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Big Bang…it didn’t happen

While there is scientific consensus that the Big Bang is the best explanation for the origin of the Universe, there’s a growing chorus of doubters among the world astrophysics community, led by the fascinating new work of Wun-Yi Shu at the National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan who has developed an innovative new description of the Universe in which the roles of time space and mass are related in new kind of relativity.

Shu’s idea is that time and space are not independent entities but can be converted back and forth between each other. In his formulation of the geometry of spacetime, the speed of light is simply the conversion factor between the two. Similarly, mass and length are interchangeable in a relationship in which the conversion factor depends on both the gravitational constant G and the speed of light, neither of which need be constant. In other words, as the Universe expands, mass and time are converted to length and space and vice versa as it contracts.
The Shu universe has no beginning or end, just alternating periods of expansion and contraction. In fact, Shu shows that singularities such as the Big Bang cannot exist in this cosmos. During a period of expansion, an observer in Shu’s universe would see an odd kind of change in the red-shift of bright objects such as Type-I supernovas, as they accelerate away. It turns out, says Shu, that his data exactly matches the observations that astronomers have made on Earth.
Since the accelerating expansion of the Universe was discovered, cosmologists have been performing some bizarre contortions with the laws of physics to make the Standard Model work. The most commonly discussed x-factor is that the universe is filled with a dark energy that is forcing the universe to expand at an increasing rate. For this model to work, dark energy must make up 75 per cent of the energy-mass of the Universe and be increasing at a fantastic rate, ignoring the law of conservation of energy in an attempt to square this circle.
With Shu’s theory there’s no need to abandon conservation of energy. However, he faces a major problem explaining the existence and structure of the cosmic microwave background, the echo of the Big Bang, something that many astrophysicists believe to be the the strongest evidence that the Big Bang occurred. 
Shu’s approach may well explain the Type-I supernova observations without abandoning conservation of energy but it asks us to give up the notion of the Big Bang, the constancy of the speed of light and to accept a vast new set of potential phenomenon related to the interchangeable relationships between mass, space and time.

Incoherent Emotions<<<>>>Coherence Emerging

in my opinion, everything should continue speeding up and moving forward…is that your view also? youve said it was, but we had yet to see it…then we witnessed that process in the science end of things…also, if you feel all the green lights are on, than small surprises like this one should also begin manifesting more often as even things beyond our/your current thought patterns are also aligned to ‘green light’ manifestation…and like your counter party, you suddenly realize that this is the case. – SickScent

but there was an agenda remember…this year for the politics and next year for the physics…this is with government…not esoterica…….what happened to me a little over a week ago and the report it manifested is less than a week old…the esoteric effects and the communication with off planet effect is unfolding rapidly but the “civil services,” non esoteric bureaucracies, that maintain the running of each and every governmental culture, no matter whom or what is in power, does not move at the speed of esoteric events….with that in mind i accept and understand their needs for the well being of all they have the responsibility of protecting (everybody) in the manner they see fit, and i am following their wishes at this moment, as i always do when it feels correct to do so…this is how it is today…in a week, who knows…..nothing is fixed but it is coherent….or as close to coherent as we can match it within our global circumstances 

what is attached to you…what does it feel like? is it knowing what you are….as in what you are in what you are in…your place/purpose within our universe? – field

What does it feel like…like running in a dream and never going anywhere…the weights and chains may get heavier and heavier, but I can still never slow my pace…so fucking pile it on, it doesn’t matter, I still have to hold the pace…that is why I always say, I cannot wait to rest…
When I experience the dark places…usually about once every two weeks or so nowadays, I draw the nasties to me to free the trapped ones…so who the fuck knows what is attached…I unconsciously rely on xxxx to clear some of those things out as I have given her full permission to do whatever she wishes with me, even on a soul level, but I am sure their are always many things that attach to me…
– SickScent

the way you are doing it is the only way…stand your ground….ace…fucking ace…
in nov 1998 every entity that interacts with humans (not off planets) has consequences to their actions demonics and angelics NO EXCEPTIONS…there never was before…no comeback…they all blame humans…now they have to think a bit more…consequence time is whenever it is…lets see…huh
– field

I would like to spend some time on this…but I haven’t been able to lately…it is extremely important to understand how humans are living in realities that only are contained within their own mind constructs, and are not living lives true to real physical experiences…we bleed fantasy into nearly everything we do…and we treat, many times, as if that fantasy were reality and react upon the fantasy as the ‘real’ state, when the actual experience truly doesn’t contain the fantastical element……think about government institutions lying to us, and we accept it as reality, when in truth, it is fantasies created in the minds…think about if/when science has it wrong and we live our reality falsely like when it was thought that everything revolved around the Earth…or that gravity ruled structure…the minds at that time lived in a fantasy that they took to be Truth…our entire history and current paradigms are fantasy elements that are not Truth, but rather fantasy that is only reality in human minds, not the universes reality…the true reality of what took place in the past, or how the universe is in the present…

Our emotions are incoherent to other species because of the fantasies we place inside the human condition…an example of this is fear…that emotion alone causes many humans to act in ways that they otherwise never would, because they are ‘fantasizing’ and imagining things that really are not in the experience, only in their minds…

Makes us Unpredictable…and with that unpredictability comes caution in dealing with us…extreme caution…all of our emotions are contaminated with these fantasies that are only in our minds, but we react to them as if they are real…a jealous husband…fantasies that we watch on TV and react to them as if they are a part of daily life…love we might feel for someone, but as only a reaction to past experiences (infatuation)…

