Fear, Astral Projection and Death

This post is aimed as inspiration to overcome your fears.  It is primarily to assist people who are experimenting with altered realities, specifically Astral Projection, but can and should be used in everyday life.  This post will be one of many on the subject.  I am going to describe a facet of this subject that many people deal with and is usually the prime reason they give up…FEAR.  A book I recommend related to education about the astral projection process and experimentation is Robert Bruce’s book “Astral Dynamics” .  I believe this book will put you on the path to a pleasant out-of-body experience.  This activity is not for everybody, but if you found this blog, I am sure you have had an out-of-body experience, have tried to have one, or are curious enough about the subject to at least become educated on it.

In this post I will touch VERY briefly on how the exploration of this altered state may help you in challenging your fears.  This post is meant to be very brief.  Explorers have written books on these subjects, here I am writing only a few paragraphs!!!

Fear, Astral Projection, and Death

As I said in the preface above, fear can be an insurmountable barrier in life and when exploring altered states of consciousness.  If you have experienced these states, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.  The experimentation with these states give you the opportunity to work on your fears.  It is one opportunity of many.  We should be working on overcoming our fears through every experience/opportunity that we have.

The first stages of the OBE experience can be the most challenging.  This is because there are some VERY strong “exit” sensations that accompany this process and people attach all kinds of boogeyman crap to it. It’s like most other things, you get out of it what you are putting into it.  If you believe that roaring sound and intense vibration is the beginning of the end, then thats the experience you’ll walk away with. If you believe that roaring sound and intense vibration are sign posts to the wonderful experience of astral projection, then you will relish your astral experience (with crazy amounts of apprehension!! But that’s the fun part!!).

These pre-exit sensations can come in many different forms.  You can experience the “swimming” of your head.  It is almost like your consciousness is on a roller coaster ride, swimming and swirling inside your head.  You can experience intense vibrations that feels as if your body is about to come apart!  You can hear auditory hallucinations which can take the form of people talking, music, whispering in your ear, amplification of noises occurring in your environment, etc.  You can experience hallucinations or visions.  These may appear as swirling colors that look like swimming amoebas, flashes of light, glimpses of what looks like still-frame pictures or even movies, etc. You can experiencing the extreme pounding of the heart chakra that takes your breath away. These sensations and hallucinations are EXTREMELY real.  Ultimately you will not be able to tell the difference between these “symptoms” and the real thing.  And that is where the challenge lies.  You must learn to sit through these sensations without apprehension and without fear.  Though you can exit from the body while having this fear and apprehension, you chances of a successful exit will increase as you begin to take control of your fears and the experience will be more pleasant…  I will further explain the causes of these sensations and hallucinations in a later post.

What is the key to overcoming fear?  Education, experience, confrontation, and completion, in that order.  Educate yourself on the subject, attempt to experience the subject, confront your fears associated with the subject, and follow through to completion, i.e don’t give up.  With each exposure to each of these stages, apprehension and fear begin to turn into curiosity and adventure.  See yourself as an explorer.  Many have gone before you.  Don’t let people who have not completed these four stages of overcoming fear tell you different.  There are too many misconceptions about this subject by people who have not experienced it, or have only partial experience and are close minded and fearful.  If you have followed your venture through completion and feel it is not for you, change direction.  Again, these practices should be done in everyday life as well as ventures into the unknown.

Upon successful exit (or even a partial exit), your world view will instantly change forever.  Again, I won’t go into detail concerning the astral experience except as it relates to overcoming fear.  These more subtle realms are very responsive to thought, especially thoughts having to do with emotion.  Fear being one of the strongest emotions we can create, our potential for creating fear and then experiencing it directly in the astral is huge!  As is the experience of love, joy, and bliss.

