Inorganic Living Matter…?

From plasma crystals and helical structures towards inorganic living matter 

Abstract. Complex plasmas may naturally self-organize themselves into stable interacting helical structures that exhibit features normally attributed to organic living matter. The self-organization is based on non-trivial physical mechanisms of plasma interactions involving over-screening of plasma polarization. As a result, each helical string composed of solid microparticles is topologically and dynamically controlled by plasma fluxes leading to particle charging and over-screening, the latter providing attraction even among helical strings of the same charge sign. These interacting complex structures exhibit thermodynamic and evolutionary features thought to be peculiar only to living matter such as bifurcations that serve as `memory marks’, self-duplication, metabolic rates in a thermodynamically open system, and non-Hamiltonian dynamics. We examine the salient features of this new complex `state of soft matter’ in light of the autonomy, evolution, progenity and autopoiesis principles used to define life. It is concluded that complex self-organized plasma structures exhibit all the necessary properties to qualify them as candidates for inorganic living matter that may exist in space provided certain conditions allow them to evolve naturally.
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One of Canada’s earliest paranormal sightings

Sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are hardly a new phenomenon. They have been documented throughout the centuries and all over the globe. Here in Canada, reports CBC Assignment’s Rex Lambert, one of the oldest and most curious paranormal events dates back to 1845. One September evening near Cornwall, Ont., a farmer notices brilliant dancing lights surrounding Marsh Point Farm.

Soon more and more people witness the spectacular lights accompanied by strange sounds of clanging and explosion. Befuddled neighbours decide to keep an overnight watch but fail to solve the mystery. After a year, the bizarre manifestations slowly disappear without a trace. Despite interviewing numerous witnesses and scientists, no credible explanation is ever offered for the strange activities at Marsh Point Farm.
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I’ve direct first person experience with UFO’s, and they look like plasma to me. Many people who live in the American midwest have had encounters with ball lightning, which is occasionally reported to exhibit lifelike or playful, inquisitive or interactive relations with humans. In Norway, you have the Hessdalen lights which may be related to this phenomenon. On the Yakima reservation in the shadow of Mt. Adams in Washington State, USA, US government geologists had occasion to closely photograph orange balls of light which would float above ridge lines and confuse firewatchers. They were seen to consist of many glowing balls of light inside a glowing ball of light, and would sometimes follow or otherwise interact with people who got too close to them.

The article you have provided seems to provide a basis to suspect that UFO’s might be a natural living phenomenon based on plasma physics.

Freedom of Information
Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) in the UK Air Defence Region

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