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I am a Vegetarian

The man who bloodies his hands I believe has the capacity for MUCH more respect for the life he is taking.  I think generally speaking, society has no respect for the life that gives us sustainance.  We call fat people we don’t like cows, we call cops we don’t like pigs, we call wimps we don’t like chickens.  There is no respect.

Hunter’s have proven to be valued stewards of the environment.  The have begun to align with environmental organizations in a last ditch effort to conserve the dwindling natural lands still left.  With proper land management, they play a vital role in helping keep balance (since we have all but eradicated the land’s natural predators).

I am a vegitarian.  Eating meat runs in direct conflict with the respect I have for God’s creations.

via One Planet, One Life & The Sixth Mass Extinction.


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