We are Not What We Once Were…and Not Yet Decided What We are…but We are Remembering

My thought patterns on specific concepts that the ancients put forth, that in turn have become constructs of our reality, have changed in the last year.

Imagine, knowing your spirit while being physical, knowing what is beyond physical death, being in communion with not only your past, but others past…being in communion with the universe…no disease, no hunger, no violence, no lies, no distrust in the human condition…rather, everything about your spiritual/physical family of beings is pure…nothing missing…the veil is not only gone, it had yet to even come into existence.

Back then, energies began leaving, and the veil was coming. Some began thinking of what exactly that might entail, though they could not imagine it as it truly would become…because the veil…the forgetting…the separation had yet to make mankind fall into tragedy, trauma…fear. Imagine…fear was not even in their reality…they were connected to everything. It was the Golden Age.

As cycles spin round, spiral in form as the universe decrees, the increased energies that birthed their Golden Age – their own version of the Fluff that they resided in – began falling, spinning away from the solar system into mythology, receding into the aether behind.

We spiritual beings called humans were entering the darkness at the same rate that the Fluff fell away, falling away from knowing the universe, falling far from the comfort of God’s communion…A new name took hold…The Fallen. And the process of forgetting our souls began…of being separated from the divine, of the eternal fall from being a conscious spiritual knowing being…to being utterly alone…a massive scarring took place within our collective pysche. During the falling process, when we were in the throes of forgetting what we are, we scrambled to remember what we were losing…Memories carved in stone, raised as monuments…frozen memories defying time. Some held on longer (they had yet to forget, but in their horror, they witnessed others already fallen) but knew that soon we all were going to lose contact with our souls…and so ensued massive trauma, something much worse than death, not only a tragedy to the human condition, but to our divine souls…the horror that was to come…the killing fields that would soak the world through…

They knew that when the Fluff left (the interstellar cloud, though they thought of it differently, of course) we would FORGET…so they wrote to the future…I Ching, ‘religious texts’, pyramids, secret knowledge, calendars, etc…someday they knew that there would come a day (the universe decrees the spinning of the spiral, after all) when a new Golden Age would surface…and just as our memory once fell away with a receding interstellar cloud, memory would rise once more, like a surging wave, an all encompassing spirit arriving on the cloud of God…

So, in attempts to tell us how to live properly, one with all, without killing/stealing/lying…without fear…they shouted from the past.

But there was a problem…They did not know how far reality would change. When going from one age of darkness, to an age of light, and vice-versa, ‘reality’ is different…it changes…so confusion and misunderstanding and convolusion reigned as one age living in a fading light, tried to communicate to the coming age of darkness.

But they shouted as loud as they could…on stone, on copper, vellum in sealed vase, in symbols, in writing, books, in visions, in dreams, in myths, in prophecies, on pyramids, on monoliths, in calendars, in the alignment of stars, in maps, tombs, in the very structures of their civilizations…

God, how much louder do they have to be…?

Imagine the fear that must have gripped them when the forgetting began to accomplish all of the above…all for us…for the first time in an eternal spirit’s reality, the true unknown lay stretched out in front of them (knowing that they would be us) for thousands and thousands of years…with NO WAY OUT…not because there was no way out, but merely because we forgot there was a way.

We are finally beginning to remember again. We are remembering that we were never left all alone…we are remembering that there has always been a way.

Its been a long time, hasn’t it…?

– Chad Adams


8 responses to “We are Not What We Once Were…and Not Yet Decided What We are…but We are Remembering

  • Anonymous

    What a great and touching piece.You my friend are right on the truth!My heart all of my being tells me so.We simply forgot who we are…yet we are waking up to the end/beginning!Brilliant Chad!

  • Anonymous

    Everything I've experienced has been voiced by the author.Look to your soul because time is short and judgement near.Who are you really, Chad Adams ?

  • Anonymous

    The wave recedes then returns for us. And what about the dark alley where rapists are sure to lurk? Or the dark hallway that is presenting a taste of off worldly affairs that potentially threaten not only our survival, but our entire belief system. And what happens if eventually that all falls away. What are we left with? Are we finally naked? Not seeing the wind for the air or the forest for the trees? Naked. Deliberately avoiding the drama, the trauma. You are here, standing naked before yourself, though you don't realize that they are you. But you trust. You're intuition speaks louder than words, and as their thoughts ring through your psyche, you sit and realize that there are things much louder than words. The Earth speaks to you in a deafening roar and no one can hear, but you. So you translate, the infinite voices singing a harmony just out of reach. It's captured and dismantled piece by piece. How poetic, how true, how so wonderfully new! But the melody! Oh how I wish the melody could be construed! In joy would you sing, in rhythm you would dance! To read and rhyme and benign such a glance! Oh, but to dance to the tune of the harp! So as the song's read and the lyrics dismayed, the song plays along and the Gods played.

  • Anonymous

    I´m truly enjoying your writings on spirituality. Your words resonated with me and it´s actually something I've been thinking about lately. I do feel the veil is coming down and we are slowly all starting to wake up and remember what we really are. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this and by all means, PLEASE keep 'em coming!

  • Chad Adams

    Thanks for your words. It is much appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    just wanted to say thanks. i was introduced to you by your keen comments on glp. then came to your site. just got through reading all your blogs and pieces you've put together. really wish I had the brain you possess! I can't grasp as much as you, but the journey to reach just above me has been amazing. I just found this video…nothing new to you I'm sure, but just sharing anyway! Thanks again.http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1966820922322808100#

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