DENSITIES? I’ve Written a Layman’s DENSITIES 101, Ending in the Importance of (Sacred) Knowledge PRIOR to the HELIOSPHERIC VIBE SHIFT

Let me outline briefly ‘density’, and the importance to its understanding, from 1st – 4th. Density is a reference to the density of vibrational fields. Many would view levels of density as levels of dimension, but they are not the same terms. Vibrational frequencies that are the make-up of the eight fold octave system can be understood as Intelligent Energy. That is, the vibration of energy is the underlying consciousness that pervades all of creation. It is intelligent in nature for it is creation. It is the energy that intelligently flows throughout infinity providing the blueprints of all creation in all its infinite forms. Some would conclude that this is the One true god that is spoken of in native religions and eastern philosophies. It is the Tao.

This density of conscious vibration begins with the 1st Density and climbs as high as the 8th Density. Once the 8th Density is surpassed, that intelligent vibration has reached a frequency of oscillation that cannot be sustained in its present Octave Field (Its present universe) and thus transcends to the next higher octave of creation.

1st Density resides in the slow oscillation rates of the physical world. It is the minerals, the elements, the building blocks of life. It is the precursor to what western science would term life.

2nd Density would be the first forms of molecular life up to, though not including, mankind. Single celled life to the advance mammal, though some would argue (as would I) that the dolphin and whale species would not be included here. Rather they would be placed in the…

3rd Density alongside humans. This is the intelligent vibrational rate that has attained awareness of itself. “Cogito ergo sum;” or “I think, therefore I am,” as coined by Rene Descartes in his Discourse in Method written in 1637 AD. Vibrational frequencies of energy now oscillate at a sufficient rate that it is able to hold enough information for a life-form to become aware of its existence. Higher frequency means more oscillation cycles per unit of time. More information is available in a lesser space which is also able to be processed in shorter time lengths.

Densities 1-3 is the 3rd Dimension that we perceive as reality. It is in these densities that the sciences ground their findings in. Any density higher than the 3rd Density cannot be measured, nor can it be experienced by any of our five senses. There is not a sufficient amount of cycles per second for us to grasp the densities beyond us. It is like trying to make an earthworm learn calculus. It just does not have the capability, the hardware or the processing speed, to understand. As with humans attempting to comprehend paradoxes, or ideas such as infinity. We have neither the hardware, nor the processing speeds, whether internally (spirit and mind) or externally (computers/technology), to grasp these higher density concepts.

4th and 5th Densities are our transition stage. I will based this more on 4th Density as it is more understandable to our developing understanding of states beyond our 3rd dimension.

This is where we begin tying the strings together, and this is where the web of strings begins to get unfathomably complex. So I think it a good idea to stick to some ‘knowns’ or stick to experiences that have been reported. I will summarize as even small areas of these under discussion have taken many books of explanation to dissect.

The mind/spirit transcendence to higher densities comes with a distinct physical feeling. (In the case of ET contactees, this mind/spirit transcendence will sometimes include even the physical body.) Of course, as of now it is a temporary transcendence that is attained through meditative states, dream lucidity states, OBEs, NDEs, and ET contact. It begins with vibrations. These are, for the most part, the same type of vibrations as mentioned in my lucid dream/vision states as well as Robert Monroe’s description prior to him achieving his OBEs. It is a transitory phase. It is the 3rd density entity (experiencer) consciously transiting to 4th density (or higher) vibrational frequencies that manifests the feeling of the vibrations. The closer the physical and energy body’s oscillation frequency is to the higher ‘sub-octave’ frequency state, the smoother the experience of the vibrational transition stage. When consciously experiencing the vibrations for the first time, it can be quite disconcerting for the oscillations between the different energy states (a factor of an octave) are ‘out of sync’. The body’s natural 3rd density vibration (which is relative to the planet’s frequency) and 4th density vibration are causing a literal interference pattern with each other as movement upwards through the universe’s various vibrational fields (transcendence) is occurring. The 3rd density bodies (energetic and physical) are literally going through a reinforcement/canceling out process as explained in quantum physics. To view it easier, imagine dropping two stones into a pond at the same time, close to each other. As the waves propagate in concentric rings outward from the two stone sources, the waves will soon cause interferences with each other. Some of the waves will ‘sync’ up and therefore reinforce each other, and some waves will not ‘sync up’ and cause interference with each other. This wave interference results in an immediate cancellation of the wave energy.

