Incoherent Emotions<<<>>>Coherence Emerging

in my opinion, everything should continue speeding up and moving forward…is that your view also? youve said it was, but we had yet to see it…then we witnessed that process in the science end of things…also, if you feel all the green lights are on, than small surprises like this one should also begin manifesting more often as even things beyond our/your current thought patterns are also aligned to ‘green light’ manifestation…and like your counter party, you suddenly realize that this is the case. – SickScent

but there was an agenda remember…this year for the politics and next year for the physics…this is with government…not esoterica…….what happened to me a little over a week ago and the report it manifested is less than a week old…the esoteric effects and the communication with off planet effect is unfolding rapidly but the “civil services,” non esoteric bureaucracies, that maintain the running of each and every governmental culture, no matter whom or what is in power, does not move at the speed of esoteric events….with that in mind i accept and understand their needs for the well being of all they have the responsibility of protecting (everybody) in the manner they see fit, and i am following their wishes at this moment, as i always do when it feels correct to do so…this is how it is today…in a week, who knows…..nothing is fixed but it is coherent….or as close to coherent as we can match it within our global circumstances 

what is attached to you…what does it feel like? is it knowing what you are….as in what you are in what you are in…your place/purpose within our universe? – field

What does it feel like…like running in a dream and never going anywhere…the weights and chains may get heavier and heavier, but I can still never slow my pace…so fucking pile it on, it doesn’t matter, I still have to hold the pace…that is why I always say, I cannot wait to rest…
When I experience the dark places…usually about once every two weeks or so nowadays, I draw the nasties to me to free the trapped ones…so who the fuck knows what is attached…I unconsciously rely on xxxx to clear some of those things out as I have given her full permission to do whatever she wishes with me, even on a soul level, but I am sure their are always many things that attach to me…
– SickScent

the way you are doing it is the only way…stand your ground….ace…fucking ace…
in nov 1998 every entity that interacts with humans (not off planets) has consequences to their actions demonics and angelics NO EXCEPTIONS…there never was before…no comeback…they all blame humans…now they have to think a bit more…consequence time is whenever it is…lets see…huh
– field

I would like to spend some time on this…but I haven’t been able to lately…it is extremely important to understand how humans are living in realities that only are contained within their own mind constructs, and are not living lives true to real physical experiences…we bleed fantasy into nearly everything we do…and we treat, many times, as if that fantasy were reality and react upon the fantasy as the ‘real’ state, when the actual experience truly doesn’t contain the fantastical element……think about government institutions lying to us, and we accept it as reality, when in truth, it is fantasies created in the minds…think about if/when science has it wrong and we live our reality falsely like when it was thought that everything revolved around the Earth…or that gravity ruled structure…the minds at that time lived in a fantasy that they took to be Truth…our entire history and current paradigms are fantasy elements that are not Truth, but rather fantasy that is only reality in human minds, not the universes reality…the true reality of what took place in the past, or how the universe is in the present…

Our emotions are incoherent to other species because of the fantasies we place inside the human condition…an example of this is fear…that emotion alone causes many humans to act in ways that they otherwise never would, because they are ‘fantasizing’ and imagining things that really are not in the experience, only in their minds…

Makes us Unpredictable…and with that unpredictability comes caution in dealing with us…extreme caution…all of our emotions are contaminated with these fantasies that are only in our minds, but we react to them as if they are real…a jealous husband…fantasies that we watch on TV and react to them as if they are a part of daily life…love we might feel for someone, but as only a reaction to past experiences (infatuation)…

If you are not submerged in the human condition, it would be very difficult interacting properly with us, don’t you think…They do not fathom our reactions, because they are not part of the human condition…conditions that we relate to through fantasy…– SickScent

What I’m finding in exploring dreams and conscious observation is that fantasy is quite a problem, possibly I would go so far as to call it a drug in many people’s lives. Here’s why I say this. AC says …fantasy is a defense mechanism against living in hell…. I say the living in hell part is the fantasy that is imagined, and not necessarily real. It is a perceived condition through your individual situation. The experiencer is stating they are living in hell because of what they perceive as someone else’s fantasy as controller. It seems that the experiencer allows the conditions and gives over the power of control, thus allowing the other to fulfill their fantasy, if indeed it is their fantasy at all. Let’s take another example you mentioned, SS, as a jealous husband. Let’s say a husband sees his wife talking with another man at a party. They disappear for a while and then he sees them fondly embrace and perhaps kiss. What he’s thinking is linked together with imaginary glue, and depending on past events in his life and his security level, that glue could be anything. The experiencer observes a situation and fantasizes a scenario to fit the pictures. By the same token, the wife and man have theirs. Fantasy makes us unpredictable to each other, let alone other species. Just thoughts. – AWhereness

