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In Columbia, there was an aboriginal tribe… deep in the Amazon jungle… called the Kogi.
They had no language… and “spoke” only telepathically… to each other.
In truth, they made little sounds, but these sounds… were not logically
arranged… into any pattern… such as an alphabet.

They were just sounds, but these sounds…
came from the heart… not the mind… and
created images… inside your head, and you
could “see” what the other person… was

Ellis said… that they were able to “travel” out of body clearly… and knew everything… that was happening around the world, though they had never
physically left… their homeland. They had never even tried… to communicate.. with the outside world, except to a very fortunate few.

The Kogi… do not see us… as “sleeping” as many of the Hindu and Oriental religions perceive us. The Kogi… see us as “dead”.
We are not alive, but only shadows… of the energy we could be.
We do not have enough… life force energy and consciousness… to
be classified by them as real people.

And the Kogi believed… with the use of their psychic abilities, they
could see the future clearly. And what they saw… was similar to
what many other tribes… around the world saw, a world… that was
about to be destroyed… by the misuse of consciousness.

So sometime ago… they traveled over the whole world… in their light bodies… searching for anyone… who is alive. And in the whole world,
they could only find one other tribe… who were Mayan… that lived far in the jungles… of Guatemala. They were so happy… to find someone
else… who was alive.

But the Kogi belief, their prophesy, was that with the coming… of the Eclipse… on August 11th, of 1999… all the world… would stop and
only the Kogi and this one other Mayan tribe… would survive to inhabit the Earth. This is why they were so happy… to find someone else…
other than themselves… who understood.

Then when the eclipse… slowly revealed its face… on the 11th of August,
it became apparent to the Kogi… that something had happened… since
the time… they had searched… the world for life.

Something that they could not understand… for the “great change” had happened, and we, the “dead” ones… were still here. We should have
dissolved back… into the Dream. Not that they wanted us to, that was
not their nature. It simply should have happened.

So the Kogi… set out to find out… why the “dead ones” were still on
Earth, and as they searched… the living vibrating records… of this Reality,
they found… exactly where and why… it had happened.

Some of the “dead ones”, had become alive, and had created a dream… with enough life force… to “save the world” as we know it.
In our terms, some of us… had created a “parallel world”, where life could continue to grow, a world… where the “dead” could become alive.
The Kogi… were so specific… to locate… exactly who these people were… that were creating this change… that had altered the world’s


6 responses to “The KOGI

  • Anonymous

    Hey Chad, That is a really interesting story. I have been to your site many times, and am fascinated with the ideas that you posit. Have you found a publisher? Anonymous TI

  • Chad Adams

    I thought the story was amazing too. It feels really good for others to be fascinated with the ideas I put out there. If I put it out there, then it is something I am very interested in, and I jave been very lucky to have so many enjoy it.I haven't found a publisher yet. Most all of my writings have been put on hold while I concentrate on my day job. I have yet to really shop my work around like it needs to be…hell, that takes more work than the writing!Thank you for your words.Chad Adams

  • Anonymous

    Hi Sickscent, as GLP is down now, where will you share your thoughts? Tina

  • Chad Adams

    Tina, perhaps it is time to write my books I have put on the back burner for so long…

  • tinam462

    That would be awesome, your ideas are resonating truth with me, and thanks for the Kogi article maybe that means there is hope for this species called humans after all, that is the best news I have had in a while. Take care, Tina

  • Believer

    Hey Chad,Didn't see you for quite sometime on GLP. Great article you posted here on Kogi. So did u hear anything again from the Boeii-ng guy or any other news of importance.Cheers

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