Beyond the Ego

“’You have to surrender to achieve balance,’ she said (Sheila).  Human beings have been ‘socialized to be in control’ in the daytime.  ‘That’s daytime control,’ she added.  ‘Nighttime you surrender for that perfect balance.’”
– John E. Mack, “Abduction” – 1994 pg 87
I understand the necessity of the ego.  We need to learn how to control the ego, to get over the negative aspects it generates and go beyond.  Once that is accomplished by experience, we can begin to understand the derogatory results of following its demanding, rather than passive, influence.  Jealousy, anger, resentment, revenge… fear.  At the end of experiencing these emotions that are attributable to the ‘negative’ aspects of Ego, we begin to see, to know through experience, the futility of manifesting negative aspects of this hemi-sphere of influence.  This particular half of the dualistic sphere of nature is founded upon and perpetuated by Fear and is realized to be regressive in form as it is a self defeating psychology.  But, in the real world, what is there is there.  The self depreciating avenues of Ego do in fact exist in everyday life and there seems to be no way to circumvent these avenues.  So on our travels through life do we pretend these psychological manifestations of negative behavior do not exist?  No!  I am not saying that these emotions should be ignored, or swept under the rug.  That is not a healthy existence, for the denying of something that is so obviously an integral part of our living does not cease it to be, it only represses the growth process that your life is in need of at your current place in existence, in life.  They must be experienced as lessons.  Then, the difficult task of attaining wisdom through knowledge experienced can be reflected upon.  Only then can the uniquely personal learning processes of how to go beyond the generated fear perspective to a balanced state of our dualistic construct of the universe contained within the ego/spirit (body/mind) be transformed and nullified (not ignored!).  As the fear is transformed, understanding and reflection of the true nature of ego can then become the tools that are structured – and with that knowledge experienced, hopefully manifested properly into your life – to further your spiritual growth on the path to service-to-others.  On the STO path the ego influences have the opportunity to first be neutralized, then transformed, then manifested as motivation, drive, passion, wisdom, all without the deceitful and manipulating vices that were initially born through the illusory demands propagated through fear.  It is these ‘negative’ aspects of the ego influence that must be lessened, or rendered inactive, in our lives, not the ego itself.  As these negative aspects are released and understood in a healthy fashion, positive aspects are further discovered, learned, attained, and expounded upon because reflection on those negative aspects will now dissolve their opaqueness and reveal them to be regressive in the life experience.
So, do not try to put your ego away.  Don’t try to push it down.  It is a natural process.  In natural processes, the harder you try to push something away, the harder it is to push away.  Recognition of its process and the emotions that it brings forth must be experienced, but without dwelling on it.  In no way does that connotate ignorance.  Rather, it is recognizing the thought energy (because you have experienced it before) and not manifesting action upon its negative influence.  There is a practice during meditation whereby a thought, like background chatter, makes a supreme effort to come to the forefront of awareness.  It is the practice of the individual meditating to prevent it from hooking onto your consciousness.  The person meditating does not dwell on it.  It passes through, recognized but untouched, and upon coming out of meditation there is no remembrance of what those thoughts actually were.  This balancing of the egotistic mind is part of the process of awakening.  Awareness of our eternal selves no matter the form is being reached for without the negative aspects of the Ego that has for so long controlled our actions and blocked this awareness from developing.  Spiritual growth is the ability to transcend dualism.  It is not the ability to push it away.  Through the process of knowledge experienced can the ability to foresee what lies ahead of your own actions be reflected upon.  A very important statement though fraught with paradox.  The reason for the paradox; we have yet to awaken.
The time fast approaches to redefine the ego-self.  This will be a difficult shift for the forces of everyday living in materialism and capitalism (both should be viewed as neutral constructs of developing societies) that have restricted the casting off of unnecessary Service-to-Self ego patterns developed by the acted-upon influence of fear that subsume so many.  These patterns have unfortunately been rooted into most aspects of modern human relations and are being fomented greatly due to the advent of the ‘I Want/Need That’ generation currently governing global economies.
