Wake Induced Lucid Dream

Almost had a WILD last night. I’ve only had one before. For me this has been extremely difficult. For those of you who are not familiar with a WILD, basically it is going to sleep without losing consciousness and projecting right into the astral or lucid dream.
I was very tired, but held onto a trance meditation for about an hour. There are a couple stages I go through. The final stages just before projection is the most important and difficult.
While lying in your trance state, the start of your body preparing for sleep is marked by extreme total body aches. The impulse is to move your body into a more comfortable position. This is your bodies way of confirming you are mentally sleeping. If you don’t move, your body assumes your mind is asleep and begins the paralysis process. If you stay still and focused you won’t experience the paralysis as it sets in. You will experience numbness and weightlessness. These are your projection symptoms. Prepare yourself mindfully to stay calm and focused.
At this point, my wife moved on the bed and snapped me out of it! Over an hour of prep down the drain!
Anyway, during my previously successful WILD, at this point I becan hallucinating a dream like scenario and slipped into the dream. The lack of visuals in this latest attempt made me thing I was going to project into the RTZ. Anyway, that’s it. Hope for success next time!


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