Incoherent Emotions: Emotions Based in False Realities

Our emotions are incoherent to other species because of the fantasies we place inside the human condition…an example of this is fear…that emotion alone causes many humans to act in ways that they otherwise never would, because they are ‘fantasizing’ and imagining things that really are not in the experience, only in their minds…

Makes us Unpredictable…and with that unpredictability comes caution in dealing with us…extreme caution…all of our emotions are contaminated with these fantasies that are only in our minds, but we react to them as if they are real…a jealous husband…fantasies that we watch on TV and react to them as if they are a part of daily life…love we might feel for someone, but as only a reaction to past experiences (infatuation)…

If you are not submerged in the human condition, it would be very difficult interacting properly with us, don’t you think…They do not fathom our reactions, because they are not part of the human condition…conditions that we relate to through fantasy…


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