            Realization of this redefining of the ego is a central theme in gaining insight into ways of achieving mastery of certain divine practices and, perhaps more importantly, dissolving fear based paradigms.  The difficulty for most is placing this new paradigm onto the avenues of today’s worldview without causing extreme dissonance to daily living.  All growth is taken in harmonic (non-interfering) steps.  By placing one foot in front of the other, dissonance is replaced with resonance.  The farther the journey of life-in-awareness is traveled, the more the steps will fall into place seemingly of their own volition.   
Imagine societies living in a state of Service-to-Others as all people have redefined the long held perspective that Service-to-Self is not the answer.  This grand vision of people living and working for others, for the common good of societies in whole, cannot manifest when a small percentage of people still live and work as Service-to-Self.  The destructive patterns inherent in Service-to-Self ideologies, patterns of manipulation and falsehoods, would easily trump those who are living in Service-to-Others.  There would be only one true way of diverting Service-to-Self, and that is: transparency.  True transparency of all records and agendas contained within societies would be mandatory for all societal endeavors.  And all endeavors are for the purpose of expanding life with an enlightened mindset that we are all of one.  The future fallacies that evolve from hidden motives and manipulative agendas will no more dominate, for they are exposed from the first manifestation of thought in those not enlightened enough to grasp and contain the awesome responsibility that would spring forth from this vision.  Everyone, every idea, is put forward not for one’s own self gain, but the gain for the entirety of humankind.  Service-to-Self would dissolve as soon everyone would have what they desire in the Service-to-Others ideology.
            That single card of ascension, transparency, will be the cornerstone of the new world.  Just that one idea would change the world, change human life; it would catapult us into the second Garden of Eden.  That transparency will occur when the human species comes to know, through an expanded awareness of life, that we are all One and the same without separation from ourselves, or the universe we are a part of.  This may sound like some grand notion beyond the Egocentric infested mind of the human collective.  But I tell you this: this awareness of transparency is now in the process of being realized as a Collective Conscious.  At its base simple beginnings we can see it in our global communications systems.  We have the ability to access massive amounts of individual thoughts and feelings contained within an ideological bubble of people as easily as accessing the web.  It is getting more and more difficult for persons of the old manifesto to keep their secrets, keep their populace from knowing what is going on in the world by censoring media.  For in the very censoring of that global media to certain peoples is an act of deceit which the victims will not stand for.  As we have seen so recently in places like Venezuela, Russia, Pakistan.
            In order to reach this early state of transparency, individuals must be open to the idea and acknowledge the base truth of where this ideal must sprout from, and gain its momentum from.  This first stage, first step, is the most difficult and trying stage of Global Consciousness due to the strength of the individual ego that we as humans indoctrinate our youth into.  And later in life the conscious effort of absolving egocentric acts becomes much more difficult to practice.   The surrendering of egocentric behavioral patterns during the daily routines of work and relationships and the consequences assured to ensue, runs counterproductive and counterintuitive to the reality of the business world.
How can we come to practice this weaning away from the Service-to-Self fear based paradigm that our global cultures resonate with, without the consequences of inevitable job instability and loss of income that the majority of us would experience if a decision were made to release our oh-so-important ego from our daily activities?  Well, a different environment is needed, a different place that we could practice and actually experience the process without jeopardizing our livelihoods.  Where…?  What are you talking about?  I am telling you that that ideal environment resides close to your spirit… in lucid dreams.
            Experiencing this awakening awareness, you will begin to realize, is a gradual process.  The concepts are too evolved for the human condition to make in one leap.  It is structured to be taken in steps.  And as each successful step is reached and consciously manifested into your daily life, the next step is realized as possible and attainable… and taken.  And as each step attained is further built upon, new doorways of enlightenment will open before you.  And soon it is discovered that the steps and doorways are never-ending.

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