Schumman Resonance and the Natural Frequencies of the Human Brain…and the Incoming – Producing Collective Conscious…Collective Spiritual States?

Alright, I am going to propose something, and I do not know how many of you are going to be able to accept this.

Again, we are going to have to do a little background on the science before I can suggest my theory.


Schuman Resonances

The natural frequencies of the Human Brain are:
Beta waves (14 to 30 Hz),
Alpha waves (8 to 13 Hz),
Theta waves (4 to 7 Hz), and
Delta waves (1 to 3 Hz).

Alpha frequencies have been associated with meditation and relaxation.
Theta frequencies have been associated with a dreamy, creative states.

The 1 Hz frequency of the Delta waves is 7.5 times lower than the 7.5 Hz natural frequency at the surface of the Earth. Since the radius of the Earth is about 6,400 km, the radius for a 1 Hz natural frequency is about 7.5 x 6,400 = 48,000 km.

Here are some natural frequencies that seem to correspond
to the Delta and Theta waves of the Human Brain.

Plasma Sheet (opposite Sun), inner radius = 60,000 km 0.8 Hz

Magnetopause (toward Sun), radius = 60,000 km 0.8 Hz

Geosynchronous orbit, radius = 35,000 km 1.4 Hz

Outer Van Allen electron belt, outer radius = 25,000 km 2 Hz

Inner Van Allen proton belt, outer radius = 12,000 km 4 Hz

Inner Van Allen proton belt, inner radius = 8,400 km 5.7 Hz

As to the following frequencies:

Magnetopause (opposite Sun), radius = 380,000 km 0.125 Hz

Plasma Sheet (opposite Sun), outer radius = 380,000 km 0.125 Hz

Moon orbit, radius = 384,000 km 0.125 Hz

It is interesting that 0.125 Hz is about 8 seconds per cycle, which is roughly the same period as the 5 second delay that has been observed between the onset of a 1 to 2 millitesla magnetic field (about 100 times stronger than Earth’s magnetic field) and the first bursts of brain activity responding to the magnetic field.
(See Science 260 (11 June 1993) 1590.)

Low-frequency electromagnetic waves of humans may be associated with Qi. If so, Qi may be detectable physically.

The Qi Field is one of the promising New Technologies. (more on Qi Field: Living beings, such as humans, may have an Energy Field called a Qi Field)
(The Qi Field
The Qi Field is called a biofield by A. Detela in his work that describes it as a three-dimensional web woven of vibrating electric and magnetic fields. Lines of these fields are like tiny threads in a three-dimensional textile. These electromagnetic fields display very complex internal organisation. We find a peculiar kind of chiral solutions to Maxwell equations, which do not dissipate energy and lead to stable field structures. This is the so-called informational basis of the biofield. The simplest structures of these kind are toroidal knots. When electric charge with very light mass enters the informational biofield, non-linear phenomena take place. These non-linear phenomena are based upon bifurcations in internal electric currents and upon resonance effects between currents and fields. We find an evolution of the field structure. This evolution is a syntropic process, oriented in time. There are several obvious conditions for syntropic behavior and one of them is quantum coherence in the states of electric charge. Biofield always comprises both : the informational basis and the evolutionary component. Both are necessary. The first obeys the linear Maxwell equations and preserves the structural form of the biofield. Linearity leads to superposition of many different non-local states, therefore to a great capacity of information storage. The second is responsible for evolution of the biofield from primitive toroidal knots to very complex forms (with many knots) which show all the features of life. The structure of biofield is in close correspondence with the molecular structure of living organisms. The discrete knots in the biofield web are in interaction with discrete atoms and molecules in living cells, therefore biofield can regulate many processes in living cells. The most probable candidates for this interaction are chiral molecular structures of proteins and nucleotides, for example microtubules and DNA helices.)

The microtubule structure of brains and other cells may
be the key to phenomena such as consciousness.

Human brain wave activity can be compared to that of Dolphins.

Some experiments show connections between the brain states and resonant electromagnetic waves, raising the possibility that the Human Brain has evolved to be “in tune” with Planet Earth.

Dolphin and Human Brains may contain BioMagnetite that could give them an electromagnetic sense that could provide a link between Brains and many types of electromagnetic phenomena, including but not limited to Schumann Resonance Phenomena.


OK, so here is what I am going to propose: What if this incoming magnetic ‘ribbon’, or field, or fluff lowers the Schumann Resonances of the planet? Remember, at normal Schumannn Resonance the planet is at 7.5 Hz. Because of all the electrical activity that we surround ourselves in (electricty lines, cell phones, radios, ect.) we are surrounded by a Hz higher than 7.5 Hz, thus creating a ‘less relaxing’ and more anxiety prone atmosphere for us to live in.

What if this magnetic field:

1. Causes failure of all electric grids, thus putting our ground area atmosphere back to 7.5 Hz.

2. Causes the possibilty that the Earth gets submerged in it, thus lowering by volumes the Schumann Resonance.

3. And this affect was registered by our brain, which functions by electro-magnetic pulses. A lowered Schumann Resonance, one that would go beyond Theta, into Delta and
further… what would we experience!?

Spiritual rapture, dream states, creative insurges. Imagine it, the entire world population suddenly experiencing this!

Just another phenomenon of the approaching Golden Age!

Imagine the Schumman resonance of 7.5 Hz (being in a mental state of one with Earth’s natural environment), and lower it (due to incoming frequency changes coming from interstellar bodies that have penetrated our heliosphere).

As it lowers, it is putting the brain/consciousness into deeper and deeper ‘meditative’ states. Once you get to certain frequencies, spiritual experiences begin occurring that are REAL to the person experiencing them.

-Chad Adams


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