Millennium Twain – 9th May 2010

Millennium Twain

father of the US/Intl Space Station,
designer of the X49 Scramjet Spaceplane,
author/discoverer of the Spaceplane Equation,
publisher of the Structure of the Atomic Nucleus …

20 years ago I resigned and retired to the hills and forest, rather than accept my
‘Intelligence-State’ designated assignment as Space Weapons designer and champion …
in the ‘stillness’ of a lifetime of study of the foundations beneath all mathematics,
all cosmology,… all physics the ‘fury’ of my love for all ‘Spirit Kinds’ led me to the truth
of Divine Creation … ‘where-in’ experience, electromagnetic spirit, light, consciousness
which in 4D is seen as a helix or spiral of Song, of which the Landscape of Life is formed …
‘where-in’ every Dragon Ouroboros, a lightwave, turns around and takes Her tail in Her mouth …
and thus begats charge, energy, matter, the electron, the proton … from thought,
from colour, from the Wavelengths and Frequencies of every Chorus …
‘We’ and Our World our sung …

9th May 2010


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