Gods Do Play!

Naked. Deliberately avoiding the drama, the trauma.

You are here, standing naked before yourself,
Though you don’t realize that they are you.
But you trust.

You’re intuition speaks louder than words,
And as their thoughts ring through your psyche,
You sit and realize that there are things much louder than words.

The Earth speaks to you in a deafening roar
and no one can hear, but you.
So you translate.

The infinite voices singing a harmony
just out of reach.  It’s captured and dismantled
piece by piece.

How poetic, how true, how so wonderfully new!
But the melody! Oh how I wish the melody
Could be construed!

In joy would you sing,
In rhythm you would dance!
To read a rhyme and benign such a glance!

Oh, but to dance to the tune of the harp!
So as the song’s read and the lyrics displayed,
The song plays along and the Gods do play!


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