On a lucid dreaming run!!!

Just a quick note… I have just had 5 of 5 nights of lucid dreaming.  Time to get some goals set because I am running around getting nothing done!!!


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3 responses to “On a lucid dreaming run!!!

  • Chad Adams

    Yep, now is the time to memorize some stuff. Make sure your intentions are to remember your dreams, and to make sure your lucidity is clear and lasting.

  • Chad Adams

    Robert Monroe’s affirmation is a perfect exercise in memorizing stuff and voicing your memorized information into the altered state.

  • SikWilly

    Lucidity has become amazingly clear. I am happy with my progress. Dreams are becoming extremely stable. They are more like stories than random scenes. This goes for both lucid and non-lucid dreams. Control has become really good too. In one of my recent dreams I changed the color and texture of my hand to illustrate to another dream character how it’s done. I do this quite often. I also have shown other characters how to enhance dreams stability by looking at hands or things in the environment. It’s funny because I have found myself showing this stuff to dream characters on a regular basis. I find the character who is most able to accept we are dreaming and then engage with them.

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