Universal, Primordial Magnetic Fields Discovered in Deep Space

Remember those small magnets you had in school, learning about fields of attraction and repulsion…

…and those BIG magnets that can guide elemental particles down massive tubes near the speed of light…

…and imagine the UNIVERSE ‘filled’ with that invisible, what would you call it? …field

…massive magnetic fields looming in the darkness between the stars, guiding and shaping the material

Remember…they used to think GRAVITY was what did this…they don’t think that anymore!

 Astronomers have suspected that magnetic fields in space play a key role in the makeup of galaxy clusters — the basic building blocks of the universe…

…“We think magnetism, in some locations of the universe, could have been as important as gravity in shaping the overall structure,” said Brian McNamara…

…The data suggest that the ghost cavities are filled with magnetic fields, which are released into the cosmos when the cavities burst apart. This could explain the strong magnetic forces that make up the structure of galaxy clusters, according to the astronomers….

…The key role of magnetic forces in galaxy clusters suggests that they also may have been an important mechanism in creating cosmic structure in the distant past, when the universe was smaller and the radio emission was more powerful, McNamara added.

ScienceDaily (Sep. 22, 2010) — Scientists from the California Institute of Technology and UCLA have discovered evidence of “universal ubiquitous magnetic fields” that have permeated deep space between galaxies since the time of the Big Bang…

…”We found the signs of primordial magnetic fields in deep space between galaxies,” Ando said.

Physicists have hypothesized for many years that a universal magnetic field should permeate deep space between galaxies, but there was no way to observe it or measure it until now.


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