If you are not submerged in the human condition, it would be very difficult interacting properly with us, don’t you think…They do not fathom our reactions, because they are not part of the human condition…conditions that we relate to through fantasy…– SickScent

What I’m finding in exploring dreams and conscious observation is that fantasy is quite a problem, possibly I would go so far as to call it a drug in many people’s lives. Here’s why I say this. AC says …fantasy is a defense mechanism against living in hell…. I say the living in hell part is the fantasy that is imagined, and not necessarily real. It is a perceived condition through your individual situation. The experiencer is stating they are living in hell because of what they perceive as someone else’s fantasy as controller. It seems that the experiencer allows the conditions and gives over the power of control, thus allowing the other to fulfill their fantasy, if indeed it is their fantasy at all. Let’s take another example you mentioned, SS, as a jealous husband. Let’s say a husband sees his wife talking with another man at a party. They disappear for a while and then he sees them fondly embrace and perhaps kiss. What he’s thinking is linked together with imaginary glue, and depending on past events in his life and his security level, that glue could be anything. The experiencer observes a situation and fantasizes a scenario to fit the pictures. By the same token, the wife and man have theirs. Fantasy makes us unpredictable to each other, let alone other species. Just thoughts. – AWhereness

Now, what if an intelligent species wanted to make contact (just bear with me)…the intelligent species lives by universal truths, which makes lies and ‘fantasy’ non-existent to their reality…What are the humans reacting to? It would be like giant blank spots that humans react to, for no reason at all, and the humans react to these blank spots as if the blank spots were real! when nothing about the blank spots are…
how could that other intelligent species interact with us…we would be completely unpredictable…we are reacting to things that DO NOT EXIST…

The thought shapes…the thought patterns that we base our actions in reality on…are of the wrong shapes…they are out of coherence to the rest of the universe…we have created our own solitude…

AWhereness, please describe this very deeply…try and do it looking from outside the human condition…imagine not ever experiencing lies and fantasy in your reality…lies and fantasy DO NOT EVEN EXIST in your reality, within your world…and then describe, deeply…what you see…and remember, imagination exists…for imagination is part of creation…

Field…how to explain something…or show it how it works…when it is a natural occurrence in the mind…?

They are FULLY aware and conscious of both aspects…if they weren’t, then they would not have become the convergent species for physical directives regarding humankind along those same directives…hmmm…I am just running on train of thought…you are manifesting the translation of soul for humankind’s nonmaterial/material aspects for conscious interaction in the physical realm…I want to practice your process…lol…tell me the process! one that will immediately work…heh, heh…– SickScent

i dunno…i don`t think about it cos i can not imagine not knowing…that`s why we are doing it as we are…i have to find within humankind knowledge the ingredients to get me to see how it works through human eyes…i am not human minded…..i am how human minds will be….that is the problem….

…they are the best equipped to deal with human emotion…all human emotional translating is incoherent…if you had never met humans before but were yourself at a level of awareness within our universe where you had the ability to come and observe them…the effect of human radiated emotion would begin where human imagination of hell ends…….it is indescribable shocking to a non human because each and every emotion carries the right shapes/pulses for it to exist but because there has never been within the imagination of humans the correct awareness of the cause and effects of all things..all of their emotions are contaminated with their fantasy….which to an intelligence of non human origin type we are discussing…is worse than hell because they can never fathom a creature that naturaly exists and radiates the right shapes yet the information contained within those shapes is filled with horror………they know why we exist but they can never fathom our actions because they do not relate to our fantasies……that was the problem we are here to resolve……

human emotions brings out the worst in non humans…..everything started within the material universe…ie: it has a history of how it becomes what it is….human emotions automatically force others to react back to their own history, one way or another….because humans radiate the corrects shapes (pulses) which attract other intelligent life forms .which is natural , the attracted can do nothing about it…….but the information contained within the pulsed attraction pulses is directly opposite. in infinite ways .to the singular natural attractive pulse radiated. this is due to the infinite fantasies within human imagination

one simple attract pulse always radiating cos no fuck knows their doing…infinite ways it fucks up

everything manifested within the material universe is here cos it should be… an electron…tree…moon…tooth and claw…mantis……everything is structured so it`s first pulsed and continues signal is “want me”…this is how all manifestations join the pulsed material universe…and all other material, upon detecting that, new to them,…first and continuous pulsed signal send confirmation of them wanting (accepting) the new signal automatically (naturally) , it is part of their structure, this is how the universe maintains coherence……the greater the intelligence that is pulsing the more complex (stronger) the signal……so a human is high our golden age they knew so each first pulse from each new arrival maintained the universes coherence and that is why animals..insects ect didn`t bite them….

within human fantasies are many realities…this has the effect of frequently attracting an intelligence that is responding to that or those realities…without exception at some point…the human moves into it`s fantasy which the reality is part of within their mind…this has devastating effects upon the interacting party whom can never know what or why the human does or is doing what it is because fantasy does not exist within it`s own imagination…..reality of infinite real potential is all that exists within their minds ….which in practise makes human fantasy…whatever is was or is…..insignificant within positive emotions as well as being non existent in practice…field

Ok, this is very interesting because I just got something out of it in a flash…the mere presence of the attraction pulse emenating from human thought patterns, and distorted into fantasies that become reality in minds because we have never been presented with the True workings of the universe…the fantasies of which are embedded inside the attraction pulses of human kind, CAUSE THE ETs TO EXPERIENCE WHAT THE HUMANS ARE EXPERIENCING. They are learning about the human condition DIRECTLY THROUGH THEIR OWN EXPERIENCE OF CONTACT WITH US.

if they were to attempt a true understanding of the human condition, they themselves would have to create imagination pulses of a fantastical nature in order to find out what we’re about…since our fantasy/realities our outside natural universe coherence (information directly from the universe fields..remember information=energy)…they would have to fantasize a reality as well, like an imagination guessing game, inside their own overall mind structure/function…

What would this do? Fucking EXACTLY WHAT IT DID TO US…THEY WOULD LOSE THEIR WAY! The fantasies become a feedback loop since they are being expressed as a reality…since it is being expressed as a reality, in the intelligent species experiencing it, the fantasy IS the makeup of reality. Reminds me of how karma would initially be created…how we can get stuck in the loop of reincarnations.

