The Pulse of Pulsars – Various Thinkings Pt.1

(anonymous sources)

I do not agree with all of LaViolette’s conclusions on Pulsars, but we do have a lot of middle ground.

Two specifc features being very simple.

Number one, the identification, that the position of Pulsars are not random.

1. Dr. LaViolette, who has been researching pulsars for 27 years, shows that, up to now, the nature of these radio sources has been grossly misunderstood. He has discovered that a number of very unique pulsars are nonrandomly distributed in the sky and mark key Galactic locations that have particular significance … lsars.html

Number two, that the Pulsar is a magneto-dieletric generator, that transmitts a faster then light wave.

2. According to LaViolette, pulsars represent an intelligent design. One intended for timekeeping, navigation and which serves as a faster-than-light warning system for events called galactic superwaves.

I think that the position of the pulsar grid is dependent on harmonic resonate nodes of magneto-dielectric stress in the plasma spiral. This relationship to the homopolar spiral and its central core is a three component interdependent cause and effect. I would say that given some attention to their positions and their function as a galactic grid transformer station, it is probable that the woodpecker station is a good analogy. I like that.

If you think or look at the pictures of the universal layout, you see the immense Birkeland Currents and the local groups clustered like dewdrops on a spiderweb. Imagine how in this branching network, the dewdrops of superclustes have this intricate array of multiple spirals that have even smaller nodules of pulsars, like diamonds that glisten on a spiral broach. Now shift gears and put the whole structure into motion and observe the functions.

Can your minds eye watch the spin of the spirals within the dewdrop stations, that are themselfs harmonic nodes in the large universal branching network of double layer Birkeland Currents? The spirals acting as Tesla’s flat pancake spiral act in the three coil system , both antenna and a driver system. It transmitts and receives the longitudinal scalar wave throughout the branching network of his proposed wireless power transmitter stations, or in our case the universal web.

While at the same time, the Tesla IMT (Impulse Magnifying Transmitters) aka Pulsars, spark-gap away with their autogenous discharge, creating the same basic function within the spiral, that the spiral performs within the branching network, situated along harmonic nodes of longitudinal magneto-dielectric stress, these huge Theta Pinches in arc mode, are the Woodpecker stations of the homopolar spirals. They complete the circuit of longitudinal transmission to the stars that shine in glow mode and ignite the nebula in glow mode and dark mode.

Of course the real possiblities lie in scaling the words and work of both Dollard and Tesla…the structures of spirals and spark gaps, as two fundamental items in a Impulse Magnifying Transmitter, allowing its function, as a wireless transmitter of power…are easily seen in a spiral galaxy with pulsars, its that simple and that complex. The magneto-dielectric impulse wave and its function in the galactic and universal circuit is what I have gleemed from meditating on Dollards explanation of Tesla’s work and the bolt of lightning as it were from Thunderbolts pic of the day…. We may have fine-tuned the EU concept with galactic Woodpecker stations.

As a matter of fact, I will go out even further on a limb and claim that the pulsars power the spiral as much as they power the stars. What is a wheel without it’s tensegrity spokes? Cause and effect, chicken and egg, you cannot have one without the other. The dynamo rotation of the galactic core, the pulsar nodes, the homopolar spiral, the universal branching network of birkeland currents, with dewdrops of super-cluster powerstations, glistening with Woodpecker substations….I think its a real function based on real structures. Structure and function cannot be seperated. Just as we scale plasma, we also scale magneto-dielectric devices. Just as I scaled electronics into branching networks of double layers, spirals…it is fundamentally a fractal repeat.

“As a matter of fact, I will go out even further on a limb and claim that the pulsars power the spiral as much as they power the stars.”

This may form a testable hypothesis… if pulsars indeed are required to provide the step-down… then galaxy arm rotation and pulsar distribution and activity should have a testable prediction and related patterns. If not… then pulsars may be considered just some product of the system.

I’m sure there is enough public data could reveal such patterns. Interpretation of LaViolette’s summaries might give a sniff… although much like yourself i was not enchanted by his ‘earth is in a special position’ hypothesis. There is just too much self organizing structure out there for us to be important. To me that hypothesis sells books, but does not describe the structure I observe.

There is already plenty of public data available to do this EU work. This is probably part of what Ratcliffe is suggesting regarding quantitative analysis and something testable. Until then… it’s just a fun n feasible idea. Testable differences in models are the key.


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