The aether unit is a two spin rotating magnetic field. This encapsulates primary angular momentum.

If this encapsulates primary angular momentum, then they spin perpendicular to eachother. Which also describes why our reality is made up of polarities and dualities.

The primary angular momentum is a circular string that revolves within the ES charged sphere of the aether unit in the luxodrome pattern. The string aquires mass and EM charge as it propagates.

The string gets its mass and EM charge because it is propogating (again, the pulsing theory to maximize output) The string does not continuously aquire mass and EM charge, but only as much as is available from the charged sphere…It aquires both mass and energy via what we talked about yesterday, that is through the aether model. Where does the charged sphere get its charge from? Rather, maybe it should be questioned as, ‘what came first, the chicken or the egg?’…The propogation of the string produces energy, or the charge, and the charge helps propogate the string…a free energy model…paradox…mass is required in order for the energy to remain in a stable configuration. Like was said yesterday, “Electrically charged ‘objects’ produce a ‘physical field of electromagnetics. The electromagntic field, in return, affects the behavior of charged objects within the electromagnetic field of influence.”

EM charge is therefore different for each subatomic unit, and that is why the proton has a different EM charge then the electron while they both share the same ES charge. 

Hmmm…why would that make it different for each subatomic unit? Oh, I got it. It is not different like a fingerprint is different, or a snowflake is different…it is different for each ‘type’ of subatomic unit. Is that defined by rotational patterns? So there would be a proton and a positron…an electron and its opposite…

Quantum spin is an essential factor in matter. We start with this primary angular momentum as the building block of sub atomic units. 

Quantum spin…I’ll have to look up the exact definition…fuck it…it is a ‘quantum spin’ because it is a ‘free energy’ type system, as discussed briefly up above…am I right? That would make sense because this would be the building block of sub-atomic…Sub-atomic units have to be charged from somewhere…that somewhere cannot be defined, so we call it a quantum spin…

The primary angular momentum is creating energy and matter, somehow, through its quantum spin mechanism…ahhhh…its getting it from the ‘dormant’ electro-magnetic field…from divine intelligence patterns…which are invisible to use in the purely physical state…

Since each sub atomic unit has a charge and a quantum spin of 1/2, we must deal with this when we look at the constants of the universe. The constants are the key to the puzzle. The relationship of the constants to the solving of the puzzle is to see them for what they are, fundamental quantum structure limits. 

There it is again, quantum spin, but with a definition of 1/2. I do not know these models…Its a quantum spin model of 1/2…I don’t know why it is defined that way…because there are…wait…the quantum spin 1/2 has to define the physical state of the charge…there is a charge aspect to this and a mass aspect…the mass aspect is defined as quantum spin 1/2…no…they are not different aspects…it is one aspect that manifests two forces…

This is the key, the constant. One aspect that manifests two forces…intersting…One Aspect is the one we can never find, it is the all of everything, it is God, the universe’s intelligence, the universe’s consciousness…Out of that forms duality…energy and mass…the three combined is Trinity…For us as condensed consciousness living in the physical, we sense and are submerged the two forces…the One Aspect…if we understood that, we pierce the veil…we finally see and experience beyond the two forces…

The relationship of the constants to the solving of the puzzle is to see them for what they are, fundamental quantum structure limits. The quantum struture of the electron and the proton is that of two distributed charges with specific spheroid and toroid geometry. The structure of the aether unit is derived from Coulombs constant and the angular momentum is derived from the planck constant and the model evolves in this fashion

This also defines foundational Truths…relationship is the constant of our existence. This model shows that…since this is the building block of everything…everything that is properly understood must conform to this model…Coulombs constant is the electrical charge…angular momentum is derived from the planck constant, and as stated above, angular momentum is quantum spin 1/2, the spin state that is able to keep two forces stable…


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