So, the offworlders would fucking keep a distance. TALK ABOUT A DANGEROUS FUCKING SPECIES WE MUST BE! – SickScent

Beautiful. The key is acting. Stilling ourselves to the place of being–without the glamour, fuss and fanfare of thought(99.9% preconceived)–presents these non human entities the opportunity to connect, to see into our being as we, in our stillness, see into them. That is put simply, I know. The empty cup versus the full cup analogy fits here.

Now to imagining and fantasy. Distinction here is good. Fantasy is fraught with preconceived ideas and images, not those created (on the stop) necessarily by yourself but by prior experience. The scenarios fashioning these fantasies are embedded with emotions of every level; built never solely from the immediate situation but from all your past experience. They can not be clean because you are piecing it together with what is available with what you already have.

Imagination has the capacity to create from a blank slate(so to speak)and cast its tendrils into the unknown. Therefore, when we encounter intelligent species, that connection will rely on the blank slates of both species to weave a comprehensive dialogue. The common universal truths will be the direct hits of awareness, that bolt that resets our clocks. And I’m not talking about time.

With me so far?

With fantasy, we have a situation where we take something we presume or know as enjoyable and build a scenario. Many science fiction and fantasy writers get bogged down in their story lines because it is risky to venture beyond certain emotionally manipulating terrain. Imagination does not require us to use these familiar tools but builds on the creative impulses and unique insights of the individual. It does seem a dryer climate at times, and often without functional reward.

That is the place to start. Open the imagination, stark and unfathomably immense. Unknowable and all knowing. We are just now peering into the eyes of God.(or aliens, etc)

No legends, no Bible story, no movie clip or cartoon…No thing. A place, a space of Being available for potential. The Energy that sparked in the loins, cartwheeled through your bowels and into your stomach, clenching your heart and catching in your throat, spiraling up and out the top of your head. You are ready to be filled again.– AWhereness

I can see the way in…
No legends, no Bible story, no movie clip or cartoon…No thing. A place, a space of Being available for potential

i can see the result….
The Energy that sparked in the loins, cartwheeled through your bowels and into your stomach, clenching your heart and catching in your throat, spiraling up and out the top of your head. You are ready to be filled again.

i can the reasons for the suggestion

i agree with those reasons and your suggested enactment

i do not yet see how to arrive at the “way in”

awhereness, the visuals contained within your thoughts are wonderful, and refreshing – field

An interesting aside, but somewhat related to the cause/effect or creator/creation theme being spoken of here.

Granted we are all creators, albeit most times unconscious creators. As we (you, I, whatever) delve deeper into ourselves and thusly attempt to look outside ourselves to see reality as it IS vs how we wish to perceive it…There are a few interesting phenomena.

I have used this catch phrase many times, and most people don’t seem to understand it. It’s a twist on a xtian phrase, where God gives us what we NEED, not what we WANT.

I beg to differ (and choose to remove the xtian concept of GOD from the phrase).

We get what we want. ALWAYS.

It’s just that most of us are not aware of what our creator/creation relationship is and/or not even conscious of what we truly want.

It’s the coming into alignment of our complete being, and the ability to separate our selves from the observations of our existence that is both truly magnificent and extremely difficult. NevyneShyne

Incoherent Emotions: Emotions Based in False Realities

Our emotions are incoherent to other species because of the fantasies we place inside the human condition…an example of this is fear…that emotion alone causes many humans to act in ways that they otherwise never would, because they are ‘fantasizing’ and imagining things that really are not in the experience, only in their minds…

Makes us Unpredictable…and with that unpredictability comes caution in dealing with us…extreme caution…all of our emotions are contaminated with these fantasies that are only in our minds, but we react to them as if they are real…a jealous husband…fantasies that we watch on TV and react to them as if they are a part of daily life…love we might feel for someone, but as only a reaction to past experiences (infatuation)…

If you are not submerged in the human condition, it would be very difficult interacting properly with us, don’t you think…They do not fathom our reactions, because they are not part of the human condition…conditions that we relate to through fantasy…

Linking Sun-Spots and Earth Climate

(unknown source)

One thing to keep in mind when the 0.1 change of irradiance figure is used.

It only addresses the visible electromagnetic wave spectrum.

X-rays increase at maximum by 10 fold.

Ultra violet rays increase 2 or 3 fold.

There are increases in all segments of the electromagnetic wave spectrum of radiation, but all anybody normally hears about is the 0.1 figure. It is misleading.

Don’t hold me on the exact numbers, the point is that this 0.1 irradiance figure gives an incomplete picture of the total increase in electromagnetic wave irradiance increase from minimum to maximum.

Also, it ignores all the electrical current energy, by way of electrons and ions, imparted during maximum, which is a significant amount of energy.

It’s a question of whether you are going to believe some scientists or your lying eyes.

Sun at minimum — Sun at maximum — is there a significant difference in output of energy — you make the call.
This is it!, everything else in earth’s climate is but a consequence of these movements. The beauty of simplicity to the highest degree!


