The Politics of God…

back within the politics of god……the structure of god…. forcing gods functions……imagine that thought…the pope has to….. ayatollah`s .. rabbis and patriarch`s to … those at the top….their wisdom guides …down through traditional heirachy……..

Aether Structures in Light? Who would have thought?

The Aether Physics Model induces the geometry of a quantum Aether unit as a tubular loxodrome. The Aether unit encapsulates angular momentum to produce electrons and protons. The Aether unit also carries angular momentum from electrons and positrons, which is a photon. That is, photons have the geometry of Aether units.

Naturally, it was just a matter of time before scientists discovered that photons and light have the geometry of Aether units. That is exactly what appears to be the case as posted in a recent article on Live Science.
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The so-called “knots” are identical to Aether unit geometry.

In an earlier story on Live Science, it was shown that light in nanoscale structures exhibits force.
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This is evidence for the electron-positron angular momentum stored in photons. The electron-positron angular momentum activates the Aether’s electrostatic and electromagnetic dipoles. By manipulating the angles of photons, one can create both attractive and repulsive forces between photons.
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Again it seems that the structural element is the best way to understand the functional aspect of anything.
If you do not have a good idea, or any idea, of what a photon looks like, how can you possibly explain its function with any true conviction? The rmfd (rotating magnetic field) of the aether (16p2 x Coloumbs constant) reveals the geometry of both aether and photons.

the politics of god are being debated……as we post…

But God is all of this, is it not? It is the politics of people that are being debated, not of God… We are debating our portion of belief, not the whole of God.SickScent

approx 6.7 billion people are told what god is , one way or another…accept as they are told… in good faith……and ajust their lifestyles accordingly……that is the politics of god i am referring to sickscent…..

the essence of disclosure…….the politics of god is the politics of disclosure

contact of physical non human life not a function of officialy endorced structure of universe……time over distance does not permit……the structure of our universe forced to alter to permit contact…….no traditional description of god functions within the structure of our universe permitting contact…

the politics of disclosure – aether

That is amazing. Understandings of the fundamental aspects of the universe are a requirement for contact, and not in an elitist manner, but of a common understanding in the majority of societies.

Without this, too many discrepancies for populations to absorb correctly. Too many falsities. The contact would be unsustainable. There would be an immense imbalance, and the greater the imbalance, even in this scenario, the greater discharge is required to achieve balance. The contact would be destructive. The paradigm must advance out of its present state of fallacies or the risk of discharge is to great. Those societal discharges created from a false understanding of the way the universe works would guarantee instability in any efforts of true contact or disclosure…of any advanced intelligence…including that of God.SickScent


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