Excerpt from my Forthcoming Book: Journey through 2012

This is a guide. It is a reference tying the many strings of reality and attempting to make sense of it all by the use of tools such as: Open Mindedness, Metaphysics, Wisdom, loss of Ego, and a pure, unbiased pursuit of knowledge to understand what it all might mean. A personal quest for inner truth and the consequences of what just a quest of this magnitude might portend. This is a journey of human life we are experiencing and forever and always, it is one of personal experience. To seek union with our fellow brethren who are one and the same as you. If we are to survive in this universe as an evolving, intelligent creature, we must see, experience, know, that we are all one and the same. It is the only way to prepare; to love thy neighbor. To do otherwise is the repeating of history and the power of learning and teaching shall crumble into antiquity.

I am convinced the process for this transformation begins and ends with individual enlightenment. Not in the terms of religious fervor, but something deeper, something more magnificent. It is a touching of your soul. Not in the terms of religious symbolism, but something that transforms you internally and eternally, something more; it is the experience. Just reading books or watching news, nodding your head and taking sides doesn’t do it. You must come to the realization that you are an integral part of your spirit, though you cannot feel it… yet.

There are ways to test the waters, brush your hand across the surface and know you have touched something you once thought beyond you. Transformation, or a more apt word, transition, can be and is so much more than mere belief. When a personal experience of a spiritual persuasion takes place, only the experiencer can relate to the authenticity and reality of what actually has occurred. It is the fundamental problem of religious existentialism and the western paradigm of scientific methodology and materialism; that we deny what the Hopi Indians, the Tibetan Buddhists, the Mayans, the Sumerians, Egyptians, the Indigo Children, and so many more have felt to be as real as the sun shining upon their biologically clothed spirits. How can an experience that cannot be empirically tested be validated as an occurrence that actually took place? By repetition of those occurrences to more and more people of sound mind and judgment. By new studies in fields of science that once were considered fairy tales (though these same mathematicians had to apply these unseen suppositions that could not possibly exist in the known universe, in order to make their own mathematical formulas work).

The synchronicities are growing great. The secrets are being revealed. From consciously brushing against the ethereal worlds of the subconscious, to releasing your spirit to alternate realities. From alien abductions in the deep of night, to hundreds and hundreds of highly credible sources coming forward, not afraid anymore, to expose personal accounts of UFOs and aliens and their piercing of reality as we think we know it. From never before seen changes in our entire solar system, to never before-seen ecological disaster occurring on the planet we ‘call’ Home. A disaster that rivals any of the mass extinctions the planet Earth has ever suffered. Psychic channeling. Inner planetary energy fields. Circumscribed tetrahedrons. An empirical revelation of the Divine hidden deep inside electromagnetics. Breakthrough theories of the smallest quantum particles/waves. The Flowing Energy Polarity of Torus. Fractal mathematics manifesting in Time. Technological Singularities birthing Intelligent Circuitry far surpassing the human brain. Hidden alien cultures and massive cover-ups of historical proportion, erased, manipulated, world populations deceived to the reality of ancient artifacts on Mars and the Moon of Earth. The Precession of the Equinox.

We can tie this all to one end goal, one moment, one last saga in the annuals of mankind. It is a number, a date, a time. It is a movement through space, an aligning galactic in scale… one last time. It is a moment lasting for eternity in the blink of an eye. A fleshing of spirit in rivers of Love. And it is just around the corner. So near. The time for making it a more enjoyable transition is coming to a close superseding all emotions of love gathered by our blissfully sleeping spirits embraced in the arms of God. It is a melding of conscious matter and spirit. It is the fusion of duality into a single integrated self-aware entity (the full result of which is a being of love/light). It is the apex of our human condition.
Fear no more, for fear is merely an illusion bred from our separation with spirit. The illusion of the fear based paradigm that has haunted us from the first human incarnation is finally falling away. The visibility of the polarities that is the foundation of life is becoming more prominent in our collective awareness as opposing poles are drawing further and further to separation. Choice is attainable and more apparent as the time of Harvest draws closer and closer on the galactic plane: live in Love/Light or live in Fear/Dark.

There is nothing to worry about anymore, for the curtain revealing our expanding awareness is being drawn; the shining light of experience breaking through the curtain of darkness created only by ourselves. The signs, the lessons, the evidence is all in front of us now. It is in plain view. All it takes is a moment. Let the veils of doubt, guilt, and regret fall away. They are the chains that bind the human spirit from experiencing what life was meant to be when spirit clothed itself in living matter. All it takes to begin the process of awakening, to experience life fully, is to tie the strings, connect the dots. Momentum is gathering and the Truth of it is unstoppable.

2012. It is all coming together…


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