SickScent and GLP

When it’s time, it is time.  I personally have felt that GLP has been going south, and has become a place of politics more than information.  When I started GLP it was full of mysterious and interesting, strange information…and people that had minimal agendas, more like questioning minds and interesting intellects.  It was more about the lunatic fringe, UFOs and conspiracy theories that were not 100% news stories.

When the world politic news stories became the only thing being pinned, I knew the noose was set, at least for my mind, and that there would really be know way of getting out of it.  Politics is self perpetuating.

I tried to draw minds away from that ideology by posting threads outside of politics, and inside the mind, and inside God’s mind.  There is a saying that the farther you go inside, the more expanded you become.  This is part of the paradox we will always find in the material/non-material relationship.

I have nothing bad to say about GLP, as it is its own entity, with many different facets of itself.  I love the minds and thoughts there, and there was a vast helping to my inner (and outer, though bizarre) experiences that helped me get to the place of peace I am at now. I find that even the negative experiences have taught me patience and humiliation that may not be achievable any other way.

I do not know if this will be just a break, or if this will be permanent.  I haven’t canceled my membership since I started it years ago, so most can probably see that I may be done for good.  I have stopped posting threads of interest because I do not know where else to go with the information that flows from my mind, except into abstract symbols, that may mean nothing except to me.  So, I stopped because I feel that I explained everything I could in all the numerous posts and replies…which sucks, because everything is ‘whole’ in my mind, but for people reading my thoughts, it is just parts and pieces of the whole.  And I began repeating myself, becoming redundant…to myself.

Just remember that people are not always what they seem.  Always question everything.  Question authority.  Question experience.  Question knowledge.  Question everything you have ever learned.

Become your own savior.

– Chad Adams (SickScent)


28 responses to “SickScent and GLP

  • WeAreOne

    Really going to miss you! I was being pestered on the “where is SS thread” so I’m glad you’ve done this 😉 Please keep in touch!

  • scott

    Thank you SS. Some were listening.

  • Tandym

    Hugs! You’ll be missed by us ‘like’ minds. But I will be sure to stop by here often. ~Tandy,

  • Alcoholic Runner

    Thanks for the interesting threads on GLP. I’ve learned quite a bit. Good luck with whatever you’re looking for.

  • Tandym

    SS – any comment on the booming sounds going on in Clintonvile, WI?

  • suvalley

    Chad, I am sorry you felt diminished by the changes at GLP. I see it as a sign of uncertain times, that folks are focused on the politics instead of the wonders of this world.

    I have always found your contributions there to be thought provoking, and you have lead me to new ways of viewing this world, our solar system, space and so many other things-I can’t thank you enough.

    I hope you continue to share your views and thoughts-because they matter-they really do. Not all of us have followed every step of your journey along to where you are now, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need your foot prints to follow 🙂

  • R kenyon

    Hey SS you will be missed, thanks for the supper thread you started. Kept things interesting. formerly Rken currently operating as seeker2, due to a ban for life. lol

  • Searching4Something

    Like A.R. said, thanks for the awesome threads at GLP! It won’t be the same without you!

  • Sickscent

    Thank you guys.

    Tandym, I remember in 2010 I was told we would hear and see strange stuff in the atmosphere. I don’t know if it is mining, the atmosphere or what, though. I haven’t looked into that enough to come to any conclusion.

  • Spazz

    You will be missed, quite the surprise seeing you left. I admired you from afar (lurking mostly) but really enjoyed your thought processes and such. Best of luck to you. Spazz

  • ming

    hey man you really messed with my reading. Every now and then I’d do a search to find threads of yours I hadn’t read yet, and devour it. Food for thought, tasty food too. But now you cancelled your account they’re hard to find. I’m slowly tracking them down lol. At least we still got your blog. Peace.

  • Peter

    There is a lot of crap on GLP and what kept me going back was that there were also a few gems thrown in if you were patient enough to find them.

    Your posts were among those gems I looked for.

    Thanks Chad…will try and track your whereabouts & posts as best I can.

    Thanks for all the info and your insights.
    Be good!

  • Sickscent

    If you ever want a compilation of most of my best threads, just do a search in GLP for a thread entitled Sixth Sense, or follow this link

  • westcoastliberal

    Hi Chad,
    I’ve looked for you on GLP especially with the Solar activity over the past week or 2 and wondered where you were. Don’t blame you a bit for “taking a break”-you’re posts are about the only value I find with that site; it’s “creepy”. The “boeing guy” thread was very enlightening and I appreciate your time.
    I think many people value your comments and search for the truth (along with the rest of us). I’ll check in here frequently, so please continue when you find something of interest.

  • LooK`n

    Hey SS…LooK`n here…..Best wishes brutha..

  • woof658

    Many many thanks SS you and your thoughts are very inportant to us ,may good luck lead you down the path you choose -Jim

  • woof658

    well shoot .my first one didnt show up -so many many thanks again in case it does -you will really be missed -Jim

  • nwdoom

    Hey SS
    Was a follower of your threads on GLP I never said much and then I got banned after I called them out on deleting my thread. Hear anything from the boeing dude?
    I was nwdoom

  • Doolish

    Hi SS,
    Just discovered you were no longer over at GLP, Not a lot of reasons to keep me there now. Many thanks for all your input over the years and I’ll keep checking in here.
    There are some interesting minds over at the Lunatic outpost forum, kinda reminds me of the glp from years ago.


  • N.

    SS, take a look at It would be good to have you there!

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