As with your attempts at exit, your experience in the astral can be pleasant or disastrous!  It is all in how you decide to perceive your experience and how much negative baggage your are carrying both consciously and sub-consciously into this realm.  The emotions we experience in the physical will determine our experience in the astral.  But in the astral, your emotions and thoughts can instantly become your reality.  Therefore, in ordinary life (the physical experience) we must learn to control our thoughts and emotions in a manner that is reflective of the way we would like to experience life in the subtle realms.  Do you experience life with love, compassion, friendship, adventure, mystery, travel, exploration, positive relationships, etc., or do you experience life with apprehension, hate, jealousy, fear, prejudice, etc.  Of course in everyday life we experience a full range of these emotions and thoughts, but for the most part there are a handful that define us.  These emotions are the ones that will define your experience in the subtle realms.  Therefore, it benefits us greatly to work on the positive attributes.  And practice makes close to perfect!

If this stuff is real, which it is, your best bet is to practice it now and get all the fear mongering b.s. out of the way while you have the physical to still retreat back to. Do you know where you go when you die? You guessed it, these more subtle realms. However, if you are not prepared and are fearful of all this stuff, when you die you have to suffer through it for a time, because there’s no cozy physical bed to retreat back to.

The astral can be very receptive to your creative thoughts, whether they’re under your control or not. This fear mongering is only creating more negativity. That’s your God given creativity at work. Are you going to create more negative experiences for yourself or are you going to grow up and start being a positive source of creativity to and for the benefit of everybody. What experience are YOU going to bring back to the creator?

Experience life.  Get over your fears.

Everybody says it time and time and time again and we just aren’t getting it. Let go of your fear already. Actually, you can’t really let it go, but confront it! Cause when you do it goes away and you can finally experience existence without it. Sounds kinda like heaven. This is the spiritual path, moving closer and closer to a place where evil does not exist. You begin to realize evil is just a polarity of love, the other side being good, but its all love. That’s hard to believe right now, but that is because we are not awake to the fact. When we are, and eventually you will be, we will start experiencing EVERYTHING as love and consequently will be experiencing our own version of heaven.

You are not going to be eaten by some scary monster in the astral. What… your physical body turns into a dismembered corpse on you bed because a dragon ate you in the astral, or blew fire on you? No!!!! That’s ridiculous! You wake up in your bed and think what a wild trip/adventure that was! Confront your dragons or whatever fanciful thing your fearing, and use the opportunity you’ve been given to PROGRESS! Retreating from your fears is exactly that… retreat. Its a step backwards in your progression forward towards less fear and more love and adventure.  Educate, experience, confront, complete.

You never go away. No dragon or demon can eat you an make you no longer exist. You will go on forever and ever and ever. You will experience negativity until you don’t want to anymore. But you have to GROW past it. There is nothing that is really evil. Woops! Did I just say that? Nothing is evil, it is just you or a demon having a misconception about the reality of things, including a misconception about yourself BECAUSE YOU ARE FEARFUL!

All that being said… if you are not of sound mind, if you have more feet in fantasy land than in the reality of your current focal point, then you can and probably will scare the crap out of yourself. If you delve into the negative aspects of astral projection, if believe the astral is the place of demons and goblins to be fought and defeated, this is what you will experience, and it won’t be pleasant.  If you explore these realms in search of friendship, creativity, beauty, and spiritual expression, your experience will be heaven.  It all depends on where you decide you want to put your mental energy.  Creation is infinite.  Why explore the depths of hell when you can reach the heights of heaven!

Everybody moves at their own pace and everyone will eventually get past this difficult lesson we go through as conscious beings to reach a place of understanding where evil does not exist as evil, but as a polarity which is necessary for creative action. Which is what this aspect of creation is mostly about. The creator creates a creation and then steps inside to experience it using focal points such as your body and your consciousness as the vehicle. The creator is who you are, experiencing a fragmented section of yourself. You are God experiencing you.  So, creativity and experience is what this whole physical realty thing-a-ma-jig is all about.

Astral travel is real.  Go explore if your not too scared! You’re going to find yourself there sooner or later, I guarantee!


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