The Current Civil War

I believe both parties suck and are way off track. Corporations and campaign financing laws are ruining this country. The powers behind our politics (follow the money) continue their plunder by using divide and conquer tactics. They pit liberals against conservatives using ultra-bi-partisan media (cnn, fox, msnbc, huffington, NY times, CBS, etc) so the liberal and conservative public don’t join forces to stop this ongoing corporate take-over of American policy. We the people??? B.S. We are blinded by bi-partisanship. Until we see that, we’re doomed to a never-ending fight amongst ourselves, a political civil war. We play right into their hands by the relentless demonizing of the opposing party, no matter which side of the aisle we stand. We continue to volunteer our money, our livelihoods, our ideologies, our freedoms, even our sons and our daughters in the name of some false belief that we as individuals have to sacrifice everything in an attempt to defeat not the enemy, but our fellow countrymen, the opposing party. Take the power back. That’s all. Carry on


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