Study says shines light on sun spot-climate link
August 28, 2009 – By David Fogarty (Reuters)
Small changes in the energy output of the sun can have a major impact on global weather patterns, such as the intensity of the Indian monsoon, that could be predicted years in advance, a team of scientists said.

The sun swings through an 11-year cycle measured in the number of sun spots on the surface that emit bursts of energy.

The difference in energy is only about 0.1 percent between a solar maximum and minimum and determining just how that small variation affects the world’s climate has been one of the great challenges facing meteorologists.

Using a century of weather observations and complex computer models, the international team of scientists led by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in the United States showed that even a small increase in the sun’s energy can intensify wind and rainfall patterns.

“Small changes in the sun’s output over the 11-year solar cycle have long been known to have impacts on the global climate system,” said Julie Arblaster, from the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research, a co-author of the study published in the latest issue of the journal Science.

“Here we reconcile for the first time the mechanisms by which these small variations get amplified, resulting in cooler sea surface temperatures in the tropical Pacific and enhancing off-equatorial rainfall.”

The researchers found that during periods of strong solar activity the air in the upper atmosphere, in a layer called the stratosphere, heats up. This occurs over the tropics, where sunlight is typically most intense.

The extra warming alters wind patterns in the upper atmosphere, which in turn increases tropical rainfall.

Increased sunlight at solar maximum also causes a slight warming of ocean surface waters across the subtropical Pacific, where clouds are normally scarce, says the study.

This extra heat leads to more evaporation, producing additional water vapour. The extra moisture is carried by trade winds to the normally rainy areas of the western tropical Pacific, driving more rain.


In the tropical eastern Pacific, sea surface temperatures cool a little, creating conditions similar to a La Nina event. La Nina is the opposite phenomenon to El Nino, producing wetter weather in the western Pacific and drier weather in parts of South America.

The Indian monsoon and many other regional climate patterns are largely driven by rising and sinking air in the tropics and subtropics. Solar-cycle predictions could help meteorologists estimate how those circulation patterns, changes in sea surface temperatures and regional weather patterns might vary.

“The sun, the stratosphere, and the oceans are connected in ways that can influence events such as winter rainfall in North America,” says NCAR scientist Gerald Meehl, lead author of the study.

“Understanding the role of the solar cycle can provide added insight as scientists work toward predicting regional weather patterns for the next couple of decades.”

The sun is presently in a calm period after reaching a solar minimum at the end of last year, according to the Space Weather Prediction Center at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the United States.

The next solar peak is expected in May 2013. (For more details, see:

“This paper represents a useful step forward in understanding how solar activity may lead to modest but detectable climatic effects,” said Brad Carter, senior lecturer in physics at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

“It is a good reminder that solar activity is not an explanation of global warming over recent decades.”

SpaceQuakes: Continued

(unknown source)

European Geosciences Union’s Press Conference on spacequakes

spacequakes caused by a near-earth plasma jet on nightside of the earth

the good thing about the press conference is that they mention the solar wind is charged plasma but then they get into magnetic reconnections…

basically what they have found so far and say happens is when the solar plasma wind gets to the nightside of the earth a part of it is suddenly reversed and accelerates to over 300 kmh against the flow of the solar plasma wind and back towards the earth.

when this fast plasma jet hits the earths dipolar magnetosphere it pushes the magnetic field lines inwards. the magnetic fieldlines then “rebuff” it and push it out. but the plasma switches back towards the earth a few times. its vortex flow direction also changes with each direction, going downwards and duskwards. this is the spacequake.

this toing and froing of the near-earth plasma jet where 10% of the solar winds energy sneaking into the earths atmosphere trigger the auroras and oscillates earths magnetic compasses.

fast plasma jet and spacequakes ground signature – triggering the aurora

what on near-earth is going on?

the amazing thing about spacequakes is that their signature is very similar to earthquakes. they not only release the same amount of energy, have the same signature but also they occur over the same timeframe! if everything in the electric universe is scalable are we seeing what might cause earthquakes or is it that the release energy signature of these events is similar in an electric universe?

there is the talk of the sky glowing around earthquake events and earthquake lights, is the earthquake also triggering less powerful auroras. do spacequakes happen during earthquakes or more important to the EU theory do earthquakes trigger a spacequake? if there is an event on earth that triggers or causes energy to go from the earth to the sun, without an external trigger or source then the gravity universe has to be dead.

spacequake signature on bastile day weather event in 2000 and earthquake in china 2010

there are many more questions or ideas that i can think of and i am sure others will come up with many more. some of my first thoughts are below

is the earths fast plasma jet not the “solar wind” itself being reversed but plasma in that area being accelerated towards the earth.
how can scientists explain that the fast plasma jet keeps going backwards and forwards to the earth.
is the signature damping oscillations or a feedback system?
is the plasma jet coming back from the earth the same plasma going towards it or is it part of the exchange in the circuit and earths global electrical weather system. is “earth plasma” coming out instead.

a gallery of all the images they used in the press conference about the spacequakes can be found here: [link to


Sickscent, here’s something to look into, it could be related to crop circle formation.

