Yoga, The Environment, and Human Evolution

via One Planet, One Life & The Sixth Mass Extinction: Yoga, the Environment, and Human Evolution.

Green Yoga by Georg and Brenda Feuerstein

Green Yoga by Georg and Brenda Feuerstein

“Above all, we must cultivate great compassion for our fellow beings, including all nonhuman creatures with whom we share this precious planet and upon whom we have inflicted so much suffering because of our profligate and largely irresponsible lifestyle.”

– excerpt from “Green Yoga” by Georg and Brenda Feuerstein

Though I have not met Georg and Brenda in person, we have been communicating with eachother through email. They are wonderfully compassionate people and have helped me stay motivated in furthering One Planet, One Life’s mission. I hope they can say we have become friends.

Their book Green Yoga provides a blunt and profoundly disturbing look at the environmental challenges we face. The first chapter is a blitzkreig of information on the current state of the world; catastrophic in proportions and globally encompassing. It throws you into the depths of this global suicide, spurring feelings of disbelief, anger, sadness, and even hopelessness, then continues with its relentlessness in the disclosure of the portends of worldwide ecological collapse.

Don’t be fooled however. The challenges we face are a catalyst of sorts. Brenda and Georg plead with their yoga brethren to join them in an all out spiritual calling to heal the world. Though they are appear to be talking to whom they’ve educated and enlightened for decades, the book is a call to each and every one of us; It is time.

It is time to seperate ourselves from the fooling ways of the material mindset. It has brought war, suffering, inequality, greed, and hatred for many millennia. Mankind has finally reached the edges of the Earth and have filled the world. Though material pursuit has brought comfort and pleasure to much of mankind, the wisdom needed to control its destructive power has yet to be realized by the human family.

It is time to evolve past the limitations of a strict material philosophy and guide a wakening spirit to the hearts of humankind. The marriage of an awakened spirit and a material plane that is reaching its pinnacle belies the coming age. This awakening spirit is here. Silently waiting for our call. It is not something that will thrust itself upon ourselves, but instead requires a steadfast pursuit by the adventurers of the world. The new humanity that is bubbling up like islands in the sea, soon to be united as a continent in the coming world.

The joining of like spirit is happening. First a couple friends, then some small groups, then an internet connected community, and finally a global influence.

Help One Planet, One Life and The Green Yoga Initiative in bringing about the healing of our wonderful world. Join us today.


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