The Bridge Between Heaven and Earth

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For the practitioner of Inner Alchemy, the human body is revealed to be the meeting-place between Heaven and Earth: a Rainbow Bridge between the Worlds. In Taoism, this energetic landscape is described in terms of the Dantians, the Snow Mountain area and the meridian system. In the Hindu yoga systems, this same terrain is spoken of in terms of the chakras, and the kundalini energy that rises from the base of the spine, awakening these energetic centers one by one.

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The seven planes and 49 subplanes visual.
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The Solar Plexus has been likened to the sun of the body, because it is a central point of distribution for the energy which the body is constantly generating. This energy is very real energy, and this sun is a very real sun, and the energy is being distributed by very real nerves to all parts of the body, and is thrown off in an atmosphere which envelopes the body.

6. If this radiation is sufficiently strong the person is called magnetic; he is said to be filled with personal magnetism. Such a person may wield an immense power for good. His presence alone will often bring comfort to the troubled minds with which he comes in contact.


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