Embracing the Unfamiliar…HISTORY

as awareness embraces the unfamiliar
our universe now no longer similiar
could it be that humanities history
is also not what was thought to be

imagine this……….
“During the Mesozoic, proto-Saturn (Ouranos) orbited the Sun in what is now the asteroid belt. It was probably the only body orbiting the Sun, its immense size locking it into a binary system which astronomers believe to be the more usual solar system formation. Earth and other satellites orbited proto-Saturn, which dominated the skies to the almost complete exclusion of the Sun and other celestial bodies; in comparison, the Sun was an insignificant body, proto-Saturn being the main source of heat and light. 
The Earth was dominated by the large single super-continent Pangaea, with the World Mountain at its epicentre, and surrounded by a fresh-water shallow Sea. Only a non-rotating synchronous orbit, with the super-continent locked into and facing proto-Saturn, would account for this stability. 
The climate was sub-tropical with high humidity. The synchronous (syn-, chronous: ‘together with Saturn’?) orbit meant constant light and heat, and hence no variation in temperature. There were no tidal forces in the large shallow Sea, and hence no sedimentation. There were no seasons and hence minimal tree rings. 
Birds, mammals and our ancestors inhabited the planet during the Mesozoic and coexisted with the dinosaurs .
In much the same ways as our diversity exists today, cultures varied from the sophisticated, who lived towards the World Mountain, to the primitive who lived towards the edges of the super-continent. Giantism was common in this era of reduced gravitation and size and bulk were no disadvantage. 
The Earth and original satellites of proto-Saturn separated some 15,000-20,000 years ago and the Golden Mesozoic Age came to an end. Proto-Saturn separated into many parts, to form the gas giants Neptune and Uranus. Proto-Saturn became Saturn. Some of the smaller debris became moons of the outer planets and much remained in the original orbit as the asteroid belt. The events were witnessed by the peoples of the Earth and became the basis of the ancient catastrophic mythologies , beginning with the Genesis event ‘Let There be Light’. During separation, Earth was saturated with radiation from proto-Saturn, which caused much mutation and was the catalyst for new sequences of evolution for many generations. The same radiation rendered all forms of radiometric dating useless, causing grossly exaggerated time-scales. 
Separated from proto-Saturn, planet Earth commenced rotation and the charge focused on the World Mountain dispersed. The Earth lost its inherent stability and, with the new centrifugal force, the super-continent separated and ‘drifted’, changing the pear-shaped Earth into its present shape. The dispersion of the charge, together with piezo-electro effects in the rocks, enabled the separation to take place in hours, rather than millions of years. 
The survivors of the catastrophe found themselves in a completely new environment: lower temperatures, seasons, diurnal variations, a changed atmosphere and an apparently greater gravitational effect. This was neither the environment, nor the ‘solar’ system, in which life had evolved.”


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