of the ET condition. That is why you still see helicopters and jets scrambling and ‘chasing’ UFOs.
When ETs discovered the thought patterns and deception of our leaders, it set out to make contact through the ‘normal’ populace. This makes the contact and disclosure process much longer, and much more delicate. The ETs hadn’t realized exactly how far we have traveled away from ‘Home’.
Last thing I will say, is that Disclosure is NOT going to occur through politicians and diplomats. It is still undecided if there will actually be a full disclosure (it depends on what happens to the human condition during the next year and a half), but if disclosure is to occur, it will be the ETs choice and decision…no one elses.– Chad Adams

Gods Do Play!

Naked. Deliberately avoiding the drama, the trauma.

You are here, standing naked before yourself,
Though you don’t realize that they are you.
But you trust.

You’re intuition speaks louder than words,
And as their thoughts ring through your psyche,
You sit and realize that there are things much louder than words.

The Earth speaks to you in a deafening roar
and no one can hear, but you.
So you translate.

The infinite voices singing a harmony
just out of reach.  It’s captured and dismantled
piece by piece.

How poetic, how true, how so wonderfully new!
But the melody! Oh how I wish the melody
Could be construed!

In joy would you sing,
In rhythm you would dance!
To read a rhyme and benign such a glance!

Oh, but to dance to the tune of the harp!
So as the song’s read and the lyrics displayed,
The song plays along and the Gods do play!

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