Now, what if an intelligent species wanted to make contact (just bear with me)…the intelligent species lives by universal truths, which makes lies and ‘fantasy’ non-existent to their reality…What are the humans reacting to? It would be like giant blank spots that humans react to, for no reason at all, and the humans react to these blank spots as if the blank spots were real! when nothing about the blank spots are…
how could that other intelligent species interact with us…we would be completely unpredictable…we are reacting to things that DO NOT EXIST…

The thought shapes…the thought patterns that we base our actions in reality on…are of the wrong shapes…they are out of coherence to the rest of the universe…we have created our own solitude…

AWhereness, please describe this very deeply…try and do it looking from outside the human condition…imagine not ever experiencing lies and fantasy in your reality…lies and fantasy DO NOT EVEN EXIST in your reality, within your world…and then describe, deeply…what you see…and remember, imagination exists…for imagination is part of creation…

Field…how to explain something…or show it how it works…when it is a natural occurrence in the mind…?

They are FULLY aware and conscious of both aspects…if they weren’t, then they would not have become the convergent species for physical directives regarding humankind along those same directives…hmmm…I am just running on train of thought…you are manifesting the translation of soul for humankind’s nonmaterial/material aspects for conscious interaction in the physical realm…I want to practice your process…lol…tell me the process! one that will immediately work…heh, heh…– SickScent

i dunno…i don`t think about it cos i can not imagine not knowing…that`s why we are doing it as we are…i have to find within humankind knowledge the ingredients to get me to see how it works through human eyes…i am not human minded…..i am how human minds will be….that is the problem….

…they are the best equipped to deal with human emotion…all human emotional translating is incoherent…if you had never met humans before but were yourself at a level of awareness within our universe where you had the ability to come and observe them…the effect of human radiated emotion would begin where human imagination of hell ends…….it is indescribable shocking to a non human because each and every emotion carries the right shapes/pulses for it to exist but because there has never been within the imagination of humans the correct awareness of the cause and effects of all things..all of their emotions are contaminated with their fantasy….which to an intelligence of non human origin type we are discussing…is worse than hell because they can never fathom a creature that naturaly exists and radiates the right shapes yet the information contained within those shapes is filled with horror………they know why we exist but they can never fathom our actions because they do not relate to our fantasies……that was the problem we are here to resolve……

human emotions brings out the worst in non humans…..everything started within the material universe…ie: it has a history of how it becomes what it is….human emotions automatically force others to react back to their own history, one way or another….because humans radiate the corrects shapes (pulses) which attract other intelligent life forms .which is natural , the attracted can do nothing about it…….but the information contained within the pulsed attraction pulses is directly opposite. in infinite ways .to the singular natural attractive pulse radiated. this is due to the infinite fantasies within human imagination

one simple attract pulse always radiating cos no fuck knows their doing…infinite ways it fucks up

everything manifested within the material universe is here cos it should be… an electron…tree…moon…tooth and claw…mantis……everything is structured so it`s first pulsed and continues signal is “want me”…this is how all manifestations join the pulsed material universe…and all other material, upon detecting that, new to them,…first and continuous pulsed signal send confirmation of them wanting (accepting) the new signal automatically (naturally) , it is part of their structure, this is how the universe maintains coherence……the greater the intelligence that is pulsing the more complex (stronger) the signal……so a human is high our golden age they knew so each first pulse from each new arrival maintained the universes coherence and that is why animals..insects ect didn`t bite them….

within human fantasies are many realities…this has the effect of frequently attracting an intelligence that is responding to that or those realities…without exception at some point…the human moves into it`s fantasy which the reality is part of within their mind…this has devastating effects upon the interacting party whom can never know what or why the human does or is doing what it is because fantasy does not exist within it`s own imagination…..reality of infinite real potential is all that exists within their minds ….which in practise makes human fantasy…whatever is was or is…..insignificant within positive emotions as well as being non existent in practice…field

Ok, this is very interesting because I just got something out of it in a flash…the mere presence of the attraction pulse emenating from human thought patterns, and distorted into fantasies that become reality in minds because we have never been presented with the True workings of the universe…the fantasies of which are embedded inside the attraction pulses of human kind, CAUSE THE ETs TO EXPERIENCE WHAT THE HUMANS ARE EXPERIENCING. They are learning about the human condition DIRECTLY THROUGH THEIR OWN EXPERIENCE OF CONTACT WITH US.

if they were to attempt a true understanding of the human condition, they themselves would have to create imagination pulses of a fantastical nature in order to find out what we’re about…since our fantasy/realities our outside natural universe coherence (information directly from the universe fields..remember information=energy)…they would have to fantasize a reality as well, like an imagination guessing game, inside their own overall mind structure/function…

What would this do? Fucking EXACTLY WHAT IT DID TO US…THEY WOULD LOSE THEIR WAY! The fantasies become a feedback loop since they are being expressed as a reality…since it is being expressed as a reality, in the intelligent species experiencing it, the fantasy IS the makeup of reality. Reminds me of how karma would initially be created…how we can get stuck in the loop of reincarnations.

