Past to Present – My Thought

Mowing the lawn, I was thinking about the solar system getting inundated with this new energy.

Knowledge came though somehow. But, this is what happened approximately 3,600 years ago…the energy went away…Prior to the 3,600 years…lol…there was TOO MUCH energy to form any of the technologies we use now. That is why there are no records of the type of tech we have developed, ie electricity based. Just like we are entering an age where the energies will be too much for our electronic based technologies to withstand, so it was before that time. After the 3,600 years ago, everything began calming down…civilizations are born…different though because the high energies went away…

I’ll have to look into this, because I know I am right on this….
– Chad (aka: SickScent)

(later) Hahahaha…its all in the Thunderbolts research…


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