Astrophysical masers


A brief introduction to the concept of a natural maser is followed by a history of the discovery of masers in space and a discussion of their basic properties. Several arguments are put forward that effectively exclude the possibility of such bright, compact radio sources arising from any other radiation process. The present state of observational knowledge is reviewed with reference to various source regions: massive star-forming regions; circumstellar envelopes; cores of external galaxies (megamasers); supernova remnants; comets; and planetary atmospheres. A complementary review of maser theory discusses progress on the understanding of the saturation, polarization and beaming of astrophysical masers, and the need for accurate molecular data, such as collisional rate coefficients. Likely future opportunities are discussed for both observations and theory. New instruments, some space based, and improved detector technology will revolutionize maser observations, while improved computing power will allow ever more sophisticated modelling. Various applications of masers as astrophysical tools are considered, with applications to distance measurement, cosmology and the SETI programme.
link to]

[link to]

Historical background

In 1965 an unexpected discovery was made by Weaver et al.[3]: emission lines in space, of unknown origin, at a frequency of 1665 MHz. At this time many people still thought that molecules could not exist in space, and so the emission was at first attributed to an unknown interstellar species named Mysterium, but the emission was soon identified as line emission from OH molecules in compact sources within molecular clouds[4]. More discoveries followed, with H2O emission in 1969[5], CH3OH emission in 1970[6] and SiO emission in 1974[7], all coming from within molecular clouds. These were termed “masers”, as from their narrow line-widths and high effective temperatures it became clear that these sources were amplifying microwave radiation.

Masers were then discovered around highly-evolved Late type stars; First was OH emission in 1968[8], then H2O emission in 1969[9] and SiO emission in 1974[10]. Masers were also discovered in external galaxies in 1973[11], and in our own solar system in comet halos.

Another unexpected discovery was made in 1982 with the discovery of emission from an extra-galactic source with an unrivalled luminosity about 106 times larger than any previous source[12]. This was termed a megamaser because of its great luminosity; many more megamasers have since been discovered.


LHC CERN should be proving the 5 wave forms for humanity at any day now…. which could help humanity to construct a nice stargate system….if humanity could figure out Prime number theory as well….Which is a matter of defining a functional shape to the number line….which was discussed on another of my threads…..Bottom line….teleportation is coming closer to reality for humanity.

The implications to this are phenomenal! I wonder if humanity is ready….If somebody had the formulas for proof and went public if humanity would should or could use it? Do you think humanity is ready?

 Quoting: edmond

Dear ‘aether’

Throwing a stone in a pond and recording the effects of the infinite reverberations is interesting for an array. As to the math behind it in application it would necesitate a limit derivative FUNCTION…..Just as in teleportational mathematics the formal relationships break down (otherwise you would have an infinite amount of subsets between time intervals and could never record from one interval to the next) but the FUNCTIONAL is immediately apparent in the arrays recording….Thanks for the find!

 Quoting: edmond

then take your mind to phase conjugate wave (reverse time) propagates…and your thinking/seeing like tesla…huh

 Quoting: aether

Dear ‘Aether’

Tesla had his inventions taken from him and his thoughts surpressed by influential people.

as to my rhyme and reason I am purposing that Mathematically humanity is close to unravelling teleportation that it needs to focus on the function rather than the specificity of the number system. I believe the answer lies in the functions.

Will I post a proof of this to be ridiculed or perhaps worse to be responsible… probabbly not. Someday some website may have an anonymous donation. Is humanity ready? Thats what Im interested in.

 Quoting: edmond

your intuition is correct…..the knowledge (maths) has been known for nearly 100 years…

the fuction of the knowledge has become apparent in the past 30 years…

…humankinds ability to manifest a frame of mind that harmonise with the fuction has yet to manifest

it appears not within humankinds imagination

glimses and fleeting harmonic events/experiences indicate the potential exists within humankind imagination to harmonise/utilize

spin offs (translations) are utilzed by humankind

who knows where these may lead humankind….

 Quoting: aether

Dear ‘AC 1030326’

THANKYOU!!! for proving my point….EXCELLENT link! five shapes =Platonic solids. Icosahedron Dodecahedron octahedron tetrahedron and Cube.

Lhc cern is releasing 5 wave shapes….5 platonic solids in a Torus universe.

Thankyou again!

 Quoting: edmond

there is more to it edmond….

Aether is a rotating magnetic field(RMF) with a quantum spin of 2, no particles are to be found.
Aether will encapsulate angular momentum, and produce matter, that has a quantum interger spin of 1/2.
Angular momentum is not a particle, neither is it’s encapsulation by the RMF into matter, a particle creation.
There is no wave, no particle, just distributed charge. Therefore it can appear as either, but it is neither.

…and it is known to the creators of the array….

 Quoting: aether

The RMF carries a distributed Electrostatic Charge, you cannot have one without the other.
This causes all sub atomic charges to have the same ES charge, but this is not the same realtionship as EM charge.
EM Charge is directly proportional to the mass of the particle….ie EM Charge is the distribued view of linear mass.
So EM quantum charge varies by mass, and ES quantum charge is universal to all sub atomic units.
All structural relationships are a spirograph relationship…1/2 spin angular momentum within a aether 2 spin RMF….PHI ensues at the second pass….and hence PHI is in all forms.

 Quoting: aether

the information is known edmond…it`s the effect on humankinds mind the information creates which is incoherent

humankind is approaching the information from it`s mind shaped beliefs structure (shape/function) which does not correspond to the shape/function of the information coming towards them

there is incoherence between the shapes/function

 Quoting: aether

there is incoherence between the shapes/function
i see it more as incoherence in the physical structures that we are currently using to perceive the shapes/function as they exist in this physical universe

they are what they are , it is the interface which is created individually and thus, collectively which show incoherence to me

 Quoting: ac

Down the Moon Rabbit’s Hole

Down the Lunar Rabbit-hole

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July 12, 2010:  A whole new world came to life for Alice when she followed the White Rabbit down the hole. There was a grinning cat, a Hookah-smoking caterpillar, a Mad Hatter, and much more. It makes you wonder… what’s waiting down the rabbit-hole on the Moon?
Down the Lunar Rabbit-hole (Marius Hills, 200px)

