Humanity’s Dark Night of the Soul

The entire world, as a collective conscious, has been going through our own Dark Night of the Soul. St. John of the Cross describes this episode of the human condition in his writings of the same name.

The Dark Night of the Soul is when the soul goes through extreme hardship without the comfort of God or Jesus standing near, guiding the soul, giving the soul – and its constitute human body – faith in the spirit.

I am not of any denomination of religion, but I am very spiritual. So this is not about the various religious sects. This is about spirituality and nothing more.

During our possibly greatest need as a collectively intelligent, spiritual race of beings, we have been cut off from the Source. For those finding their way back, it has been a truly miraculous life now being lived. I know who you are… you are the ones experiencing the impossible.

You are the torch bearer in the darkness. The spark of light in a massive Dark Night of the Soul. You found your way back to spirit through immense adversary… and your experiences, beyond the realm of the physical are, paradoxically, your grounding to this life’s existence and purpose.

The changes are coming, because you are experiencing them happen in your own tabernacle. And the experiences are not relenting, but rather growing greater and more extreme. So take time out and imagine the ones not consciously experiencing the change. Have faith that they will have the strength to spiritually survive the coming end of this Dark Night. As you know, experiencing the impossible can easily shatter the mind…

Have faith. Humility. Personally you understand the difficulties soon to be faced. So rise above the tumult and reach down with a helping hand. The Dark Night of the Soul is ending, and you must be ready.


3 responses to “Humanity’s Dark Night of the Soul

  • Lisa

    Thank you.Heartfelt ❤ w/flowers.

  • Unity7

    In the midst of my dark night; man teeters on and God awaits as I traverse the ever intricate avenues of self experience for a place where vibrational harmony can be had once again. I care not to control my destiny but to Be fully prepared so I may assist with positive light.Aloha from AWhereness!

  • Chad Adams

    HEY!Good to hear from you!Aruna is trying to get a hold of you. She wants your e-mail addy. You want to e-mail me? I've got her addy, so I can give her's to you or your's to her.Say that 3 times fast…

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