Consumerism – Collision Course

Our consumerism is not on a future collision course with the biosphere, it collided the day consumerism was defined and implemented as the economic standard and unit of measure for success. The theory and practice itself is based off a system that is so obviously unsustainable that a grade school student has enough knowledge to label it foolish and ignorant.

We have collided as a species with our only home and are in the process of following through. Sustainability will become our new measuring tool but only in the sense that it dances in relation to consumption. We need to look at our planet and life a different way. Everything we need to survive and flourish is abundantly available to us as long as we work within the confines of common sense.

Life, by definition, struggles to fill every void of our natural world, there is enough to go around. Irrational consumption, waste, and complete lack of respect for life, or respect of life with conditions, are the demons that form the foundation of our troubled world. We must let go of the assumption that Wal-Mart and Visa are providing us a true glimpse of things to come. They are not.

This unstoppable machine we call “the American way” will not abruptly stop and change course, it will break apart and fail.

We need to redefine our values and our role in the universe.

via One Planet, One Life & The Sixth Mass Extinction.


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