BEACHHEADS – Islands of the Future in a Sea of Past – The Third Millennium – Ken Carey

No lasting change is ever wrought from without…

These days we find a few individuals from every community who begin to suspect that there might be something beyond your culture’s understanding of reality. When this occurs, we have a breakthrough. A beachhead. These, we can and do reach. Generally, it is then only a short time before these first-to-awaken translate their new awareness into terms better suited than ours to convey it to others locked within their particular brand of illusion, thereby helping them to awaken also…

…Until the moment of final awakening when the field of planetary consciousness jells in cohesive realization, military power will continue to be a necessity for all but a few nations…

…The words that have been assigned to our thought currents today may appear in printed pages tomorrow as triggers, memory catalyst, or sparks to ignite and renew awareness, but words are not truth…

As you move across the stream (stream of eternal consciousness), you notice something strange and beautiful: each new gain in comprehension brings a correspondingly reduction in complexity. You become simpler as you become wiser, until the day arrives when once again your understanding is your own, no longer polluted with what you have been told or what you have heard, but fresh as new perception, pure as a mountain spring, clear as the guileless eyes of a conscious child...

…Across the former chasm between the world of spirit and the worlds of form, lightning leaps. Suddenly, blinding in its brightness, startling at first, then quickly slowing to a steady, pulsing luminosity within all things animate and alive, a powerful glow holds everything evenly, gently in a flowing power, as slowly, slowly through it, eternal consciousness flows, grows, and glows brighter, burning away the last crusts of separation and decay, warming, illuminating, emerging as a radiant individuation of love in every healthy human soul.

In this fusion of spirit and matter, the luminous biology emerges that can accommodate more than just occasional visitations from beings galactic and beyond, biology that can accommodate the gentle descent and awakening of the Star Maker, the intelligence of the primal unified consciousness field itself, the Presence of whose passing observations create life and whose interests transform…

– Ken Carey


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