This pit in the Moon’s Marius Hills is big enough to fit the White House completely inside. Credit: NASA/ LROC/ ASU [larger image]
NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) is beaming back images of caverns hundreds of feet deep — beckoning scientists to follow.
“They could be entrances to a geologic wonderland,” says Mark Robinson of Arizona State University, principal investigator for the LRO camera. “We believe the giant holes are skylights that formed when the ceilings of underground lava tubes collapsed.”
Japan’s Kaguya spacecraft first photographed the enormous caverns last year. Now the powerful Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC, the same camera that photographed Apollo landers and astronauts’ tracks in the moondust) is giving us enticing high-resolution images of the caverns’ entrances and their surroundings.
Back in the 1960s, before humans set foot on the Moon, researchers proposed the existence of a network of tunnels, relics of molten lava rivers, beneath the lunar surface. They based their theory on early orbital photographs that revealed hundreds of long, narrow channels called rilles winding across the vast lunar plains, or maria. Scientists believed these rilles to be surface evidence of below-ground tunnels through which lava  flowed billions of years ago.
“It’s exciting that we’ve now confirmed this idea,” says Robinson. “The Kaguya and LROC photos prove that these caverns are skylights to lava tubes, so we know such tunnels can exist intact at least in small segments after several billion years.”
Down the Lunar Rabbit-hole (Kaguya Pits, 550px)

These Kaguya images show the Marius Hills pit in the context of a meandering system of volcanic rilles. Because the pit is in the middle of a rille, it likely represents a collapse in the roof of a lava tube. Credit: JAXA/SELENE [more]
Lava tubes are formed when the upper layer of lava flowing from a volcano starts to cool while the lava underneath continues to flow in tubular channels. The hardened lava above insulates the molten lava below, allowing it to retain its liquid warmth and continue flowing. Lava tubes are found on Earth and can vary from a simple tube to a complex labyrinth that extends for miles.
If the tunnels leading off the skylights have stood the test of time and are still open, they could someday provide human visitors protection from incoming meteoroids and other perils.
“The tunnels offer a perfect radiation shield and a very benign thermal environment,” says Robinson. “Once you get down to 2 meters under the surface of the Moon, the temperature remains fairly constant, probably around -30 to -40 degrees C.”
Down the Lunar Rabbit-hole (The Clever Pit, 200px)

This cavern in Mare Ingenii is almost twice the size of the one in the Marius Hills. Credit: NASA/ Goddard/ ASU [more]
That may sound cold, but it would be welcome news to explorers seeking to escape the temperature extremes of the lunar surface. At the Moon’s equator, mid-day temperatures soar to 100 deg C and plunge to a frigid -150 deg C at night.
Paul Spudis of the Lunar and Planetary Institute agrees that lunar lava tubes and chambers hold potential advantages to future explorers but says, “Hold off on booking your next vacation at the Lunar Carlsbad Hilton. Many tunnels may have filled up with their own solidified lava.”
However, like Alice’s White Queen, who “believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast,” Spudis is keeping an open mind.
“We just can’t tell, with our remote instruments, what the skylights lead to. To find out for sure, we’d need to go to the Moon and do some spelunking. I’ve had my share of surprises in caving. Several years ago I was helping map a lava flow in Hawaii. We had a nice set of vents, sort of like these skylights. It turned out that there was a whole new cave system that was not evident from aerial photos.”
As for something similar under the lunar skylights?
“Who knows?” says Spudis. “The Moon continually surprises me.”
This could be a white rabbit worth following.

