Hope Grows as Journals Weigh in on Italian Cold Fusion Breakthrough

New Energy Times and LENR-CANR.org weigh in with optimistic statements about Andrea Rossi’s revolutionary claim of a hydrogen-nickel fusion device capable of producing 10 kilowatts of heat.

By Sterling D. Allan, with Buddy of Georgia, USA
Pure Energy Systems News

Scientists prepare to demonstrate Rossi’s 10 kW heat generating device during the Italian press conference Jan. 14, 2011.

When cold fusion was first presented in 1989, a flurry of international enthusiasm gushed over the possibility of cheap, clean, reliable power. But then, cold fusion was quickly dismissed as junk science because the effect was so difficult to reproduce consistently, because not enough was known about it yet. Unfortunately, that stigma has stuck, reinforced by ugly politics of science, which ignore principles of science.

Meanwhile, a small subset of researchers from all over the world, mainly in academic institutions, have continued to pursue the science, despite the ridicule they get from colleagues. This has been heroic, considering how important a credible reputation is within academia, and the hit these people take to their perceived credibility when they persist in giving cold fusion a chance.

So while mainstream science spurns cold fusion vehemently, a maverick minority has been pursuing it with just as much passion; holding international conferences, publishing papers in their margin journals, and comparing notes.

And they don’t like calling it “cold fusion,” both because of the stigma attached to that phrase, as well as the inaccuracy of the name from a strict interpretation point of view. It’s most often called a “Low Energy Nuclear Reaction” or LENR.

The Big Announcement

With Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi announcing in a press conference and demonstration last Friday that they had a device that produces 10 kilowatts of energy (enough to power five homes), and that they were now going into production with the patented technology; you can imagine that the LENR community has been abuzz with interest about this amazing disclosure. Though there has been plenty of skepticism, the general tone seems to be increasingly positive, as can be seen in the excerpts below.

Three of the premier media sources in that arena are Jed Rothwell’s LENR-CANR.org, Steven Krivit’s New Energy Times, and Infinite Energy. A sampling of they’re take on this is represented here. There are other players in the cold fusion journalistic world as well, including those that cater to non-English-speaking audiences.


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