So, the offworlders would fucking keep a distance. TALK ABOUT A DANGEROUS FUCKING SPECIES WE MUST BE! – SickScent

Beautiful. The key is acting. Stilling ourselves to the place of being–without the glamour, fuss and fanfare of thought(99.9% preconceived)–presents these non human entities the opportunity to connect, to see into our being as we, in our stillness, see into them. That is put simply, I know. The empty cup versus the full cup analogy fits here.

Now to imagining and fantasy. Distinction here is good. Fantasy is fraught with preconceived ideas and images, not those created (on the stop) necessarily by yourself but by prior experience. The scenarios fashioning these fantasies are embedded with emotions of every level; built never solely from the immediate situation but from all your past experience. They can not be clean because you are piecing it together with what is available with what you already have.

Imagination has the capacity to create from a blank slate(so to speak)and cast its tendrils into the unknown. Therefore, when we encounter intelligent species, that connection will rely on the blank slates of both species to weave a comprehensive dialogue. The common universal truths will be the direct hits of awareness, that bolt that resets our clocks. And I’m not talking about time.

With me so far?

With fantasy, we have a situation where we take something we presume or know as enjoyable and build a scenario. Many science fiction and fantasy writers get bogged down in their story lines because it is risky to venture beyond certain emotionally manipulating terrain. Imagination does not require us to use these familiar tools but builds on the creative impulses and unique insights of the individual. It does seem a dryer climate at times, and often without functional reward.

That is the place to start. Open the imagination, stark and unfathomably immense. Unknowable and all knowing. We are just now peering into the eyes of God.(or aliens, etc)

No legends, no Bible story, no movie clip or cartoon…No thing. A place, a space of Being available for potential. The Energy that sparked in the loins, cartwheeled through your bowels and into your stomach, clenching your heart and catching in your throat, spiraling up and out the top of your head. You are ready to be filled again.– AWhereness

I can see the way in…
No legends, no Bible story, no movie clip or cartoon…No thing. A place, a space of Being available for potential

i can see the result….
The Energy that sparked in the loins, cartwheeled through your bowels and into your stomach, clenching your heart and catching in your throat, spiraling up and out the top of your head. You are ready to be filled again.

i can the reasons for the suggestion

i agree with those reasons and your suggested enactment

i do not yet see how to arrive at the “way in”

awhereness, the visuals contained within your thoughts are wonderful, and refreshing – field

An interesting aside, but somewhat related to the cause/effect or creator/creation theme being spoken of here.

Granted we are all creators, albeit most times unconscious creators. As we (you, I, whatever) delve deeper into ourselves and thusly attempt to look outside ourselves to see reality as it IS vs how we wish to perceive it…There are a few interesting phenomena.

I have used this catch phrase many times, and most people don’t seem to understand it. It’s a twist on a xtian phrase, where God gives us what we NEED, not what we WANT.

I beg to differ (and choose to remove the xtian concept of GOD from the phrase).

We get what we want. ALWAYS.

It’s just that most of us are not aware of what our creator/creation relationship is and/or not even conscious of what we truly want.

It’s the coming into alignment of our complete being, and the ability to separate our selves from the observations of our existence that is both truly magnificent and extremely difficult. NevyneShyne


4 responses to “Incoherent Emotions<<<>>>Coherence Emerging

  • TruthSolace

    quote"What I'm finding in exploring dreams and conscious observation is that fantasy is quite a problem, possibly I would go so far as to call it a drug in many people's lives. Here's why I say this. AC says …fantasy is a defense mechanism against living in hell…." Ok I know I am new to your blog, is this a conversation or a straight up writing short story ? I loved many of the lines in it like the one above quoted. It may not be your thing to explain your setting a little more =? thanx

  • Chad Adams

    it is a dialogue. No short story…just a dialogue between people trying to understand the human condition.

  • TruthSolace

    Just a GLP conversation then ?

  • Chad Adams

    Actually, it was an e-mail exchange that I brought into GLP for more input. AWhereness responded correctly and the dialogue went from there.

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