Successfully called for brother in lucid dream

Just had another lucid dream.  Description is hurried cause I wrote it at 5am after I woke up…

I was ww ii fighter pilot.  It was almost as if I was in a video game, but it was playing out for real… Time lines were WWII, 70’s and current day all wrapped into one.

After a mission, I went on R n R.  I was in what seemed to be a bar/restaurant in the daytime.  Met a couple other guys who were in the military.  We decided to go to a movie. The movie ended up being bowling alley. It was like I did time travel, had modern money at late 70’s bowling alley.  I was still a WWII pilot but was now with my wife Steph. We were wandering the halls of the bowling alley/arcade when I went lucid.  I knew there were some things I wanted to accomplish next time I went lucid and I was trying to remember what to do.  Then I remembered I wanted to meet up with my brother Chad.  Didn’t want to leave environment to go look for him, so I yelled out for him.

I’ve only done this a couple times and it is amazing what happens when you yell out to the dreamworld like this.  My voice was BOOMING.  It was like I was on a PA system.  When I yelled, everybody in the place looked at me and froze solid.  It was kind of intimidating.  Then, they got mad that I was calling out and were beginning to get aggressive.  I wasn’t scared of course, I was in a dream!  I told them that they also needed to call out to help and they did.  Soon after, I saw chad walking around looking for me.  We met each other, laughed, and hugged. I asked him if he was lucid and he said yes.  I said “Guess what I am in this dream?”  I rubbed my crew cut and told him to look at my uniform.  He still couldn’t figure it out so I yelled “Fighter pilot!”  He laughed.  Then we went to have a drink and I slowly began to get less lucid and began to fall back into dream. Sat down at crowded bar and then woke up.



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