This is what is occurring as 3rd density energy aligns with 4th density. And anything that is not harmonically resonating with 4th density energy is cancelled out. The result is the vibration sensation that is felt as conscious energies are in the state of transition to the higher rate.

Also, you must remember: this is as of now only a temporary state. A preparatory state to acclimate the 3rd density energies of individual units of consciousness (humans) by slowly adjusting to the higher energy fields our Solar System is now passing through. (This incidentally, is one of the reasons why all the planets in our Solar System seem to be going through an energy release/displacement and a resulting climatic warming phase. Melting ice caps [Mars], increased violent storm activity [Jupiter], aurora borealis’ [Saturn], volcanism [Titan], , lightning storms [Venus, Saturn], magnetic field anomalies [Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus], atmospheric heating [Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, Triton, Titan], abnormal celestial body rotation [Saturn], increased planetary brightness [Neptune, Uranus], massive atmospheric vortices [Saturn, Venus], unexpectedly strong interstellar magnetic fields and nearly a 100% decrease in expected solar wind speed [Heliosphere and our present interstellar region of space]).

Now it is possible to understand one of the reasons why the individual must be ready when the full vibrational shift occurs. For those that have been preparing, the vibrations become rather enjoyable and much less of a ‘shock’. For those that are unfamiliar with feeling them, (not to mention not even knowing what it is they are experiencing!) the experience will be extremely disconcerting, fearful and uncomfortable. All of which emotions naturally reduce vibrational frequencies therefore only exacerbating the uneasiness. Caught in this loop, the chance of attaining ascension diminishes exponentially.

-Chad Adams


4 responses to “DENSITIES? I’ve Written a Layman’s DENSITIES 101, Ending in the Importance of (Sacred) Knowledge PRIOR to the HELIOSPHERIC VIBE SHIFT

  • shecky

    Yo!I have to say, although I don't usually leave comments on pages like these, your work here is very good, and I love the gentle didactic nudging you employ in your scribid books as well as these sub catagories. Easy to learn a great deal from you, without all the preachy beliefs or barbs and snares of mean disinformation.It is easy to see that "Fluffy" is certainly a major part of what all this 2012 NWO Illuminated madness is all about.THANK YOU.

  • Chad Adams

    Thank you. Glad you are finding connections to what may be on it's way…

  • Anonymous

    A few things resonated with me here. One, finding the soul. I have been in deep thought for months to understand the meaning of seeing or being shown my soul, As well as reading others views on this subject. All I can say, is perhaps the reunion is going to become more common. I wish I knew what it means however. As an aside, I had my aura read by a very highly trained source whom I cannot mention. At any rate it was white, which is what I was shown within one night. You also mentioned adjusting the vibration. In my first experiences, the whole bed actually shook, not my body, it was out of syn and out of control. Now over the months, it is more like a tuning, very comfortable and seems at times due to others efforts. Thus I am supportive of what you say. This last you may find interesting. I postulated this on a few sites and had it removed. I have found that those near oneself, can advance and learn on a spiritual level that which I experience. Like we are a spark. I went through this and then my wife goes through similar, but less intense, including the vibrations, but centered within the forehead plus headaches which were in the same area's as mine were. I set the pace and she follows. An example is telekinesis. If I do it, others near me also succeed. Interesting times. Brad

  • A Concerned Dreamer

    so you are saying lucid dreaming is fourth density ive always been able to lucid dream quite easily even when i was younger? what about sleep paralysis? I've been having sleep paralysis alot latly and i really hate it but it seems to go hand in hand with lucid dreaming. whats going on here? any insights?

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