Fruitless Quest for God Particle – They Want a New Machine…

Quest for ‘God Particle’ May Require New Atom Smasher

Published July 26, 2010
| Associated Press
PARIS — Scientists behind the European particle collider aimed at uncovering the secrets of the universe pushed Monday to build an even bigger machine — withmoney and partners from around the world.
Instead of whirling atoms in giant rings, as existing colliders in Switzerland and the United States do, scientists want a new-generation machine that will shoot them straight.
Particle physicists gathering in Paris on Monday for the most important conference in their field say a linear atom blaster is needed to complement what existing colliders are telling scientists about the universe, inching them closer to understanding why we are here.
Mel Shochet, a professor at the University of Chicago, said “this is by far the most exciting time” in his particle physics career.
Speaking at a Paris news conference, Shochet said “exciting new phenomena” would be seen first by existing colliders “and then followed up in great detail” by future machines, he said at a Paris press conference.
Depending on who wants to host it — and how much they are willing to pay — the next-generation collider could potentially be built anywhere in the world — with Japan, Russia, the U.S. and Switzerland all possible hosts for the most advanced project.
Scientists are fortified by the results of the $10 billion Large Hadron Collider run by CERN, a particle physics laboratory outside Geneva. A smaller collider called Tevatron is run by Fermilab near Chicago. Both are highly complex machines that took years to bring to fruition.
Rolf Heuer, head of CERN, said he is “pretty happy” about what scientists have so far discovered in Switzerland.
“This is a dark universe” into which the machine “will shed the first light,” he said.
It will be the “interplay and combination of results” between the two different types of atom smashers that allows high-energy physics to advance, he said.
More than 1,000 physicists have gathered in Paris to hear the latest findings from the colliders — and the preparations for their successors — at the International Conference on High Energy Physics, which runs through July 28.
The experiments are more about shaping our understanding of how the universe was created than immediate improvements to technology in our daily lives.
Scientists are attempting to simulate the moments after the Big Bang nearly 14 billion years ago, which they theorize was the creation of the universe.
Plans for the next step include a euro10 billion ($12.85 billion), 50-kilometer (31-mile) tunnel called the International Linear Collider, and the Compact Linear Collider, or CLIC, which is as yet uncosted.
“Both are now really international cooperations, collaborations,” said Heuer.He said plans for the ILC, which first originated in a Hamburg laboratory, are more technologically advanced, but the rival collider aims at higher-energy experiments.
The choice will be determined by the discoveries at CERN, or the European Organization for Nuclear Research, he said.
Barry Barish, director of the proposed ILC, told The Associated Press that scientists could have the technology ready to go ahead with his project in 2012.
“If we are going to build an ambitious machine, then it’s got to be a global machine,” said Barish, a professor at the California Institute of Technology.
The rival project could be five to 10 times more powerful than the ILC — depending on how much funding is available, according to Jean-Pierre Delahaye, CLIC study leader at CERN, who is involved in both projects.
“When we go up in energy, we get closer to the Big Bang moment,” he told the AP.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy, speaking at the conference on Monday, vowed to keep investing in science despite the need to reduce public spending. But investments of the scale being discussed in Paris “can’t be made by a single country, not even by a small group of countries,” he said.
The collider under the Swiss-French border was launched with great fanfare in September 2008, but days later was sidetracked by overheating that set off a chain of problems. CERN had to undertake a $40 million program of repairs and improvements before restarting the machine in November. Since then the collider has reported a series of successes.
In March, the Large Hadron Collider produced its first bang, the most potent force on the tiny atomic level that humans have ever created.
Two beams of protons were sent hurtling in opposite directions toward each other in a 17-mile (27-kilometer) tunnel below the Swiss-French border — the coldest place in the universe at slightly above absolute zero.
CERN used powerful superconducting magnets to force the two beams to cross; two of the protons collided, producing 7 trillion electron volts.
Instead of crashing protons together, the planned new colliders will accelerate electrons and positrons, their antimatter equivalent, Guy Wormser, a leading particle physicist and one of the conference organizers, explained.
Heuer said that CERN’s experiments so far have “done an incredible job,” locating the particles scientists already knew existed. Now their job is to find new ones.
Scientists are searching for the Higgs boson, a hypothetical particle — often called the God particle — that scientists theorize gives mass to other particles and thus to other objects and creatures in the universe.
The colliders also may help scientists see dark matter, the strange stuff that makes up more of the universe than normal matter but has not been seen on Earth.
Researchers of Fermilab haven’t found Higgs, but they have narrowed the range of masses in which the particle could exist, said the University of Chicago’s Shochet.
“Your work represents the oldest dream of man since he tried to understand and transform what goes on around him,” Sarkozy said. “Why is there something rather than nothing?”


Space Weather Turns into an International Problem

July 16, 2010:  Sometimes a problem is so big, one country cannot handle it alone.
That’s the message scientists are delivering at today’s International Living with a Star (ILWS) meeting in Bremen, Germany, and representatives from more than 25 of the world’s most technologically-advanced nations have gathered to hear what they have to say.
“The problem is solar storms—figuring out how to predict them and stay safe from their effects,” says ILWS Chairperson Lika Guhathakurta of NASA headquarters. “We need to make progress on this before the next solar maximum arrives around 2013.”
ILWS (splash)

Click on the image to visit the International Living with a Star (ILWS) home page.
The sun and Earth are separated by 93 million miles of space—a seemingly safe distance. But since the Space Age began, and especially in recent years, there has been a growing realization that 93 million miles really isn’t so far apart. Spacecraft and ground-based observatories have shown that Earth is located in the sun’s outer atmosphere, buffeted by solar winds and pelted by hail storms of energetic particles. Moreover, the two bodies are actually connected by invisible threads of magnetism. During “reconnection events,” which typically happen several times a day, you can trace invisible lines of force all the way from Earth’s poles to the surface of the sun.
“The Earth and sun are interconnected. We cannot study them separately anymore,” says Guhathakurta.
A few years ago, scientists coined the term “heliophysics” to describe the emerging science of the sun-Earth system. As a nod to the importance of the topic, NASA has set up a dedicated Heliophysics Division at HQ in Washington DC, and the United Nations declared 2007 the “International Heliophysical Year” (IHY) in hopes of spurring global involvement in this new field.
ILWS (connection, 200px)

An artist’s concept of Earth’s magnetic field connecting to the sun’s. [more]
Predicting solar activity is a complicated problem, akin in some ways to terrestrial weather forecasting but multiplied in difficulty by the thorny physics of solar plasma and magnetism. Predicting the sun is only half the problem, though; the other half is Earth. How our planet’s magnetic field and atmosphere respond to any given solar storm is a magnetohydrodynamical riddle that top scientists struggle to understand even with the aid of Earth’s most powerful supercomputers. For these reasons, it is often said that space weather forecasting lags 50 years behind its terrestrial counterpart.
“We need more data–and more ideas,” says Guhathakurta.
That’s why, this week, she is handing over her chairmanship of ILWS to Dr. Ji Wu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In addition to leading the ILWS, Wu will spend the next two years harnessing the special talents of the world’s most populous country for heliophysics.
“We have many scientists and lots of fresh ideas,” says Wu. “China will be able to make important contributions in this area.”
Another complication is volume. Heliophysics plays out on a stage which is hundreds of millions of miles wide. Simply keeping track of what’s going on is a significant challenge. NASA and other space agencies have dozens of spacecraft out there, but they are spread over an enormous volume.
ILWS (report, 200px)

