Lucid Dream where I met Brian Watson

I won’t make this too long…  I had a dream where I was flying in commercial airliner with my wife.  Engines began to burn out and I knew we were going to crash.  I kept trying to calm my wife down, though she wasn’t getting too upset for she was unsure the plane was going down.  Well it took too long for the plane to crash which caused me to go lucid.  The plane ended up ditching into water next to coastline.  Everybody left plane and gathered on land.  I was lucid and tried to convince my wife of the fact.  She refused to believe we were sleeping.  I asked the people around me “Who believes we might be sleeping?”  Only one person raised his hand.  I asked him his name, where he was from and even his phone number.   His name was Brian Watson.  He was from North Carolina, but I believe was living in Pittsburgh now.  I do not remember his phone number though it did have 7’s and 3’s in it.

Nothing special really happened during dream.  I was just showing him how to stay well grounded in dream environment.



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