One of my first Lucid Dream/Meditation experiences

Sometime 1997

I stand on the beach, with small waves lapping on the sand. It is dark out and everything is tinged in a deep purple save for the sand which is a brilliant glowing blue. The sky overhead is a luminescent with a vast amount of stars and what look like the Milky Way Galaxy as crisp and clear as possible.

I become lucid and immediately want to try a new experience of practicing meditation while lucid in a dream. I sit down on the sand cross legged and close my eyes. Strange that immediately upon closing my eyes I become extremely aware of my mind as bi-local, or being in two places at one time; lying on my bed, and here, meditating on a beautiful beach at night in a dream. I push that thought away and begin clearing my mind of all thought.

I feel a presence. I open my eyes and stand. Someone/thing is standing above me. I cannot recall what it looked like. It didn’t speak but instead motioned me to follow. We walk down a path winding through the sand dunes and enter a cave. The interior is lit with an orange light illuminating without a source. To our right a ramp leads up towards an archway, above which is a sculpture of an eye etched from the rock wall of the cave itself. The eye was very reminiscent what you would see on the back of a dollar bill. I know I am to go through the archway, under what I thought of as my third eye. I walk the stone ramp, underneath the eye I pass. Suddenly I lose my footing and I’m sliding down a slippery ‘tunnel slide’ that has the texture and look of loose skin. It startles me, but doesn’t yet scare me.
When I come to a stop I find myself in a tiny room, the size of a small shower. On all six sides I am surrounded by the texture/feel of skin flowing like a thick curtain. Again, there is a subtle light illuminating the tiny area, but I haven’t thought of its source for I am beginning to panic. Everywhere I place my hand, my foot, everywhere I push it gives slightly like elastic. I am really scared now as there is no way out. The panic taking place overrides the knowledge that I am in a dream and I feel as if I am to suffocate and die in this place. It is unending. I run my course. The realization of the utter uselessness of ‘panic’ hits me. There is nothing to be gained in the fear. It has gotten me nowhere. And when the fear of enclosure dissipates, I am released. I slow down and slump to the ‘floor’. A feeling somewhat of resignation, a giving up, almost like a touch of guilt takes place but is quickly replaced by a feeling of complete peace. A feeling like that of a close friend is there, and will always be there. The walls, the ceiling, the floor… fall away. I am infused by a blissful euphoria, floating in no-time. There is nothing around. Fear seems to be a historic past. I remember asking myself how I could possibly be afraid of anything that is so… so wise, so teaching, so… How can a dream make me feel so childish, so full of the obscene/hurtful emotion of fear? I float there for an indeterminable amount of time. Slowly I open my eyes-
-to the ‘real world’.


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