A 2008 report by the National Academy of Sciences details the possible consequences of solar storms. [more]
“Imagine trying to monitor Earth’s oceans with a small number of buoys. You’d miss a lot. That’s the situation we’re in now with the ‘ocean of space,'” says Guhathakurta.
China is about to contribute a space-buoy known as “KuaFu,” named after a giant in Chinese mythology who wished to capture the sun. Kuafu will be located at the L1 Lagrange point where it will sample the solar wind upstream from Earth.
“We’re putting KuaFu at a strategic point in space,” says Wu. “The solar wind at L1 is an important input to many science models of the sun-Earth interaction.”
When KuaFu launches it will join a growing international fleet of spacecraft dedicated to heliophysics. NASA, the European Space Agency, the Russian Federal Space Agency, the Canadian Space Agency, JAXA and China are all making significant contributions.
And just in time…
If forecasters are correct, the solar cycle will peak during the years around 2013. And while it probably won’t be the biggest peak on record, human society has never been more vulnerable. The basics of daily life—from communications to weather forecasting to financial services—depend on satellites and high-tech electronics. A 2008 report by the National Academy of Sciences warned that a century-class solar storm could cause billions in economic damage.
Preparing for a “solar Katrina,” launching a new science, harnessing the talents of scientists around the globe: “These are just a few of our goals for this week’s meeting,” says Guhathakurta.
Ambitious? Yes, but in heliophysics thinking big comes with the territory.

Spacequakes Rumble Near Earth

Spacequakes Rumble Near Earth

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Rumbles without sound
Auroras rain down
Magnetic fields shake
Beware the spacequake
July 27, 2010:  Researchers using NASA’s fleet of five THEMIS spacecraft have discovered a form of space weather that packs the punch of an earthquake and plays a key role in sparking bright Northern Lights. They call it “the spacequake.”
Spacequakes (animation, 200px)

A spacequake in action. Click to launch a computer-simulated movie created by Walt Feimer of Goddard’s Scientific Visualization Lab.
A spacequake is a temblor in Earth’s magnetic field. It is felt most strongly in Earth orbit, but is not exclusive to space. The effects can reach all the way down to the surface of Earth itself.
“Magnetic reverberations have been detected at ground stations all around the globe, much like seismic detectors measure a large earthquake,” says THEMIS principal investigator Vassilis Angelopoulos of UCLA.
It’s an apt analogy because “the total energy in a spacequake can rival that of a magnitude 5 or 6 earthquake,” according to Evgeny Panov of the Space Research Institute in Austria. Panov is first author of a paper reporting the results in the April 2010 issue of Geophysical Research Letters (GRL).
In 2007, THEMIS discovered the precursors of spacequakes. The action begins in Earth’s magnetic tail, which is stretched out like a windsock by the million mph solar wind. Sometimes the tail can become so stretched and tension-filled, it snaps back like an over-torqued rubber band. Solar wind plasma trapped in the tail hurtles toward Earth. On more than one occasion, the five THEMIS spacecraft were in the line of fire when these “plasma jets” swept by. Clearly, the jets were going to hit Earth. But what would happen then? The fleet moved closer to the planet to find out.
“Now we know,” says THEMIS project scientist David Sibeck of the Goddard Space Flight Center. “Plasma jets trigger spacequakes.”
Spacequakes (magnetogram, 550px)

During a spacequake, Earth’s magnetic field shakes in a way that is analogous to the shaking of the ground during an earthquake. Image credit: Evgeny Panov, Space Research Institute of Austria. [larger image]
According to THEMIS, the jets crash into the geomagnetic field some 30,000 km above Earth’s equator. The impact sets off a rebounding process, in which the incoming plasma actually bounces up and down on the reverberating magnetic field. Researchers call it “repetitive flow rebuffing.” It’s akin to a tennis ball bouncing up and down on a carpeted floor. The first bounce is a big one, followed by bounces of decreasing amplitude as energy is dissipated in the carpet.
“We’ve long suspected that something like this was happening,” says Sibeck. “By observing the process in situ, however, THEMIS has discovered something new and surprising.”
The surprise is plasma vortices, huge whirls of magnetized gas as wide as Earth itself, spinning on the verge of the quaking magnetic field.
Spacequakes (vortices, 200px)

A THEMIS map of plasma flows during a spacequake. The axes are labeled in Earth radii, so each swirl is about the size of Earth. [larger image]
“When plasma jets hit the inner magnetosphere, vortices with opposite sense of rotation appear and reappear on either side of the plasma jet,” explains Rumi Nakamura of the Space Research Institute in Austria, a co-author of the study. “We believe the vortices can generate substantial electrical currents in the near-Earth environment.”
Acting together, vortices and spacequakes could have a noticeable effect on Earth. The tails of vortices may funnel particles into Earth’s atmosphere, sparking auroras and making waves of ionization that disturb radio communications and GPS. By tugging on surface magnetic fields, spacequakes generate currents in the very ground we walk on. Ground current surges can have profound consequences, in extreme cases bringing down power grids over a wide area.
After THEMIS discovered the jets and quakes, Joachim Birn of the Los Alamos National Lab in New Mexico conducted a computer simulation of the rebounding process. Lo and behold, vortices appeared in good accord with THEMIS measurements. Moreover, the simulations suggest that the rebounding process can be seen from Earth’s surface in the form of ripples and whirls in auroral displays. Ground stations report just such a phenomenon.
“It’s a complicated process, but it all fits together,” says Sibeck.
The work isn’t finished. “We still have a lot to learn,” he adds. “How big can spacequakes become? How many vortices can swirl around Earth at once–and how do they interact with one another?”
Stay tuned for answers from THEMIS.
Vortices swirl
plasma a’twirl
Richter predicts
a magnitude six

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